Fr. Altman: Liberal Catholics are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Fr. James Altman responds to critics of his recent video, “You Cannot Be a Catholic and a Democrat.”  Nearly 100 years ago, St. John Henry Cardinal Newman said, “The greatest tragedy in the Catholic Church is the ignorance of the laity.” And today when someone has the courage to speak the truth, today’s Cancel Culture rises up to silence them.

In the words of Pope St. Piux X,

Let priests take care not to accept from the liberal any ideas which, under the mask of good, pretend to reconcile justice with iniquity. Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The priest must unveil to the people their perfidious plot, their iniquitous design. You will be called Papist, clerical, retrograde, intolerant, but pay no heed to the derision and mockery of the wicked. Have courage; you must never yield, nor is there any need to yield. You must go into the attack whole-heartedly, not in secret but in public, not behind barred doors, but in the open, in the view of all.

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