Is Bishop Strickland the Only Courageous Bishop Left in the United States?

Earlier this week, Bishop William Callahan threw Fr. James Altman under the bus to appease the wolves calling for his removal due to Fr. Altman’s viral video, “You Cannot be a Faithful Catholic and a Democrat.”  In what appears to be his final online homily, Fr. Altman announced that Bishop Callahan has also forbidden him from broadcasting popular homilies going forward.

Catholic News Agency (CNA) giddily reported the news Fr. Altman, dredging-up anything they could find to try to discredit the popular priest. CNA also reached-out Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas for comment as he had endorsed Fr. Altman’s controversial video last week.  CNA seemed surprised that instead of retracting his endorsement, Bishop Strickland “doubled-down” by again supporting Fr. Altman.  Keep in mind this is AFTER Fr. Altman’s own bishop had censured him.

Bishop Strickland may well be the only remaining courageous bishop in the United States.  Most bishops have remained scandalously silent in the face of the most anti-Catholic presidential ticket in U.S. history.  Now is the time for other faithful bishops to step forward and defend priests like Fr. James Altman who are being persecuted for speaking the truth.

TAKE ACTION: Thank Bishop Strickland for courageously defending Fr. Altman.  Then contact your bishop and ask him to join with Bishop Strickland in supporting Fr. Altman.