The Sheer Panic Caused by Fr. Altman

Fr. Altman’s video is causing quite a panic in the lives of those Catholics who would mislead the faithful. They are in full out damage control. It’s like they’ve been collectively doused with Holy Water.

First up, the ever-whining Fr. James “I’ve never met a doctrine I disagree with that I won’t hide from the faithful” Martin, SJ. Unlike his usual M.O., the half-truth, he’s simply resorted to lying in this case. I’ve always considered him in the evil-genius category. He’s got the sly like the serpent (without the gentle as the dove thing) down, so I was a little shocked when he posted this to Facebook the other day with a link to the article I deal with below (emphasis mine):

From Chris White at NCR: Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, has endorsed a video that includes anti-immigrant remarks and homophobic slurs by a priest of Wisconsin in which the priest claims “you cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat.” (Full disclosure: the video praised by the bishop also attacks me in rather harsh and homophobic terms.)

Uh, if you haven’t watched this video by now, please, please watch and tell me where you think those homophobic terms are, because my transcript doesn’t even have one mention of homosexuality.

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