Vatican Consultant Fr. James Martin Urges U.S. Priests to Refrain from Telling People the Truth About Voting for Joe Biden

American Jesuit priest and Vatican consultant, Father James J. Martin, urged fellow Catholics and clergy against claiming a vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a “mortal sin” on Thursday.

Martin, who Pope Francis appointed as a Vatican communications consultant in 2017, warned other Catholic priests against intertwining secular politics and their faith in God. Posting to social media, Martin said he has overheard an increasing number of priests and U.S. Catholic leaders making the claim that a vote for Biden—who is Catholic—amounts to one of the most grave offenses against God. Father Martin told Newsweek Thursday that he and fellow Catholics feel compelled to help on “any issues where life is endangered,” which he said should include caring for the poor, the homeless and LGBTQ community – not just abortion.

Martin offered followers and fellow Catholics guidance on how to separate one’s faith from divisive political topics including abortion or euthanasia.

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