Germany’s Marxist Synod

A German professor of theology is hitting back against Marxist views on gender.

On Tuesday, dogmatist and Mariologist Manfred Hauke called the German bishops’ conference non-Catholic for its attempts to overthrow Catholic teaching.

The German bishops are resorting to a method known as the ‘synodal way’: having a synod where they vote up or down on the validity of Church teaching.

“Anyone who advocates women’s priesthood with theological manifestos, pseudo-synodal voting mechanisms and liturgy strikes expresses a spiritual stance that does not correspond to the Church’s doctrine of the Blessed Mother,” Hauke said.

Hauke believes Mary is the archetype of the Church, playing the role of Mother and Virgin — citing Pope St. John Paul II’s 1988 apostolic exhortation Mulieris Dignitatem, calling motherhood and virginity “central dimensions for the vocation of women.”

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