WATCH: Jesus in An Envelop To Go – “Pax Christi” @PaxChristiEP of the @ArchdioceseSPM


UPDATE from Fr. Z:

A priest friend of mine in the Archdiocese just informed me that this sacrilegious farce was shut down. Thanks be to God. I’ll leave the post, however, as a record of their nuttiness and as a warning to other parishes. Do sacrilegious things and you will be exposed. Please, dear readers, stop and say a prayer of reparation for the offense to our Eucharistic Lord and Mary’s Immaculate Heart.


Here is another situation about which I am simultaneously shocked but not surprised.

The leadership of this parish, in my native place (Twin Cities, MN) has been insane for years. Places like this inspired me, in my fictional Diocese of Libville, to found the “Sing A New Faith Community Into Being Faith Community” and the “Engendering Togetherness Community of Welcome”.

Check out this video dealing with the process for Communion.

This is pretty much a horror show.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Archbishop Hebda to let him know what you think about the distribution of Holy Communion at Pax Christi parish.

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