WATCH: Defamed Detroit Priest Vindicated

A falsely accused Detroit priest has been vindicated, an arbitration panel unanimously finding he was the target of defamation and awarding him damages of $125,000.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to my outstanding, dedicated attorneys for this vindication of truth,” Fr. Eduard Perrone said in comments to Church Militant. “I join all those who have prayed for me in thanking God. While there is more yet to be done in my case, this award marks a notable first triumph. Thank you, all.”

“I feel completely vindicated in everything we’ve tried to do,” Kathleen Klaus, attorney for Fr. Perrone, told Church Militant, “because here are three people, complete strangers — lawyers — strangers to the facts, strangers to the parties, and all of them found unanimously that Fr. Perrone was defamed by Nancy LePage.”

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TAKE ACTION: In spite of the clear evidence of defamation, Fr. Perrone remains suspended to this day. Contact Archbishop Allen Vigneron and RESPECTFULLY request Fr. Perrone be restored to public ministry.

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