PROGRESS: Bishop Doherty Issues New Statement Condemning Antifa and BLM

On July 10, Bishop Timothy Doherty of the Diocese of Lafayette, IN issued the following statement on the diocesan website:

Dear People of God of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. As a Bishop, my mission is the salvation of souls. Our Church teaches us that every human life is valuable and made in the image and likeness of God no matter our color or origin. The Church also teaches, and I firmly believe, that racism is wrong.

I support those who choose to demonstrate peacefully in favor of social equality, equity and justice. However, The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and Antifa promote beliefs and stances that directly contradict Catholic Church teachings. I have always opposed these contradictions to Church teaching and have never advocated for any organization that promotes these contradictions. I have never supported those who bring violence to otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us many things about racism, violence, the human family, marriage and our social and economic systems. I am sworn to uphold all the teachings of the Church that I love, and I do.

I invite Catholic people to continue promoting racial justice in our society, and we should play an active role in opposing racism. Charity obliges us to work toward ongoing conversion and spiritual transformation of everyone in our presence. As we encounter people in our day to day life, we should help them to encounter Jesus Christ who has taught us that to love Him is to love others.

Bishop Timothy L. Doherty

Bravo, Bishop Doherty for finally issuing a statement denouncing the evil BLM and Antifa organizations. Bishop Doherty has now essentially said the same thing as what Fr. Rothrock said in his original bulletin article that resulted in his suspension (albeit with nicer language).  The only thing Bishop Doherty now must do is to restore Fr. Rothrock to public ministry.

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