Bishop Barron’s Pitiful (But Honest) Response to a Church in Crisis

Across the developed world, ignorant mobs and anarchists are tearing down statues of saints, defacing church monuments, and setting the churches on fire. Not to mention that in the developing world many Christians continue to suffer martyrdom by the thousands at the hands of secular and religious extremists. This has caused many people to finally ask: what are the bishops doing?

The famed Bishop Robert Barron recently answered this question with another question: What are you laymen doing?

On June 24, Bishop Barron published an article on his Word on Fire blog tersely titled, “Why ‘What Are the Bishops Doing About It?’ Is the Wrong Question.” According to His Excellency, many lay Catholics like to complain that their leadership does nothing about the problems happening in the world while doing little themselves. Although he grants that the bishops could do more (though not much more), he claims that these concerned Catholics “are putting way too much onus on the clergy and not nearly enough on themselves.”

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