Catholic Charities Exec Implies All White Americans Are Racists


The CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington released a video late last week expressing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter.

“I am a racist, that’s the hard truth,” said McCann.  “As a white person living in America where every institution is geared to advantage people that look like me, its seemingly impossible for me to be anything other than a racist.”  By implication, McCann is suggesting that every other white American is also a racist.

McCann spoke about the historical and continued systemic racism of the Catholic Church.  He stated the Catholic Church is built on a racist premise that Jesus is white.

Will any U.S. bishops denounce Mr. McCann’s statement?  What if McCann had suggested all black Americans were racists?  How long do you think he would hold on to his $174,000 year job?

TAKE ACTION: Contact Rob McCann at 509.358.4250 and let him know what you think about his statement.