Pope Francis Belittles ‘Adolescent’ Priests who Defied Lockdowns to Give Sacraments to the Faithful

Pope Francis has indicated that he was not impressed with priests who violated coronavirus lockdown rules to minister to the laity.

In a speech he delivered Saturday to primarily bishops, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers from the Italian region of Lombardy, Pope Francis contrasted priests who violated the ban on public worship with priests who ministered to their flock in “creative” ways, like buying their shopping.

“The pastoral zeal and creative solicitude of priests helped people to follow the way of faith and not to remain alone before sorrow and fear,” he said.

“This priestly creativity … overcame … a few, ‘adolescent’ expressions against the measures of the authority having the duty of protecting the health of the people.”

Francis said most priests were “obedient and creative.”

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