Texas Priest Under Fire for Speaking the Truth about Homosexuality

A faithful Texas priest is being punished by his bishop for reaffirming Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Father Clay Hunt, III, serves as chaplain for the criminal justice ministry in the archdiocese of San Antonio. His priesthood, backers claim, is being threatened by liberal archbishop Gustavo García-Siller.

On Wednesday, the San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) reported that “Fr. Clay has been and is being targeted and attacked. There is an attempt by certain people in the hierarchy of the archdiocese of San Antonio who seem set to remove him [from] the priesthood.”

“His faculties to celebrate Holy Mass in public have been removed again as they had been in 2018 when this persecution of him began openly,” the post continues. “Fr. Clay’s ability to remain a priest is hanging in the balance. He needs good canon law legal defense.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop García-Siller at 210.734.2620 and RESPECTFULLY let him know how you feel about his actions.