Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

Bishops silent as America faces a crossroads

On Pentecost Sunday morning, as report after report of rioting and looting flashed across the TV from a night of bedlam, the absence of God, the absence of the Church or any of its prelates was conspicuous. Where were the TV Evangelicals weighing in on how looting and burning people out of their homes and businesses is evil? Where were any Roman Catholic bishops preaching about how the wanton destruction and theft of peoples’ property are sinful? I scanned the channels for over two hours and the only individual I came across who condemned the rioting and wanton violence was the president.

What an upside-down world in which we live, that bedlam explodes throughout our country and our religious leaders are stone-cold silent about it all — where the only one talking about how all the rioting and looting that is playing out is evil and is not part of God’s plan is Trump!

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