Archbishop Rodi Forbids Priests to Say Mass If They Offer Communion On Tongue

Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi of Mobile, Alabama, has warned his priests that they are not allowed to celebrate public Masses if they want to distribute Holy Communion on the tongue.

“If any priest cannot follow archdiocesan regulations, it will be necessary for him to refrain from the celebration of public Masses,” Rodi wrote in a May 20 letter obtained by LifeSiteNews. “This matter is too serious for us to take any other approach than one of extreme caution for the safety of others.”

Public Masses in the Archdiocese of Mobile began again on May 12. Prior to that, Archbishop Rodi had published detailed guidelines, already indicating that “[a]ny church unable to strictly fulfill these requirements may not have public Mmaasses.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Archbishop Rodi and respectfully let him know what you think of his decision.