Wherein a Bishop Shows Utter Contempt for Traditional Catholics

Here is a dictate from the Bishop of Little Rock, Most Rev. Anthony B. Taylor, dated 7 May 2020 to his flock about reception of Communion on the tongue during this COVID-1984 time.

We’ve seen Bp. Taylor before, in 2016, when he wanted to impose only versus populum celebration of Mass on the diocese.  He appealed to the inexcusable mis-translation of GIRM 299, which had been patiently explained by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments (CDWDS).  HERE

My emphases and comments.


Suspension of Communion on the tongue.

  • While in ordinary circumstances people can demand [“demand” … Interesting word choice for people who prefer Communion on the tongue, isn’t it?  It suggests that the person who wrote this doesn’t like those people.] that we accommodate their preference to receive Communion on the tongue and [NB:] there are those who cite pontifical and CDWDS documents to assert that not even a bishop can prevent this, [Okay, whoever you are who wrote this, you’ve now made this about (inter alios) me.] such provisions apply to normal times. It is my obligation as diocesan bishop to legislate in this matter for the duration of the pandemic due to legitimate public safety issues.
  • Those who attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form continue to receive Communion on the tongue because in the traditional Latin Mass reception on the hand is not an option. [He got it right!]
    The traditional Latin Mass is offered in 5 places in our diocese and attending the Latin Mass is an option for anyone who desires to receive the Eucharist on the tongue. [NB:] Priests may not initiate additional Latin Masses outside of these 5 locations [Ummm… Summorum Pontificum…. But look at that again and think about it.] — we are stretched beyond the limit in our effort to provide Mass for our people in English and Spanish in the Ordinary Form, which always takes precedence over Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  [Ehem. LATIN takes always precedence over English and Spanish.  As one of my canonist friends responded to me about this dictate: “‘Precedence?’  WOW!  Again, one can only hope this is some clueless low level chancery functionary writing this.”  Extraordinary does NOT necessarily mean “rare”.  Extraordinary does NOT necessarily mean “the exception”.  Moreover, the parameters for the employment of Extraordinary Ministers of Communion are actually laid out.  They are usually violated, but they are in writing.  There is no such precision for the “Extraordinary Form”. Remember: there had to be a special indult – after years of blatant violation of law – to allow the belief-corroding and now divisive practice of Communion in the hand.   Yes, Communion in the hand is the divisive practice.  The “ordinary” way to receive is on the tongue and the “extraordinary” way is in the hand.  Doesn’t the “ordinary” way have “precedence”?]
  • If someone insists [There’s that snarky tone again.]on receiving the Eucharist on the tongue outside the traditional Latin Mass, you should tell them politely that in the interest of public safety and out of consideration for those who will receive after them, they can wait until after Mass and you will give them Communion on the tongue then. [After Mass.  It’s a traditional practice for, for example, choirs. No problem. But choirs sing during Communion time, often in lofts.  These people, on the other hand, aren’t busy and aren’t segregated in a loft.  Speaking of segregated, given the tone above (“demand… insist”) this after Mass dictate smacks of separate seating in a different waiting room.  A separate but not equal waiting room.  Not at the end of Communion time during Mass.  After Mass.]


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TAKE ACTION: Concerned Catholics should contact Bishop Taylor to let him know what you think about his dictate.

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor,
Bishop of Little Rock
2500 N. Tyler Street, Little Rock AR  72207
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