Bully Bishop Barry Suspends Outspoken Priest From Active Ministry

Theodore McCarrick’s former secretary and roommate, Bishop Barry Knestout, has suspended Fr. Mark White from active ministry.  Knestout’s action means Fr. White is prohibited from celebrating the Sacraments in the diocese.

Fr. White operates a blog in which he has been critical of the Church’s handling of sexual abuse cases.

Fr. White responded to Bishop Knestout’s directive stating:

I am sorry that Bishop Knestout has decided to prohibit me from celebrating the sacraments, preaching, or ministering in any way, for the time being. The bishop has the authority to do this, temporarily.

I disagree with the reasons that Bishop Knestout has given for doing this. I think he has misjudged the situation. I’m not a perfect pastor. But I have done nothing to deserve this; our parishes have done nothing to deserve this. I will dispute his action by the appeal process within the Church.

Bishop Knestout was subject of a controversy earlier this year in which he defended the ordination of a female Protestant ‘bishop’ in a Catholic parish in his diocese.  To Knestout’s contraindication, the event was eventually moved due to public outcry from faithful Catholics.

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Bishop Barry C. Knestout
Bishop of Richmond
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