Catholic Lawmaker Challenges Cardinal Tobin on Outdoor Services

Senator Mike Doherty has launched an online petition urging Governor Phil Murphy to allow religious services to resume in New Jersey with reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of congregants.

When many of us could be at Sunday services today replenishing a much needed sense of hope in these uncertain times, we instead remain separated in our homes from the communities of faith that sustain us in good times and bad,” said Doherty (R-23). “Our new online petition will allow people of faith to share with Governor Murphy their belief that religion is an essential service and constitutionally protected right that should be allowed to resume immediately. We have a constitutional right to practice religion that should not be impeded through overly restrictive executive orders .Governor Murphy should recognize that religious services are no less essential to people’s needs than retail services, such as lottery and liquor sales, that have been allowed to continue.

In response, Cardinal Tobin says restrictions should continue.

While a New Jersey state senator has launched a petition seeking the “thoughtful” resumption of religious services with “reasonable precautions,” the Archdiocese of Newark has stressed the wisdom of statewide restrictions on gatherings given the prevalence of the novel coronavirus in the region.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the online petition and then contact Cardinal Tobin to let him know how you feel.

Cardinal Joseph Tobin
Archbishop of Newark
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