WATCH: Cardinal Pell Says ‘Senior People in Rome’ Believe Vatican Officials Linked To My Imprisonment

Cardinal George Pell has said that senior people in Rome believe his conviction and imprisonment in Australia was related to the trouble he was causing to “corrupt officials in the Vatican” as he led the financial reforms.

In an interview released today with Australia’s Sky News, host Andrew Bolt asks Pell whether he had ever considered that the trouble he was causing to corrupt officials in the Vatican was related to the troubles he has since experienced in Australia. Pell responded: “Most of the senior people in Rome who are in any way sympathetic to financial reform believe that they are.”

Pell said that from his own perspective he had heard too much from people “going from possibility, to probability, to fact” and that he didn’t have any evidence of a link between his work at the Vatican and his charges and subsequent conviction in Australia.

However, Pell did say that he was pleased that much of the financial corruption at the Vatican is being exposed and that it has been shown that he had opposed such corruption while in Rome.

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