Get Your McCarrick Money

Just in time for the Catholic Services Appeal

Its that time of year again when bishops shake-down the sheep for their annual Lenten appeal. But this year, things are different.  Catholics are fed-up with the financial and sexual corruption in hierarchy of bishops. People no longer trust their bishops not to use their money on expensive lawyers, public relations consultants, compensating victims of homoclerical sexual abuse, or to create “slush funds” like Uncle Ted McCarrick and Bp. Michael Bransfield.

Its been over 500 days since the Vatican promised they would release a detailed report on Theodore McCarrick and we are still waiting.  Not only that – McCarrick suddenly went missing in January from the Kansas friary where he was living.

Catholics can send a clear message to their bishops that they will no longer support them until they take action to clean-up the corruption and hold people accountable.

Print Your McCarrick Money

Click on the link below to print a sheet of McCarrick Money to stuff in the envelope for your bishop’s appeal.
Use double-side printing to get a perfect sheet of bills printed on both sides ready to be trimmed and stuffed in the envelope.
Use our Bishops Directory to mail a few bills directly to your Bishop.


Give Instead to a Safe Charity

Lepanto Institute has assembled a list of charities that Catholics can support in good conscience in lieu of giving to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Click on the button below to see the list.  If you are viewing the list on a mobile phone, be sure to view it in landscape mode in order to see the safe / not safe designation.


Help Spread the Word

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