Catholic Services Appeal: How to Donate Money to the Church Without Accidentally Giving to Bishops

It’s “Bishop’s Lenten Appeal” time in parishes across the country, which means your Sunday Mass homily gets hijacked by the chancery in order to shake down Catholics for money.

There’s no doubt that ordinary Catholics are fed up with the corrupt hierarchy of bishops. Donations to their annual “Lenten appeals” are plummeting. People no longer trust the bishops not to use the money on expensive lawyers and public relations consultants, or on compensating victims of homoclerical sexual abuse, or to create “slush funds” like Uncle Ted McCarrick and Bp. Michael Bransfield had. For all ordinary Catholics know, a contribution to their bishop might end up in a white envelope payola scheme or in a suitcase bound for Vatican bribes and hush money.

In making this decision, millions of ordinary Catholic families have taken the first step — resolving to deprive their bishops of money until the badly needed reforms the bishops refuse to make are implemented.

But that’s not enough. Most Catholics are unaware that the bishop taxes the general collection at every parish. That’s right — if you are putting money in the collection basket on Sunday, you are funding your local bishop. This is true even if you studiously avoid every second collection and every Lenten appeal.

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