Church Historian Says Pope Francis Skating On Thinnest Ice Ever

A distinguished Church historian who fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro is warning that Pope Francis is theologically “skating on the thinnest ice that anyone — not just living, but dead or watching — is.”

“It is very rare” for a pope to be accused of unorthodoxy or perhaps even heresy, Carlos M. N. Eire, professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale University, asserts.

However, “things would get hairy” if a heretical pope invoked infallibility, Eire explains in an interview with Ed Pentin in the National Catholic Register.

Eire, who fled to the U.S. without his parents as one of 14,000 unaccompanied Cuban children airlifted by Operation Peter Pan, nevertheless assures Catholics that the crisis sparked by Francis “is nothing compared to previous crises or previous popes.”

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