WATCH: Are Bishops Using ‘Boundary Violation Policies’ To Selectively Persecute Orthodox Priests?


There is something seriously wrong in the Church when it comes to the relationship between many priests and their bishops.

There are loads of priests who simply do not trust their bishop, period. They see them as weak, vengeful, manipulative, homosexual, thieving or a host of other terms we’ve been told. Rightly or wrongly, trust has been so deeply eroded that for many priests, it’s become a kind of adversarial relationship, which is a horrible situation.

Church Militant has reported on numerous such cases where priests have been mistreated by their bishops — either falsely accused, publicly denigrated, you name it.

Another such story popped up in the diocese of Crookston, Minnesota last week with Bp. Michael Hoeppner. Hoeppner, you will recall, is the very first bishop on earth to be investigated under Pope Francis’ new norms for bishops accused of covering up sex abuse.

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