Founder of Legionaries of Christ Reportedly Abused More Than 60 Boys

The congregation of the Legionaries of Christ , one of the great movements of Roman Christianity , has published its report on sexual abuse of minors in its bosom, mainly by its founder, the priest Marcial Maciel , three days after Pope Francis has ordered to suppress the papal secret on ecclesiastical pedophiles. It is titled Radiography of eight decades to eradicate abuse .In summary, from 1941 to the present, 175 minors were victims of sexual abuse committed by 33 priests of the congregation. This number includes at least 60 minors abused by Marcial Maciel. Of those 33 priests, six have died, eight left the priesthood and 18 remain in the congregation, but apart from pastoral treatment with minors, four with restrictions to the ministry and a security plan and 14 forced not to exercise public priestly ministry. Among the priests who abused, 14 in turn would have been victims of abuse in the congregation.

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