Poll Reveals Troubling Opinions Among U.S. Catholics

A new poll jointly conducted by EWTN and RealClear Opinion Research reveals some disturbing problems for American bishops.  The poll was conducted during the week of November 15, 2019 and included both Catholic and non-Catholic voters.  A total of 1,223 Catholic voters were included in the survey.

Here are some of highlights from the poll:

  1. A majority of Catholics disapprove of the U.S. Bishops handling of the sex abuse scandal (55% disapprove, 30% approve)
  2. A majority of Catholics say that their trust in the leadership of the Catholic Church has been damaged by the sex abuse crisis (63% a lot or some, 31% no or not very much)
  3. A majority of Catholics support positions on clergy that are contrary to Catholic teaching and tradition, including:
    • allowing priests to be married (64% approve, 21% disapprove)
    • allowing women to become deacons (69% approve, 18% disapprove)
  1. A majority of Catholics do not go to confession or go less than once a year (64% never or less than once a year, 36% monthly to yearly)
  2. A majority of Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (49% believe, 51% say its a symbol or do not know)
  3. A majority Catholics believe abortion should be legal (19% always legal, 30% legal except late-term, 35% legal in cases of rape, incest or saving mother’s life)
  4. A majority of Catholics say their faith is not a factor when voting in elections (26% not at all, 28% not very much)
  5. A majority of Catholics would choose to vote for the endorse Democratic candidate for president (whether its Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg) versus Donald Trump, despite the fact that all of the Democratic candidates support abortion.

Detailed polling results are available on the RealClearPolitics website.


Contact your bishop and ask him how he plans to address these troubling trends in his diocese.