WATCH: Bishop Befriended by Pope Francis Appears in Argentine Court on Sexual Abuse Allegations


Gustavo Zanchetta, who was accused of sexual abuse and transferred to the Vatican at the end of 2017, appeared before a Argentine judge on Wednesday.  The judge notified him about the conformation of the court that will judge him, according to judicial sources.

Zanchetta is charged with the sexual assault of two seminarians.

Zanchetta was accompanied by his canon lawyer and spokesman, Javier Belda Iniesta. He ratified his procedural address, his contact telephone number and the official defender Enzo Gianotti as sponsoring lawyer.

The judge also informed Zanchetta that he would not be able to change his domicile without prior authorization from the court.

After establishing residence in the Vatican state, Zanchetta was named an international fugitive after failing to respond to phone calls and emails by the court.

Upon existing the hearing, Zanchetta refused to speak to the press.

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