Homosexual Abuse Will Personally Cost Bishop Bransfield $1 Million

Bishop Michael Bransfield, who resigned in disgrace last year, is being forced to pay nearly $800,000 to the diocese along with a significant drop in his monthly stipend and loss of his car (estimated total value of $1 million).

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon given at the chancery office, Bp. Mark Brennan of the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston announced the amends required of the accused homosexual predator. They’re in addition to the penalties already imposed by Pope Francis in July, which included the inability to offer public liturgies and Bransfield’s banishment from the diocese, where he had already obtained a retirement home he will now be forced to leave.

The pope had asked that Brennan determine the amends Bransfield must make to the diocese.

“I was asked to work out with him that he make personal amends for some of the harm that he has caused and to do it in conjunction with me, the next bishop of this diocese,” Brennan said, noting that after a month of communicating with Bransfield, “He really hasn’t come up with a plan on his own, so I created one.”

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