WATCH: Vatican Cardinal Participates in Pachamama, ‘Father Sun’ Ceremony

A video of a leading prelate has emerged, showing the cardinal participating in a ceremony honoring two pagan gods.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi of the Pontifical Council for Culture was filmed walking around a blanket as part of a noisy procession honoring Pachamama, a fertility goddess, and Tata Inti, Father Sun, in the so-called “hippy town” of San Marcos Sierras in the Cordoba province of Argentina. During the ceremony, a shaman describes what is on the blanket.

“Here is our spirituality. Here are our symbols, sacred symbols. There are the clay jars. There is the ear of maize. There is the earth. There is the water. Elements that have always accompanied us. That have accompanied us and are the cause of our life,” the man shouts in Spanish.

The speaker is clear that at least some people taking part in the ritual have invoked pagan gods.

“Therefore, with my brothers and sisters, we have begun this encounter,” the shaman says.

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