WATCH: Catholic Priest Burns ‘Satanic’ Pachamama Effigy in Reparation for Idolatry at Vatican

A Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Mexico City burned effigies of the pagan “Pachamama” statues while leading the faithful in prayer to atone for the sin of worshiping the statues at the Vatican during the recently concluded Amazon Synod.

Video of the event captured Fr. Hugo Valdemar standing outside a Church dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe where flames leaped out of a four-legged metal fireplace that was on top of a table covered with a white tablecloth. The colorized Pachamama effigies were then placed on the table next to the fire.

Fr. Valdemar stood next to an altar boy who was holding an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and explained what was about to take place, as captured by the November 3 video. The priest was also flanked by an icon of St. Michael the Archangel.

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