Oklahoma Archdiocese Investigation Finds Destruction of Evidence

An independent investigation of the archdiocese of Oklahoma City found that the diocese intentionally covered up evidence of sex abuse of minors.

In August 2018, Abp. Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City hired McAfee & Taft law firm to conduct an investigation into the clergy working in the archdiocese.

Based in Oklahoma City, McAfee & Taft has worked for the archdiocese for almost 15 years. Additionally, in January 2018, the archdiocese hired Michael Scaperlanda as the chancellor for the diocese. His son, Christopher Scaperlanda, is a partner at McAfee and Taft.

The long and the short of it is you trusted us, and we failed.Tweet

McAfee and Taft said their investigation was independent and that they only accepted the engagement under circumstances that lacked conflicts of interest and assured the independence of the investigation. A statement made to Church Militant reads, in part:

We restricted access so only the investigative team could view the investigations files and the records provided by the Archdiocese. Everyone else at our firm — including the son of the Archdiocese’s current chancellor — was not able to access or view investigatory materials, work product or the files produced.

The report— which only covers the time period of 1960–2018 and is not yet complete — appears to validate what victims of sex abuse have been saying for years: that the Catholic Church has been intentionally covering for abusive priests.

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