WATCH: Buffalo Abuse Survivor Calls for Boycott and Bishop Malone’s Resignation

At what point does a person say enough is enough and initiates something to make a change?

How far do you need to be pushed before you are angry enough to act?

But when it comes to the clergy sexual abuse scandal, has the entire Catholic community seriously asked themselves these questions? Have they consciously taken to heart what has happened to these children and adults, and what is continuing to happen? Do they have a full understanding of the trauma that Survivors have suffered and continue to deal with?

TAKE ACTION: Ask Bishop Malone to Resign

Do you want to know what I, and many survivors go thru? Well here it is. Childhood sexual abuse has lifelong effects. Adults who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse often feel “stuck.” Our efforts to build and manage our lives often seem fruitless, hollow and hopeless.

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