Pennsylvania Abuse Hotline Got Nearly 1,900 Calls Over First Year

Investigators are working their way through accusations from 1,862 calls made to a clergy abuse hotline in the 12 months since a landmark grand jury report exposed decades of child abuse within Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic dioceses, the state attorney general said Tuesday.

About 90% of those calls concerned allegations of abuse or cover-ups within the Catholic church, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. The rest were about institutions or people outside the Catholic church.

“We’ve gotten calls that have materialized into charges that were filed,” Shapiro said. “One case involved charges that were filed by the Allegheny County district attorney. Others are being investigated by other law-enforcement agencies, including our own.”

Shapiro said he has been stopped daily by people who are grateful for the investigation or want to tell him their own stories of victimization.

“It has happened to me at big, formal events with public figures, and it has happened to me walking through the supermarket, buying food for my family,” he said.

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