Bishop Serratelli Threatens To Sue Life Site News

Lawyers representing New Jersey bishop Arthur Serratelli have threatened LifeSiteNews over our July 24 reportthat highlighted the bishop’s alleged refusal to discipline an active priest in the diocese despite multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

Based on the evidence we have seen, which includes almost a dozen documents and various testimonies from those close to the matter, we stand by our report.

Serratelli’s lawyer insists that the bishop “does not engage in, promote, condone or support homosexual activity within the Diocese of Paterson.”

The Bishop, however, has refused to comment on or do anything about two priests who last year posted photos of themselves on social media that showed the pair cuddling and kissing, suggesting a homosexual relationship. Both priests, Fr. Dulibber G. Gonzalez and Fr. Marcin Bradtke remain active in the Diocese of Paterson.

The Bishop also allows a homosexual affirming parish to operate openly and seemingly unchecked in his diocese. Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, states on the homepage of its website that “all are welcome here” and that the parish extends a “special welcome” to those who are “gay, lesbian, transgender.”

Saint Mary’s, which earned pro-homosexual New Ways Ministry’s stamp of approvalas an “LGBT-friendly” parish, also hosts an “LGBT Ministry” for “fostering an inclusive environment” where “LGBT people of faith” can “explore their spirituality and share their experience, strength and hope with one another.”

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