2019 Bishop Trust Survey Results

Complicity Clergy recently invited people to respond to a simple survey asking two questions:

  1. How much do you trust your bishop?
  2. What is your personal opinion of your bishop’s orthodoxy (consistency with the teachings of the Catholic Church)?

On the question of trust, people could respond with one of the following options (each assigned a point value):

  • Completely Distrust (0 points)
  • Mostly Distrust (1 point)
  • Tend to Distrust (2 points)
  • Tend to Trust (3 points)
  • Mostly Trust (4 points)
  • Completely Trust (5 points)

On the question of orthodoxy, individuals were invited to award their bishop with one to five stars, each with a corresponding point value.

Individuals were also optionally allowed to provide specific comments related to their ratings.

Overall Results

A total of 3,162 people responded to the survey with responses for 180 bishops.  Overall, the bishops scored a 1.8 in terms of trust and a 2.6 in terms of orthodoxy.  50% of bishops received a trust rating of “tend to distrust” or worst.  50% of bishops also received 3 stars or less in terms of their orthodoxy.

Best and Worst

The best and worst ratings of bishops with at least 10 survey responses is summarized in the illustration below.


Results by Bishop

The table below summarizes the average scores for each bishop.  If a bishop is not listed, they did not receive any survey responses.

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NameTrust Rating (0-5)Orthdoxy Rating (1-5)No. of Surveys
Aleksiychuk, Bishop Benedict1.72.33
Aquila, Archbishop Samuel2.83.729
Aymond, Archbishop Gregory1.82.713
Baker, Bishop Robert3.54.316
Bambera, Bishop Joseph1.11.927
Barbarito, Bishop Gerald33.68
Barber, Bishop Michael2.84.19
Barnes, Bishop Gerald1.6237
Barres, Bishop John2.32.826
Bartchak, Bishop Mark1.82.616
Bartylla, Monsignor James2.83.45
Bellisario, Bishop Andrew011
Berg, Bishop Stephen23.33
Biegler, Bishop Steven1.11.89
Blair, Archbishop Leonard2.23.417
Botean, Bishop John231
Boyea, Bishop Earl2.13.438
Bradley, Bishop Paul2.52.511
Braxton, Bishop Edward2.22.89
Broglio, Archbishop Timothy343
Brungardt, Bishop John0.532
Burbidge, Bishop Michael2.43.473
Burnette, Bishop Kurt452
Burns, Bishop Edward2.12.639
Caggiano, Bishop Frank23.120
Cahill, Bishop Brendan3.54.36
Callahan, Bishop William2.83.112
Calvo, Bishop Randolph1.51.84
Campbell, Bishop Frederick2.83.86
Carlson, Archbishop Robert2.53.334
Cary, Bishop Liam2.53.54
Chaput, Archbishop Charles3.54.344
Checchio, Bishop James1.82.925
Christensen, Bishop Peter2.72.916
Coakley, Archbishop Paul3.13.715
Coerver, Bishop Robert11.54
Conley, Bishop James3.7411
Conlon, Bishop R.1.62.425
Cordileone, Archbishop Salvatore33.918
Cote, Bishop Michael1.52.110
Cotta, Bishop Myron23.38
Coyne, Bishop Christopher22.99
Cunningham, Bishop Robert1.92.69
Cupich, Cardinal Blase0.31.2120
daCunha, Bishop Edgar22.410
Daly, Bishop Thomas3.23.713
Danylo, Bishop Bohdan451
Deeley, Bishop Robert1.62.322
Deshotel, Bishop J.1.439
Dewane, Bishop Frank2.63.322
DiMarzio, Bishop Nicholas1.92.910
DiNardo, Cardinal Daniel1.62.749
Doerfler, Bishop John2.83.45
Doherty, Bishop Timothy2.13.115
Dolan, Cardinal Timothy1268
Duca, Bishop Michael22.45
Estevez, Bishop Felipe2.93.226
Etienne, Archbishop Paul051
Fabre, Bishop Shelton22.73
Flores, Bishop Daniel2.43.25
Folda, Bishop John2.137
Foys, Bishop Roger2.33.210
Gainer, Bishop Ronald1.8321
Garcia-Siller, Archbishop Gustavo1.12.137
Gomez, Archbishop Jose1.72.338
Gregory, Archbishop Wilton1.11.943
Gruss, Bishop Robert22.88
Guglielmone, Bishop Robert2.52.918
Guillory, Bishop Curtis1.72.86
Hanefeldt, Bishop Joseph1.54.52
Hartmayer, Bishop Gregory1.32.116
Hebda, Archbishop Bernard2.12.952
Hoeppner, Bishop Michael1.32.36
Hurley, Bishop Walter0.71.614
Hying, Bishop Donald4.14.37
Jackels, Archbishop Michael2.32.76
Jenky, Bishop Daniel2.93.615
Johnston, Bishop James2.43.215
Jugis, Bishop Peter3.94.614
Kagan, Bishop David3.445
Kemme, Bishop Carl3.23.712
Kettler, Bishop Donald2.53.26
Kicanas, Bishop Gerald341
Kihneman, Bishop Louis3.33.33
Knestout, Bishop Barry1.32.153
Konderla, Bishop David2.33.118
Kopacz, Bishop Joseph1.32.312
Kurtz, Archbishop Joseph2.2323
LaValley, Bishop Terry1.82.34
LeVoir, Bishop John2.743
Libasci, Bishop Peter2.4315
Listecki, Archbishop Jerome1.82.632
Lopes, Bishop Steven3.33.911
Lori, Archbishop William1.72.848
Lucas, Archbishop George2.62.816
Malesic, Bishop Edward1.52.810
Malloy, Bishop David1.31.935
Malone, Bishop Richard0.41.714
Malooly, Bishop W.1.52.26
Matano, Bishop Salvatore3.34.18
McElroy, Bishop Robert0.41.388
McGrath, Bishop Patrick0.51.38
McKnight, Bishop W.3.33.812
McManus, Bishop Robert2.43.67
Medley, Bishop William1.12.321
Monforton, Bishop Jeffrey1.739
Mulvey, Bishop Michael2.12.18
Murry, Bishop George1.82.713
Naumann, Archbishop Joseph4.24.520
Nickless, Bishop R.2.52.86
Noonan, Bishop John11.729
Ochoa, Bishop Armando1.82.413
O'Connell, Bishop David2.12.829
Olmsted, Bishop Thomas3.64.449
Olson, Bishop Michael12178
O'Malley, Cardinal Sean1.52.522
O'Neill, Monsignor Kevin3.53.52
Paprocki, Bishop Thomas3.14.115
Parkes, Bishop Gregory3.13.611
Pates, Bishop Richard1.22.312
Perez, Bishop Nelson1.5235
Persico, Bishop Lawrence1.52.68
Powers, Bishop James1.42.48
Provost, Bishop Glen3.84.36
Quinn, Bishop John233
Rabiy, Bishop Andriy241
Raica, Bishop Steven1.62.412
Rhoades, Bishop Kevin2.73.220
Rice, Bishop Edward2.53.211
Ricken, Bishop David2.83.511
Rodi, Archbishop Thomas1.12.327
Rozanski, Bishop Mitchell1.21.611
Sample, Archbishop Alexander3.84.427
Sartain, Archbishop J.2.2325
Scharfenberger, Bishop Edward2.73.412
Schlert, Bishop Alfred2.63.111
Schnurr, Archbishop Dennis2.43.325
Seitz, Bishop Mark22.710
Serratelli, Bishop Arthur2.7411
Sheridan, Bishop Michael2.43.412
Siegel, Bishop Joseph343
Silva, Bishop Larry3.544
Sirba, Bishop Paul1.54.52
Sis, Bishop Michael2.73.67
Skurla, Archbishop William011
Solis, Bishop Oscar1.62.19
Soto, Bishop Jaime1.32.319
Spalding, Bishop J.1.82.328
Stika, Bishop Richard2.23.219
Stowe, Bishop John0.61.519
Strickland, Bishop Joseph2.94.312
Sullivan, Bishop Dennis1.22.417
Swain, Bishop Paul2.83.58
Tamayo, Bishop James1.82.56
Taylor, Bishop Anthony22.312
Thomas, Bishop Daniel2.63.414
Thomas, Bishop George1.82.34
Thompson, Archbishop Charles2.63.212
Tobin, Bishop Thomas34.38
Tobin, Cardinal Joseph11.832
Tyson, Bishop Joseph1.22.26
Vann, Bishop Kevin22.819
Vasa, Bishop Robert44.85
Vasquez, Bishop Joe1.92.621
Vigneron, Archbishop Allen1.42.364
Vincke, Bishop Gerald342
Wack, Bishop William3.13.210
Walkowiak, Bishop David2.43.327
Wall, Bishop James2.53.52
Warfel, Bishop Michael2.23.85
Weisenburger, Bishop Edward1.21.915
Wenski, Archbishop Thomas2.33.118
Wester, Archbishop John0.81.521
Wilkerson, Bishop Gerald235
Wuerl, Cardinal Donald0.41.645
Zarama, Bishop Luis22.134
Zielinski, Bishop Chad441
Zinkula, Bishop Thomas112
Zubik, Bishop David1.32.653
Zurek, Bishop Patrick1.522

Survey Comments

This section lists the comments made by respondents for each bishop.

Archbishop Alexander Sample

  • Sample is known for orthodoxy and for promoting reverent liturgy, and for promoting sacred polyphony/Gregorian chant. Why then after years of pleading is the nearest weekly TLM 250 miles away?
  • Archbishop Sample has been fighting against a culture of modernism, atrocious liturgies and focus on Social Justice activism vs salvation of souls. He supports TLM in the Archdiocese.
  • Archbishop Sample is a good bishop. I believe that he plays it safe when sometimes I really wish he would be more outspoken, but he is trying to be prudent in a very difficult assignment.
  • Archbishop Sample seems to me to be very pious, but I would prefer for him to be more vocal in his opposition to those trying to undermine the Faith.
  • Archbishop Sample speaks and acts in line with authentic Catholic teaching, but I don’t know why he doesn’t call out others in the hierarchy who do not. I have the luxury of not being in his shoes.
  • Check out his statements and his book on the Liturgy. God bless him and grant him many happy years!
  • Diocese, chancery, music and communication have greatly improved under his leadership.
  • Doctrine – Solid
  • Pastoral Approach – So, So…
  • Great Bishop pushing more traditional Catholicism. I wish he would do even
  • More for his Church. Great man
  • I am not sure where he stands on the LGBTQ community issue.
  • I believe Abp. Sample is a good man but is unable to confront and issue a fraternal correction. He is a middle-manager.
  • I believe that he is orthodox but he needs to step up and get rid of Eucharistic ministers and other abuses if he really is orthodox.
  • I respect Archbishop Sample’s honesty and transparency. You can tell he takes his role very seriously. I’ve found this to be true in person as well.
  • I think we are very fortunate here in Oregon, especially now the way things are in the Church. Archbishop Sample is very orthodox.
  • Some of the things he implements like Stop raising hands during the Lord’s Prayer and encourages the use of chapel veils and the TLM are good but won’t say enough about the problems The Church has.
  • We are blessed to have one of the best bishops in the United States here in Portland, Oregon.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron

  • The “Dignity Mass” is here & gay priests say Masses.  However, if it weren’t for him, my Institute of Christ the King parish (St. Joseph Oratory) wouldn’t be allowed.
  • Allows the Dignity Mass to continue. Is afraid of his priests.  Does not follow up on complaints.  Covers up evil behavior.  Is money hungry.
  • Archbishop Vigneron’s handling of the lesbian nun abuser of females is disappointing and troubling. What else is out there?
  • Concerns regarding Archbishop Vigneron’s handling of money and the holding and hiding of it, history of cover up of sexual abuse in the diocese,  previous exposure & training by  tainted leadership.
  • Do not need to elaborate, his history speaks for itself. Get him out, how many more souls will be lost on account of him and his cronies.
  • He is working hard to protect the defenseless, teach the faith and unleash the Gospel. We need to pray for the spiritual protection and fortitude of our bishops, priests a d vowed religious
  • He lets the Dignity Masses continue; he lets homo-heretic priests continue in ministry; he persecutes holy, orthodox priests while turning a blind eye to the liberal ones. It’s all about the money.
  • His inability to be a man and meet face to face with Michael Voris after THIRTEEN YEARS has sealed the deal for me – he is not trustworthy, he lies, and he employs those who support and hide criminals
  • His is weak and allows other people to do his job. He doesn’t act against error in the Archdiocese.
  • History with Abp John Ninestadt and Sr Mary Finn leaves me distrusting.
  • Horrible just horrible, liberal allows abuses of mass, cover-up of actual abuse, no orthodoxy here. Sad just sad.
  • I feel all Bishops basically just regurgitate what the Cardinals and the pope tells them to do. They are afraid to speak out. Pope would reassign them
  • I find the Unleash the Gospel endeavor very Protestant based with weird “no face people” videos, reflection guides with modules & courses. The Catholic Church has it all with Jesus in the EUCHARIST!
  • I have the opportunity to work with a select group of lay and clergy under the direction of our archbishop and I have been impressed with his orthodox
  • I think he is too worried about hurting someone’s feelings to teach about what is sinful.
  • Mediocrity at a time when much more is required.
  • Not Orthodox enough.
  • Seems all he cares about is selling his new program “Unleash the Gospel” nation-wide while dismissing the sexual perversions in his own diocese.
  • Seems like whenever the diocese needs money you hear from him. Otherwise crickets. Needs to stand up for the faith better and be more vocal about it. Not too impressed with priests he’s in charge of.
  • The unleashing the gospel thing sounds like it has potential. But he allows a group called the elephant in the room and a gay mass in His diocese and they do not believe in Catholic teaching.
  • Too bad there is no 0 star rating.
  • Too much emphasis on “social justice” instead of truthful teachings of the Catholic Church; promotion of nonsensical masses and church gatherings.
  • Tradition no longer plays a part in the diocese. They diocese thinks they are clever to let the faithful believe that they have input but clearly we do not.  They do as they please.  Out of touch!!!
  • Very strong commitment to the Gospel
  • Vigneron has a history of protecting predators, hides assets, and a so many other bad things. My Jewish relatives are more Catholic than Vigneron.
  • Vigneron is allowing the Dignity Mass to continue where homosexual clergy go for Holy Mass at Madonna College. All he wants is more money.
  • Was co-consecrated by his “friend” Archbishop Nienstedt who was forced out and bankrupted Diocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis over sex cover-up.
  • Y’all are familiar with Abp Vigneron. I don’t think I could say anything that you didn’t already know…

Archbishop Bernard Hebda

  • Absolutely silent on the moral teachings of the Catholic Church regarding human sexuality. Laughs with folks at a dissenting parish-appearing to mislead people of that parish that mortal sin is ok
  • After publicly being informed of a same sex male couple who used a surrogate woman using IVF to give birth to their child, ABP Hebda met with pastor, and nothing has changed-no public rebuking!
  • Archbishop Hebda has done nothing to correct the homosexual supporting events at St. Joan of Arch. He has not reined in the progressive wanting to change the church priest either.  I do not trust him
  • Continues to allow openly “GAY” church to operate in his diocese. Does not boldly, joyfully, confidently proclaim the gospel, nor does he defend Holy Mother Church!!!
  • Covering up for John Nienstedt and Wuerl
  • Does not respond to emails or phone calls when I have voiced concerns. Let’s St Joan parish stay open.
  • Good that he disinvited Bishop Lynch, but why invite him to begin with?
  • He’s allowed parishes and priests in the archdiocese, St Joan of Arc for one, to promote homosexual lifestyles. Much different than accompanying those with homosexual tendencies…..
  • Hebda is probably a fag.
  • I believe Arch. Hebda is a very honorable man but he cannot be the sole person to clean up our much distrusted clergy. At my old age I have not lost my faith in God but have lost faith in our leaders
  • I know MN has dignity USA and have raised the issue in emails to him…no answer. Also at meeting refused listen Latin mass more concerned with woman priest
  • I personally have no reason to distrust but am watchful because of Wuerl who installed him and who Hebda worked for a time.
  • I think that he silences and prevents the wrong priests from the archdiocese.
  • He’s charming and witty and listens to the wrong people.
  • I wait to see how he handles the heretical parish St. Joan of Arc which promotes homosexuals, surrogacy, IVF and Baptism for homosexual IVF baby born through surrogacy
  • I would trust him more if he was clearer on how to encourage all Baptized People to live their lives as Temples of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for listening. Jesus I Trust In You!
  • I’m waiting to hear more than be patient we’re still working through the bankruptcy. We have talented lay people who are more than willing to help with the long overdue healing process to begin.
  • I’m disappointed that nothing is done about unorthodox parishes in the archdiocese.
  • My trust is based on his short term thus far. In general as regards orthodoxy, I have little to no trust in our bishops, the Cardinals, and the Pope.
  • Not much of a spiritual Father. Lets homosexual and gender dysphoric (GD) activity continue and spread. He attended a GD mtg at U of St. Thomas and implied support. Allows/promotes confusion.
  • Spends a lot of time on secular political issues, and very little on Church issues. Allows a very pro-gay marriage, anti-Church teachings parish to continue with no repercussions.
  • Start naming Bishops and Arch Bishops that should have been charged with sex abuse. Why are these priests that have been found guilty not charged and sent to jail??? You are still protecting them!
  • Wish I’d hear from AB Hebda on Twitter when someone like Bishop Tobin of RI is being attacked.

Archbishop Charles Chaput

  • A faithful, brilliant Catholic who’s trying his best to bolster the faith of everyday Catholics while demonstrating best practices to fellow bishops.
  • A hero for truth
  • Archbishop Chaput has demonstrated his dedication to the Church’s teachings.
  • Archbishop Chaput has spoken clearly about the Church’s teachings about marriage. However, Archbishop Chaput has not spoken out about the grievous abuse of seminarians & the bishops who cover it .
  • Archbishop Chaput promotes the Church’s teachings such as marriage between man and woman. However, he has not spoken about the homosexual crisis and how bishops have covered up abuse of seminarians.
  • Archbishop Chaput’s Orthodoxy is almost unquestionable.
  • Archbishop has been a wonderful Shepard for the people of Philadelphia. He has had to make some difficult decisions and inherited a mess with the sex scandal.  I think he tried his best.
  • Archbishop is a conservative and is well respected on Philadelphia and around the world!
  • Don’t trust his commitment to ridding the Church of its problem clergy. Wants to avoid civil authority involvement.
  • Has been outspoken on crisis
  • He keeps his head down daily, but writes well often and opposes vigorously as needed. He permits the TLM and supports it, and doesn’t seem to tolerate liberal confusion. Too public – he’ll be gone!
  • He tries to navigate the difficult waters. If he speaks out too much, they will toss him, and then God only knows what we’ll have.
  • His more recent silence on current serious issues in the Church is very troubling
  • I do not share is ideas of communion with other religions. I do not consider Islam a religion.
  • I think Archbishop Charles Chaput is doing well in terms of his response to laity, allowing for practicing orthodox Roman Catholicism. I feel he could be stronger in guiding seminarians in Philly.
  • I want to trust him, but really don’t. He seems to flip-flop — sometimes he’s firm and sometimes he’s not.
  • It took a while to build trust since the problems began to erupt in the 1990’s however since Cardinal Krol has died and Cardinal Rigali has retired
  • Mostly solid but likes himself a bit too much and tends to argue straw men rather than consistently standing up for truth when it’s difficult.
  • Never heard him speak out about any of these morally offensive bishops.
  • Orthodox beliefs but not an effective leader. Has not discerned well the priests he places in positions of authority or shown courage in confronting the vast homosexual problems in the clergy.
  • While I believe that Archbishop Chaput is one of the more Orthodox bishops in the U.S., He should not have allowed Fr. James Martin to preach in Philadelphia.

Archbishop Charles Thompson

  • He has been in Indianapolis for a couple of years now and he is like a cypher. I have no idea what he stands for the only thing we get is Immigration is good If you disagree you’re bad
  • Any bishop who claims to be a disciple of Daniel Buechelein is a problem. His love of St. Meinrad is also hugely problematic.
  • Have no idea what he really believes he seems to be a figurehead. No participation in pro-life activities no meaningful penance for hiding abuse
  • He has been one of the more silent ones.
  • His communication with his flock is pretty poor. I check every one every in a while and there is nothing on the Archdiocese website, the Archdiocesan newspaper is basically fish wrap.
  • I respect the fact he lied prostrate in front of the Blessed Sacrament to beg our Lord recently. But until he stands up to the evil — I tend to distrust.   This is all bishops currently.
  • I tend to distrust until proven otherwise. His latest plea for money wants to give to Catholic Charities. That’s a red flag.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr

  • Archbishop Schnurr has completely changed things in our seminary. He has also started an Encourage group, which speaks volumes about his support for the teachings of the Church.
  • Good on pro-life issues and contraception. However, unsatisfactory on abuse within the church and other scandals.  The parishioners need some clarity and action on these issues.
  • He bought into Common Core Hook line and sinker. Common core is part of the Communist plan to take over.
  • I distrust him because he has not been out spoken enough. He hasn’t done anything bad. But nothing terribly great in a time when simple orthodoxy is a clear break from the norm.
  • I think he has at least prevented Fr James Martin (or perhaps someone else) from speaking at a local Catholic college.
  • Not available, heard him only for CRS (donation). Didn’t learn a single statement about church scandals.
  • Seems orthodox for the most part. However he does not speak up enough and he has priest in the diocese that need to be reined in. He needs to look into these priest social media accounts.

Archbishop George Lucas

  • A mixed record: Bad new churches displace the tabernacle, pews in circles. Good Allows TLM and NO ad orientum.
  • Church of Nice. CEO. Don’t rock the boat. Ask Stephen Brady from Roman Catholic Faithful. Slow drip by drip by drip…
  • He has been silent, George. Don’t ever recall a pastoral letter to the parishes.  Did send a letter years ago asking him for a pastoral letter at Easter Mass regarding receiving the Eucharist.
  • He remains fairly orthodox. He condemned the homosexualists at Creighton University; however he has been really quiet regarding Vigano/Amoris.
  • I’ve only heard he doesn’t like controversy but will bring the hammer down if needs be. He allows the TLM and I hear he is learning it but I’m not sure.

Archbishop Gregory Aymond

  • Aymond is a modernist who sees social issues as more important the salvation of the souls in his care. Tolerates homosexuals in his seminaries.
  • Has pro-abortion / pro homosexual marriage democrats receiving the sacraments. Stands with the same ones on immigration issues. Lame apologies on abuse issue. Silent on Decadence Fest., etc.
  • He has written in the Clarion Herald about abuse and released names of SOME abusers. He responds when contacted but it’s only ‘word salad’. ACTION needed!
  • He is weirdly quiet at times
  • He was a final-3 candidate for the DC vacancy, which told me all I needed to know. He avoids anything that could bring discontent from the Church’s enemies, which is highly dishonorable.
  • I like him… I feel like he truly cares… but he has allowed Fr. Martin to be honored and he pulls the USCCB party line on everything… I cannot see him taking a real Catholic orthodox stand at all-no Evidence of concern about poor moral standards for entering seminarians -unclear where he stands-need policy of removal for priests who have sexual relations of any kind.
  • Really don’t know anything about his position on anything because he never speaks out about anything.
  • We can’t really trust hierarchy to be transparent. We have to get lay access to information in the chanceries. Until then, it will all be questionable.

Archbishop Gustavo GarcÍa-Siller

  • A ‘catholic’ arch-bishop who would destroy the USA by importing ‘criminals’ of other countries using the communist Saul Alinsky label of social justice deserves the Lord’s terrible punishment!!!!
  • Archbishop blocked my email address from contacting the church after critiquing the capital campaign and lack of support for our parish schools. His staff also harassed my family for my contact info.
  • Gustavo is gay friendly, cf. the Assumption Seminary and his choice of homosexual Michael Boulet as Aux Bp, pro-open borders which he promotes.
  • Beverly unkind to the diocesan Latin mass community.
  • Bishop Gustavo hates Tradition and the NO Masses are awful, full of abuses He took away Confirmation in Extraordinary Form, assigned to the one TLM in the diocese a pastor who strongly dislikes us.
  • Bishop Siller has been completely silent regarding the Abuse Crisis and Homosexual Crisis in the Church, Allows heterodox liturgy, hates Tradition.
  • Bringing his gay boyfriend from Mexico who was too gay for Chicago but kicking out faithful nuns and trying to shut down the Anglican Ordinariate for Everything goes with AB Gustavo except Tradition
  • Black History Month closing Mass with Archbishop Gustavo GarcÍa-Siller and a very gay Father Kevin Fausz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EkoAiqrrdM
  • Garcia-Siller hasn’t been the same since DJT’s election. His anti-walls, pro-bridges rhetoric = a wall that stops him from articulating a perspective that is actually pro-Mexico and pro-marginalized.
  • Getting rid of orthodox nuns to bring in his gay boyfriend from Mexico is not cool. I liked the guy until the Atonement fiasco, and then he showed his true colors. Now I know better.
  • He appears to be tied to the hip of the Democratic Party.
  • He’s a politician masquerading as clergy. He’s made some pretty inherent evil moves that were appalling. Send him back where he came from!
  • His liberal leanings are very evident.
  • http://www.pagadiandiocese.org/2018/01/09/texas-archbishop-gustavo-garcia-siller-forces-traditional-nuns-out-of-san-antonio/
  • Removed faithful priest, brought scandal ridden Chicago priest & much more!
  • I do not really trust that there is not cover ups or payouts in our archdiocese.
  • I will not comment publicly on this, except to say that I trust him to produce slick ad campaigns and very little else.
  • Needs to be completely transparent to the people and to the law. Lots of hard work to be done.
  • Political and uses social justice instead of church teachings
  • Prolife=welcoming illegal immigration. Bishop for Hispanics in Chicago, when the seminary for Latin American homosexuals operated.
  • Social justice warrior concerned only with illegal aliens.
  • The Bishop in San Antonio Texas has put loyalty to his race above the wellbeing of the diocese and the country. All while ignoring church doctrine.

Archbishop J. Sartain

  • Archbishop Sartain has not come out with any strong statements of support re: the allegations of Viganò. So I can’t fully trust him.
  • He is a very kind and pastoral Bishop but not very Orthodox in Liturgical matters. He seems to uphold the moral teachings of the Church outwardly but does not reprimand dissident priests.
  • Hunthausen our bishop was one of the first in the nation(late 70’s) to try and make the gay agenda acceptable. Things had become so gay that the pope sent Weurl out to clean it up! Sartian is ill
  • I don’t believe any of the U.S. are Catholic let alone orthodox. I would not give any of them one single star as you forced me to do.
  • I don’t have a reason not to when a priest was accused of misconduct he immediately informed us, however he is silent, and fails to denounce the gay Jesuits down the street from St James at Seattle U
  • I would like to see my bishop say more about abortion and the homosexual lifestyle. We are in Seattle, and the sins are rampant. I think our conservative priests would like more support as well
  • Like every other cowardly American bishop, Sartain says little, does less, and ignores the Pink Elephants who actually run his diocese.
  • More interested in social justice
  • Our parish is liturgically correct in every way. He has taken away two Ad Oriented Masses, a Rotate Mass, Latin prayers and chants, tried to take away
  • Seems orthodox (issued a statement against gay marriage vote in WA.) but seems to allow
  • Unorthodox stuff to go on in archdiocese, esp. @ Cathedral.
  • Seriously looking at this right now. Asking Q’s of the Archdiocese.
  • Where’s the evidence he is doing anything for Christ?
  • Yesterday June 6, 2019, I attended the Reception Mass of our coadjutor AB Paul Etienne, AB Sartain welcomed the presence Cdnl Mahoney & said he “always has a place here with us.” Sad.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki

  • A politician, not a bishop. Plays both ends against the middle.  Stands for absolutely nothing.
  • Archbishop Listecki is complicit with the LGBR ideology.
  • Has supported sodomite priest in his coming out at his parish. When I confronted him on this he never got back to me.  Sodomite supporter, coward, and destroyer of the faith
  • He has an opportunity to be heroically virtuous in these times of scandal, but seems to abide by the rule of self-preservation, not self-sacrifice.
  • He is a gas lighter.
  • He says one thing and does another. He is devious.
  • His silence on the Bergolian debacle, for me personally, has caused me to believe that the man no longer holds the Catholic faith. If I heard my Shepard’s voice I would follow. Alas he’s a hireling.
  • I am under the impression that he is a people pleaser. I believe he is true to his priestly vows. At present I am disenchanted with the bishops in general and I think they are weak leaders.
  • I do not believe Archbishop is one of the bishops causing problems for the Faithful, but neither is he standing up for the Church. Rise up! Defend the Church! Earn your crown of glory! Be a Saint!
  • I feel that we in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are quite blessed in having an Archbishop that has a good sense of fidelity to the local Church.
  • I have no idea whether to trust him or not. There’s not much connection with him, except when we get his video, once a year, asking for money.
  • Listecki lacks courage/conviction. He’s had numerous opportunities to support the faith and ducks instead.  He prefers cowardly silence.
  • Masses at Milwaukee Archdiocesan parishes (except the one Tridentine parish in town) are routinely abominable and have been since the Rembert Weakland
  • Pros: abuse, pro-life, good priests; Cons: refuses Confirmation before 16 or to even let another bishop do it before 16 and permits liturgical abuses within his Archdiocese. Needs more backbone.
  • Seldom seen or heard from in Kenosha.
  • Still memorializing Rembert Weakland. Pictures  remain in the Cathedral.  We will not donate any monies till removed.
  • Strongly supported a priest of the diocese in his “coming out” at Sunday Mass at the priest’s parish. So much for teaching the truth of the faith to save souls. How can we trust after that?
  • Supports homosexual priest in his diocese – Anathema!
  • We need our bishops to write to us on a regular basis regarding moral issues of the day. Drag Queen Story Hours are happening in our diocese! We need clear explanation on why it’s harmful. LGBTQ etc.
  • Well, from how the bishops were years ago and now how they today they are not as strict enforcement as they should be according with the laws of God

Archbishop John Wester

  • Clearly PROTECTED a credibly accused priest for THREE MONTHS and let him stay in the cathedral parish where three victims (ages 16 to 20) were.
  • He is a coward, will not stand up to Church teachings, He’s a huge liberal, and supports the gay agenda.
  • He lies and says he forgets. He punishes his opposition
  • His positions on immigration, soda tax, opposition to intelligent design being added to curriculum, lack of action regarding Euthanasia Bill currently in legislature and general lack of public opposite
  • I only trust Jesus and I pray for all Priest
  • I pray for him, but he supports the heretic Richard Rohr, he hates tradition, and he is hardly involved with the prolife, Pro-Family movement.
  • If I could give less than 0 stars I would. He’s a pro sodomite heretic who hasn’t found a heterodox position he doesn’t like or an orthodox priest/deacon/lay person he does like
  • It’s a shame we don’t burn at the stake anymore
  • My family and I recently moved to NM from California. We were told by our previous bishop (Bishop Barber, Oakland, CA) that Albuquerque’s Bishop Wester is open to the Latin Mass but some say he’s not.
  • Our bishop invited the AUSCP and Richard Rohr to come into our archdiocese and lecture us about accepting behaviors the Catholic Church has condemned since it’s founding.
  • Still has not addressed the homosexual issues. Is against Vigano. He is very liberal
  • Supports AUSCP LGBT
  • The archdiocese is The Archdiocese of Santa Fe
  • Archbishop Wester lives in Albuquerque as have the past four archbishops of Santa Fe
  • Albuquerque is part of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe , not its own
  • The fact that he supports AUSCP and James Martin are really concerning
  • Wester is a weakling. He speaks out on issues that don’t matter and silent while NM is leading the nation in late term abortions.  He silences conservative priests and hails liberal ones.

Archbishop Jose Gomez

  • Unsure if he has the will to stand up for those who have been violated by priests and the Church’s lack of action from within.
  • Archbishop Gomez is more concerned with illegal immigration than he is with solid orthodox liturgy and the evil of abortion. He has done some good things like giving the FSSP a home parish.
  • Deceiver – just look at the LA Religious Education Congress over the last few years – how he must be on board with their agenda.
  • Does not promote chastity for those with SSA or Courage. Very pro-gay. LA Congress is a nightmare
  • Gomez cares nothing about the souls entrusted to his leadership or the Church in LA. Gomez is nothing but a champion of illegal immigration and modernism.
  • He allows MAHONY to remain a practicing priest giving sacraments!!!!
  • There are other predators – HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTS that are ALLOWED to REMAIN priests TOO!
  • Are his hands tied by our POPE?
  • He and his predecessors spend more time pandering to Democrats and homosexuals than they do preaching the Faith. They are more leftist politicians than priests, and have been for decades.
  • He is an exceptional human being and his teachings about Catholic Church are accurate and true.
  • He is USELESS! Should allow for ZERO stars! This guy is a huge disappointment!
  • He publicly denounced Cardinal Mahoney so I saw that as good.
  • He was supposed to save the archdiocese from the rot of Cardinal Mahoney. What a joke. Pro-abortion speakers at events, LA REC full of speakers who promote every sort of perversion…just a joke.
  • He’s known to rub shoulders with the liberal elite and plays golf every week at one of the most expensive golf courses in Los Angeles. He only talks about immigration.
  • He’s a genuine, pro-active shepherd who’s very sensitive to the needs of the nation’s largest archdiocese.
  • I can’t believe Archbishop Gomez is allowing Cardinal Mahony to speak at a Diocese event. He has also invited Fr. James Martin. I find his choices to be very disturbing.
  • I have not trust on Bishop Jose Gómez, his handling of the Religious Educational Program and his alliances
  • http://www.la-archdiocese.org/org/cmlg
  • In a letter to the Faithful, he confessed promising to Bishop Mahoney that he would be free of danger of prosecution on cases of sex abuse.
  • It’s outrageous what is going on Los Angeles. Most horrifically the Education conference, practically run by homosexuals. CLEAN THIS OUT!
  • mistrust due to he allows heretics and dissenters be a part of LA ‘wreck’ and speaks out more about social justice issues than against intrinsic evils
  • Ok on life issues. Focuses on immigration and not much else. He needs to shut down the ‘Catholic Education Congress ‘ or completely overhaul it.
  • Sometimes I have my doubts…
  • Supports homo heretics
  • Turns a blind eye to gay priests and heresy promoted in the archdiocese and at the Religious Ed Conference. Bends over backwards for illegal aliens.
  • Very disappointed in Gomez. Hoped that things would change in LA when he arrived.  Chancery is filled with heterodox staff.  REC is a disaster.  It’s all about raising money and immigration.
  • Very monotone; doesn’t sound forceful in his beliefs, doesn’t sound like he takes a stand on Christ’s law and teachings. Somewhat wishy-washy.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

  • New Bishop David Talley install in April 2019. This is a liberal modernist Diocese. In my previous Diocese – Venice, FL Bishop Frank Dewayne brought in the FSSP so Trads had an alternative.
  • A good Bishop, a good priest from what I have observed, who tries sincerely to lead his flock in ways consistent with the teaching of the Magisterium. He needs to address the Covington travesty.
  • Allows far too much liturgical abuse and bad theology to exist. Catholic teaching, even in the religion class, is largely ignored by Catholic School educators and has been happening for far too long.
  • He allows sodomites and sodomite sympathizers to continue in parishes
  • He continues to state “transparency ” as he allows a homosexual priest return to his parish after a retreat. The Chancery published a list of “violators/perpetrators (all we dead).
  • He is a careerist.
  • He seems to be a good bishop, a good priest, faithful to the teaching of the Magisterium, and seems to sincerely care about his flock.
  • His response to Covington boys at March for Life. Reprehensible. Shame on him. He allows gay priests, gay parties at the cathedral, etc. to continue.
  • Homosexual escapades involving priests, some with seminarians, are still happening and still being covered up. Nothing has changed since Archbishop Kelly. So disappointed.  Politically motivated.
  • I don’t know a lot about him, but the faith in the Archdiocese of Louisville feels kind of dead compared to Cincinnati. I don’t see a lot being done to really educate and encourage people in the faith
  • I trusted him completely until he jumped on board the condemnation of the Covington Catholic kids. That was a great disappointment.
  • I would not trust him to actually FIGHT for the one, true, holy Catholic faith. He tends to side with his fellow bishops, rather than the welfare of the flock.
  • My first instinct is to distrust bishops, especially with children, money, and souls.
  • Still lets St. Williams operate as a parish, and still uses the cathedral for the festival of faiths. See Pius XI encyclical Mortalium Animos.
  • Still not addressing gay priests. Kept a priest at St Raphael’s Church which admitted a relationship with seminarian.
  • Moves orthodox priests to churches in the country.
  • We were extremely blessed to receive Abp Joseph Kurtz in June 2007, vocations have soared under his leadership & orthodoxy is returning to many parishes where it hadn’t been seen in a generation
  • Where is the courage!? In light of all we have been going through, and with all due respect, I demand that REAL action be taken instead of empty words.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann

  • AB Naumann was refusing communion to Kathleen Sebilius over a decade ago and stands behind his priest who refused entry to a gay family into arch diocesan school. His Chancellor has tremendous orthodox
  • AB Naumann has demonstrated great care and concern for sex abuse victims and often demonstrates not just by words but by action the Church’s teachings
  • AB Naumann is about as solid as they come. Can’t imagine where the Pro Life movement would be at had Cupich had won the nomination.
  • Faithful servant of our Archdiocese!
  • Great Bishop, he is a Shepherd in the Church and does his job faithfully.
  • He has been open about what is going on in the archdiocese, he is dedicated to church teaching even when it is difficult and is a dedicated Shepard. I could not be happier with him.
  • He is incredibly pro-life (awesome) but he is very opposed to ad orientem in the archdiocese and he claims that the Latin mass is “readily available” despite it being only two places in KS (terrible).
  • I trust him in all matters within the Diocese and USCCB Pro-Life duties. I only have one concern with the Diocese and that is Funds going to the Vatican and what they are used for.
  • While he seems orthodox and has called out pro abort politicians he seems to be unfriendly to the Latin mass. But there is one FSSP parish in the diocese.

Archbishop Leonard Blair

  • He did good things with the LCWR and since has been weak. He is either complicit or a being played a fool by homosexuals in the clergy.
  • He is orthodox minded but seem to be surrounded by very liberal people.
  • I think his personal beliefs are entirely orthodox. I think he is hamstrung by too few priests with a majority being at least heterodox.
  • Parish crushing overlord. Not TLM friendly at all.  Modernist tendencies.
  • Still weighing some facts.
  • While he is very orthodox when he speaks, he does not do much about the gay friendly parishes and groups in his diocese and he promotes priests whose orthodoxy is very questionable.

Archbishop Michael Jackels

  • He is basically quiet on crisis in the Church…would be a good time to visit every priest, every parish…time to be an active Shepherd
  • I find his leaning towards Democratic Party issues and silence and failure to engage on the moral teachings of the church deeply troubling and difficult to accept. He comes across  anti-traditional.
  • The main goal bishop Jackels seems to have is being hip, connecting with people, making them laugh. Like other bishops, Jackels seems to lack transparency and accountability.
  • Very troubling to me that Bishop Jackals doesn’t carry his crosier down the aisle nor does he bless the people as he proceeds.
  • Very disheartening.

Archbishop Paul Coakley

  • He did bring in Clear Creek Abbey, but he seems willy nilly. Also he slammed the Covington High School boys on Facebook before getting all the facts so I don’t trust his judgment.
  • He has a false reputation for orthodoxy. He has covered up child abuse within this archdiocese. He regularly attends NBA Thunder games courtside, visible on TV, not in his clerics. He’s weak & PC.
  • He isn’t out spoken enough in regards the homosexual goings on within our church. However, quickly condemns the students at the pro-life march.
  • I have never found any reason to have anything but complete faith in Bishop Coakley
  • My bishop was or is head of CRS. An organization known to be complicit in contraception distribution. He denied this fact. And, he almost refused communion to me on my tongue. There’s more.
  • We are so blessed to have Archbishop Paul Coakley leading us in the Oklahoma City diocese. He has always had the rule of no tolerance for child abuse regardless if it is priests or lay people.

Archbishop Robert Carlson

  • Carlson immediately set to work undoing the good of his predecessor in St. Louis, Cardinal Burke. Like most US Bishops, Carlson is a liberal politician in a Catholic costume, not a Shepherd.
  • As far as I know, our archbishop (Robert Carlson) is very orthodox and has been upfront and transparent regarding finances and any investigations into
  • Be stronger; defend the actual faithful and not Jesuits. Praise to God instead of praise from the world
  • Cautious, orthodox liturgically, not a leader among bishops, transparent/responsive on clerical abuse, no reaction to Vigano, negative: allows CCHD
  • Doesn’t discipline overbearing priests and listen to laity about them.(took1 or for a deacon to get reinstated because of it) No programs for widows .
  • He seems trustworthy, but should be more forceful on abuse issues
  • Mostly trust here in St. Louis. Problems in Sioux Falls and Saginaw. Soon to retire.
  • Needs to retire, too old to change!
  • Not necessarily a bad man, but the homosexual lobby completely runs the archdiocese and spreads their filth to many other dioceses around the country. No backbone what so ever to stand up to the gay
  • Seems more concerned with social justice than God’s Word

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

  • A fancy pants. Likes to hang with rich people and drink their wine. Smirks a lot.
  • All praise and thanks be to God for Archbishop Cordileone. We are blessed.
  • Cordileone promotes good programs, but the gay activism continues freely, there are left-wingers in the chancery, and no cleanout.
  • He truly is a Lion Heart.
  • He’s a bigoted, non-pastoral snob with no administrative skills. He talks textbook orthodoxy, but disappears when the going gets rough. He still hasn’t released a list of accused pedophile clergy.
  • In my opinion, he is more concerned about promoting the “Homosexual” agenda and Islam than the teachings of the Catholic Church. He’s a social worker
  • It seems to me Archbishop Cordileone is one of the better bishops, the problems are that which his predecessors have passed on, the USCCB, and Rome.
  • just wonder why Most Holy Redeemer church is still active in SF
  • question ‘social justice” & illegal immigration bent in SF, rather than pro-life issues
  • Like other “conservative” so-called Bishops, he would have never made the cut were we in any other age of the Church but this completely sissified one. In this environment, he gets a C-.
  • open all the books
  • Very orthodox, but in very liberal Archdiocese- a hard position.
  • We are so very blessed to have Archbishop Cordileone as our bishop!!!

Archbishop Samuel Aquila

  • “[It] is my intention that [bishops] be held in due reverence, not for what they are in themselves, but for my sake, because of the authority I have given them.” The Dialogue, St. Catherine of Siena
  • Bishop Aquilla seems to be a good Bishop. However, I still see that the Archdiocese of Denver listing CCHD and CRS as organizations they give funding to.
  • He hasn’t taken seriously some claims of sexual abuse and spent way too much money building his house.
  • He is a spineless as the rest of them.
  • He was instrumental in the “reboot” of the seminary (the old one was rotten with perverts). He focuses on formation and evangelization. He inherited a pretty strong diocese and builds on that
  • He’s not the most vocal on how the church should run liturgically, but doesn’t stand in the way of good parishes. He’s open on the scandals and vocal about the need for church morality in society.
  • He’s not who he pretends to be! Rude for one thing to faithful, trad Catholics.
  • Regarding Archbishop Samuel Aquila’s theology and orthodoxy, he is trustworthy on those matters. Regarding matters on finances, matters regarding clergy have caused doubt, clerical as well
  • When in Baltimore he was seated to the left and behind of Cupich when Cupich spoke. Aquila was texting. I don’t think he truly cares.

Archbishop Thomas Rodi

  • Bishop Rodi is worse than McCarrick
  • And I think eventually people will find out he’s in big big bad stuff.
  • Does not come across as the most open person
  • Doesn’t comply with Dallas compact minimum standards
  • He allowed a Priest to remodel a church rectory, using church funds to have a larger bathroom with a hot tub, with wireless Bluetooth. He also had a ten foot privacy fence put up. Church funds used
  • He facilitates in covering up for predatory priests.
  • He removes ortho. pastors from thriving parishes & places them as co-pastors. He removed the ortho. priest from head of seminarian formation & hid him as a pastor in a tiny parish to admit more SSA.
  • I believe he shuffles abusers around.
  • Like all of them he tries to walk that fine line of pleasing everyone. I wish he’d have more courage to speak. They all seem to have this problem except for the bad one. I find this time distressing.
  • Lots of money and very little results or interest in growing the church. Would rather cover up than handle situations
  • no response to letters, no communion rails allowed, one TLM in whole archdiocese every two months, no admit to homosexual problem
  • Not open about clergy & boys or with nuns. Shocking!!
  • Our Bishop Rodi is a liar, a thief and totally dishonest with his flock. He refuses to give a line-by-line accounting of money going in and out of the diocese.
  • Thomas Rodi is a crook
  • Very disappointed that he allowed Fr. Martin to speak at Spring Hill College commencement.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski

  • The Archdiocese of Miami is filled with homosexual priests. Whistleblowers are punished. It’s all about protecting the Institution. Saving souls is the very last thing on their mind. Saving face is 1
  • I like that he likes motorcycles.
  • I think he is just an authoritarian careerist who plays traditionalist when it suits him, but when a parish one mile from his office complained about a gay takeover he ignored it: St Rose Lima Miami
  • I would recommend my Archbishop Wenski to understand that the abuse crisis is very serious and fire any priest that abuses kids. I also want him to be having a dialogue with people regarding migration
  • In Miami Dade County is one of the highest place for abortion in the United State and our Bishop, is more concern about single kid coming into the US than what is happening under his nose.
  • Liturgical abuse abounds, deviations & disregard for the GIRM; Protestantism; doctrinal error from Clergy; profane language from the pulpit, etc.
  • Outstanding
  • The Archbishop gave speech at the USCCB in November about outrage and how we didn’t have a right to be outraged b/c society in this day and age thrives on it. Bishop u disrespected victims of abuse!
  • They’re all a POS they know what’s going on and they don’t do anything about it!!! Look at Dolan and the crazy California ones that are holding lgbt services. Sad to say our Church is in shambles!!
  • Very disappointed by refusal to address homosexual clergy issue publicly and flabbergasted at nonchalant comments made at Nov 2018 Bishop’s Conference.
  • Very disappointed in the orthodoxy of not only him but his office staff. Motivations seem more political than religious.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio

  • Worrisome that he rejects the seminarians because they want to celebrate the Latin mass.

Archbishop William Lori

  • Didn’t fully investigate the former Bishop.
  • Has not apologized to the boys from Covington KY for slandering them! Speak out!  Slander is a sin!
  • He destroyed the reputation of someone under authority working for the poor with one fax to all his pastors. If he deleted his name from the report, he needs to resign for malfeasance.
  • He has simply reassigned the priests that have been found problematic, and they will most certainly cause further problems elsewhere in the diocese.
  • He is very kind and offers anything out fssp parish needs, however is also allows openly gay parishes to exist in his archdiocese.
  • He only mentioned receiving money from my former Bishop Bransfield because he wanted to get ahead of the story. That move changed my opinion of him.  God help our Church!
  • He panders to the hierarchy as he hopes (prays?) to be made a Cardinal some day! “Who knows” he muses,  _ with my statement of Racism, ” maybe, maybe PF will see me fit to be in charge of D.C.!”
  • He preaches transparency but receivers thousands of dollars in gifts from corrupt men and thinks nothing about it.
  • He’s a bureaucrat, like most of them. The verse in Matthew that comes to mind: “Tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the Kingdom of God before you.” Little has changed in 2,000 years.
  • I have no clue who my Bishop is, honestly, I don’t trust some of the hierarchy in the Church including the Pope – individual priests, yes.
  • I never had a good feeling about him, and the fiasco with Bransfield only confirmed my suspicions. The Premier See of the US should have a bishop that is trustworthy and faithful!
  • I’d like to know about the bishop’s knowledge of McCarrick since he was an auxiliary under him. His whole SJW ploy needs to go. Teach the faith!
  • Interim bishop; we won’t really get to know him well. Previous bishop was untrustworthy.
  • I’ve never really met my Bishop or heard a homily from him. He’s also the bishop of Baltimore so he doesn’t tend to visit the faithful in the mountain state much. So all I’ve seen of him is online.
  • Lori allows the gay pride parish in Baltimore but also allows a Latin Mass parish too. Seems to be interested in getting politically correct points in actions.
  • Lori has been very silent while the Maryland legislature votes on Physician Assisted Suicide. He also quickly ganged up on the Covington Catholic High School boys during the recent controversy.
  • Lori was responsible for bishops being exempt from the Dallas Charter and also tolerates homosexual subculture within diocese(St. Matthew’s Baltimore)
  • My son is a priest in Balt….no backing at all! Only because He (my son) is so successful have they tolerated him.
  • On board w Humanae Vitae.
  • On board w child protection from sex abuse.
  • Don’t trust him to protect seminarians from harassment and go properly ensure chastity in his priests.
  • Too little too late.
  • two faced
  • While a very good and holy man, he is more comfortable with playing politics at times. Bishops today need bold actions and hold priests accountable for holiness

Archbishop Wilton Gregory

  • Archbishop Wilton Gregory is an abhorrent example of everything wrong with the hierarchy of the Church today. The sooner we can oust these demons in priest clothing we must continue to fight!
  • Disciple of Bernadin, crony of McCarrick and Weurl and a supporter of Fr. James Martin…enough said.
  • Don’t know him that much. It seems impossible that in Diocese of Venice there aren’t any scandals. Orthodoxy? I’m sure he supports Bergoglio. He’s no leader.
  • Far too much talk and far too little action regarding abuse of children by clergy. Until priests guilty of these crimes go to prison bishops will never have the full trusts of their flocks.
  • He has supported gay affirming ministries in the diocese as well as their participating in the pride parade.
  • He is a postmodern social activist that embraces liberal, secular dogma.
  • He is complicit in allowing the Atlanta shrine of the Immaculate Conception participate in the gay pride parade and inviting James Martin to speak. Have not heard him voice his concern about abortion
  • He is politicking for the Washington Diocese, he so wants to be a Cardinal. He has shown his bona fides by hiring a known practicing homosexual priest to be the “go to guy” with homosexuals.
  • He seems to be extremely dedicated to his flock and actively working to do his best to be a real leader.
  • He tends to stay quiet about contraception/NFP and unfortunately most of the other priests in the archdiocese follow his lead. He will not ever show up at that type of event in Atlanta and speak.
  • His support of openly homosexual unions within the Church is very concerning because it is not consistent with the Church teaching and doctrine.
  • If zero stars were a rating, I would give him that. He invited Father James Martin to speak at our churches
  • Is a homosexual who supports LBGT events.
  • I’ve been in his diocese for 7 years and he is yet to come see us.
  • Hires homosexuals on purpose
  • Tries to build a two million dollar house with 12 bedrooms. Yes, 12 bedrooms.
  • Needs to be arrested
  • Not a good shepherd. Broke faith buying a lavish mansion, then promoted a GA bill that enforced statutes of limitations against victims of abuse.
  • Now that Wilton Gregory is gone from the ATL diocese, I have hope his successor will at least try to be holy and not follow in his footsteps. No one has been officially assigned, but I keep praying.
  • Pro-gay/fjm, assigned pastorship 2x to homosexual priest, not correcting parishes with Liturgy abuses, no attendance by bishop for sacrament of confirmation to certain parishes.
  • Promotes the acceptance of the LBGT agenda by using archdiocesan money to support groups such as, Fortunate & Faithful Families. No longer supports the GA right to Life
  • Social justice focus, open tolerance of LGBT presence in diocese including parish sponsorship of Gay pride parade. The only FSSP parish is banished to outskirts of diocese in run down building
  • Thankfully, Wilton Gregory has left ATL, but sad he’s free to pollute the faith in the prominent DC diocese. He was a prolific SJW when it came to illegal immigration and homosexual causes.
  • The Archbishop generally has failed to teach the dogmatic He has allowed the Courage organization to hold a Conference at the archdiocese headquarters
  • The diocese was gifted obey for poor and a home with millions. The archbishop tore it down and built himself a bigger mansion. Disgusting!!!!
  • Weak
  • When he appoints a priest who leads his parish in a homo pride parade in charge of abuse victim’s complaints, you know he can’t be trusted.

Bishop Alfred Schlert

  • Answered my emails and staff seem to be careful of where Bishop’s Annual Appeal monies are spent. Received personal email from a director assuring me.
  • Concerning the USCCB vote in October. I asked if he voted yes or no to “recommend” a full investigation of McCarrick. He did not give a yes or no answer. He walked around the question. Complicit
  • He is fairly new, so it is hard to form an opinion yet.
  • In the Pennsylvania Grand Jury investigation this bishop was found to be part of a group who would dig up dirt on victims.
  • The silence on any orthodox teaching of the Church is painful. I hear nothing but public relation statements coming from his office. No courage or teaching equals little trust.
  • What would make me trust my Bishop more would be for him to take a solid Catholic stance on the controversial issues or unclear messages coming out of the Vatican and the church. Clarity.

Bishop Andrew Bellisario

  • probably a mason

Bishop Anthony Taylor

  • He is a liar. Only interested in leftist politics.
  • He is a proponent of Seamless Garment which I believe to be phony social justice liberalism if not Marxism.
  • He sent two good, orthodox priests to St. Luke’s soon after his arrival as bishop of Little Rock. Mostly because they were too “traditional”.  He tried to send a third, who refused to go.
  • Most definitely a homoheretic based on the language used in his email reply to our inquiry about sexual abuse issues. He is part of the problem perpetuating the status quo.
  • Our bishop has been excellent in dealing with abuses by clergy, prompt in removing the offenders and transparent in informing the faithful.
  • So far he seems to be a coward and one who restricts his Priests to avoid any controversy. Lousy leader.
  • Strongly opposed to traditional Catholicism; has run off many faithful priests; strong advocate of Seamless Garment ideology; Alinskian sympathies
  • Uses foreign missionary priests in more affluent parishes, and they’re hard to understand. Allows, probably encourages, frivolous liturgical music during Mass, detracting from solemnity.

Bishop Armando Ochoa

  • Our Church has suffered and continues to suffer in various ways and for various reasons. I know in my heart that Bishop Armando Ochoa is caring, loving and respectful of us all. Prayers for him always
  • Seen very little of his eminence, but he appears in the news mixed up in scandal. One rare visit I heard him praise Bishop Dolan of New York, whom I trust even less. Pray for bishops and restoration.
  • The homosexual subculture and lack of chastity among CA priests is outrageous. Please start speaking up.
  • Very happy his retirement has been accepted by Rome

Bishop Arthur Serratelli

  • Bishop Serratelli is a scripture scholar and, judging from the homilies I’ve heard him deliver and his columns in The Beacon, he is always orthodox.
  • He is AWOL or ambiguous at best.
  • I attend Our Lady Queen of Peace in Branchville. Our priest is Edward Rama. He is devoted to the practice of orthodoxy. Our Bishop is supportive.
  • It’s hard to tell these days who to trust or not trust. Too much going on within the church that still hasn’t come to light. We must pray hard.
  • Used to like him, but then the McCarrick thing broke.
  • While Serratelli appears to be orthodox in public, he is protecting active homosexual clergy and predators in the diocese. He is a wolf in shepherd’s clothing and does not practice what he preaches.

Bishop Barry Knestout

  • Barry Knestout was a secretary for Cardinal McCarrick for several years.
  • Bishop Knestout served McCarrick for a year! While I’m just guessing, I’ve sensed grief and frustration from our local priest since Knestout’s been here. I think he is against conservatives.
  • Bishop Knestout did confess he worked as a sec’y to Mc Carrick in the 90’s I believe and of course “knew nothing”. So I am very guarded.
  • Claims no knowledge of Evil, yet he worked alongside Wuerl for decades, served as McCarrick’s personal secretary, AND his coat of arms honors both!
  • Considering the fact that he worked for Cardinal McCarrick, was consecrated auxiliary bishop of Washington, DC, by Donald Wuerl, and is afraid to speak up against false teaching and heresy …
  • Deceptive, evasive, not truthful, avoids personal accountability.
  • For decades, worked for Archdiocese of Washington, alongside Hickey, McCarrick, and Wuerl. Knows plenty, yet silent. Merits zero stars. Tolerant of/complicit with active homosexuals among clergy.
  • He came to us from DC where he had been auxiliary bishop under Wuerl and had also been McCarrick’s priest secretary for a year. Of course he claims to know nothing about any sexual abuse.
  • He does not seem to be supportive of apostolates like Courage & Encourage that help people with same-sex attraction & their families live their faith in a way that remains faithful to Church teaching.
  • He has promised transparency yet a pastor was removed from his church. The Bishop has made no statement and this priest has suffered from innuendo and the parish from months of no information.
  • He helped write a letter to chastise a priest for refusing Communion to a lesbian.
  • He is a fraud, who looked the other way in the face of pure evil [McCarrick] and choses to ruin the life of a very good priest and a parish.
  • He is a McCarrick protégé’
  • He is more committed to the optics not a god fearing man in my opinion.
  • He is newly installed. We don’t really know him yet. My pastor says he’s a good guy. We shall see.
  • He is relatively new to our Diocese and is currently going through the motions to show his intent is good. Only time will tell how sincere he is.
  • He not only let cardinal Cupich speak multiple times in our diocese recently, he sat in the front row and clapped for him. This was all after the bishop’s reparations tour.
  • He worked for McCarrick plus he completely ignored Senator Tim Kaine and his repeated votes in favor of abortion/late term abortion.
  • I am aware that he was put in place by McCarrick and Wuerl and lived with McCarrick and Farrell. They chose him.  He must be one of them.
  • I believe he is so embedded with McCarrick, Farrell and Weurl, that I don’t see how anyone can TRUST him. I feel the church assigned him to our Diocese to sweep his accountability under the rug!
  • I whole heartedly trust Bishop Knestout. Within months of the breaking of the McCarrick scandal, he held masses of atonement across our Diocese and listened to our concerns on this issue.
  • Maybe a product of Cardinal Wuerl, I don’t trust the modernist, pro-homosexual LBGTQ prelates who are silent on issues like abortion, do nothing about the apostates and heretic, predators inside the
  • My Bishop is new, worked for McCarrick, ordained by Weurl, all bad signs. Immediately sent out a letter to the faithful last summer denying any knowledge of McCarrick’s crimes.
  • Since about August 2018. The breakpoint.  I feel like the USCCB is a cover for a branch of the mafia.
  • Weak
  • Worked with McCarrick for 6 months before he was appointed bishop and said he did know about McCarrick’s abuse but I don’t believe him

Bishop Bohdan Danylo

  • The Byzantine rite what was fortunately protected from modernism during the second Vatican council. The modernists and the Freemasons weren’t after us

Bishop Brendan Cahill

  • All he wants is bodies to fill openings

Bishop Carl Kemme

  • Carl Kemme of Wichita has been a blessing after having Michael Jakels for 8 years
  • He’s a good man and has done a good job in Wichita. Vocations are the strongest in the nation, no school tuition, no money problems, and I’ve not heard of one sexual issue since he came in 2015.
  • I love the fact that no matter where I go to church in this diocese, I know that each parish is following Canon law. Each church has its own flavor, but it’s consistent with mother church.
  • So far he’s not given me any reason to not trust him. As long as he holds firm to the biblical teachings and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

Bishop Chad Zielinski

  • We have seen an upswing in # of seminarians, emphasis on the ordained priesthood, concern for liturgical practice to reflect the transcendence of Mass, and more priests. Faithful ones.
  • Bishop Christopher Coyne
  • Bishop Coyne is just another in the long line of homosexualist bishops under the Vatican gay mafia establishment. Coyne is also a coward by not speaking against the heretic Pope.
  • Middle of the road, he’s been supportive of one TLM parish, has had positive things to say about homeschooling, but seems more invested in the Church as a social agency than ministering to souls.
  • When Rome STOPPED the USCCB’s efforts to deal with the abuse crises in the USA, not 1 Bishop stood up and pushed back. NOT ONE!  Very difficult to trust Shepherds who don’t protect their flock!

Bishop Curtis Guillory

  • Cares more about own legacy than leading. Does not support his clergy.
  • From what I can tell, he follows the crowd. Big Democratic Party follower.
  • He always plays it safe. He is best at photo ops. Never one to speak out unless for damage control.

Bishop Daniel Flores

  • Protégé of Francis. Enough said.

Bishop Daniel Jenky

  • He seems to be solid in teaching, but lacks in tradition.
  • Probably Orthodox but cowardly and unwilling to stick his neck out against the majority of liberal/apostate bishops.
  • This guy needs to go. He runs the diocese like a mob boss.  His health and mental state are beyond impaired.  He is beyond redemption.

Bishop Daniel Thomas

  • A high fallutin’ grandstander media whore who likes to say all the right things…when there is much corruption going on…
  • Bishop Thomas says all the right things, promotes pro-life issues. However, he has brought the controversial Alpha program to the Cathedral and the parish contributes to the AUSCP association.
  • He seems veiled on many subjects, yet he never takes a very strong stance for orthodoxy.
  • Only words and prayers on abuse no action
  • Says all the right things, and then brings in the Alpha Program to the Cathedral. Also, He needs to explain how an allegation is sustained since abuse is always in private!
  • Sponsors Alpha Program to the Rosary Cathedral and on multiple occasions published in bulletin promoting AUSCP Fr. Jim Back and Lecture by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton. This is a disgrace!

Bishop David Kagan

  • Bishop Kagen is well spoken when he speaks, and has shown through his written works he is basically orth. As far as his zeal for living out his office, he is pretty neutral. He could be doing more.
  • Refuses the Traditional Latin Mass.
  • Speaks lies about the SSPX.

Bishop David Konderla

  • He hasn’t demonstrated heterodoxy, but he told new communities of Fr. Ripperger and the Doloran Fathers and Mother Miriam to leave the diocese. Why?
  • I must say that I have had no direct interaction with him since he became bishop. What I have observed him doing in the Diocese has led me to be trusting of his judgement.
  • Pope Francis appointee who is no friend to the traditional community. Seems to consider himself an administrator rather than a shepherd/faith leader.
  • Replaced pastor of Sts. Peter & Paul with a man hostile to TLM adherents there; told Fr. Ripperger and Mother Miriam to take a hike; stopped ad orientem Mass at cathedral.
  • Seems to want to be orthodox, but too cowardly to stand up for his sheep. Worry about the people who picked him.  Will not challenge the powerful.
  • Silent on scandals. Plays up to younger priests at expense of older ones. Focuses most attention on Hispanic Catholic community at expense of white/other minority Catholics. Vocally prolife.
  • Told Mother Miriam and her order and Fr. Ripperger and his society they were not welcome in the diocese. Put a liberal in charge of TLM parish
  • Wouldn’t know him if I saw him. Don’t know any Catholics in the county either. ..Most of us go to Arkansas if we can.  Does anyone have Latin Mass?  What is moral today?  We are starving out here!

Bishop David Malloy

  • A liar and climber
  • Bishop Malloy has removed every traditional priest in the diocese. Most have been cleared of all accusations and some cleared also by Rome, yet he refuses to reinstate them. This is a disgrace.
  • First of all it’s not the current one it was Doran his right hand man Kagan and the diocesan lawyer. All the little boys including my son will never be the same. They mocked the victims. He was evil
  • He does not allow TLM pastors need to get his permission first. They don’t need his permission but then he’ll know which ones are trad! He has falsely persecuted over 20 orthodox priests.
  • He is a Heretic!!!
  • He is a narcissist who makes up stories on priests he has a vendetta against. Even after the priests are exonerated and Rome tells him to put them back into our churches he refuses.  #evilman
  • He is a weak bishop compared to his predecessor.
  • He is heavy handed on his priests who want to say the Latin Mass, he has fired the two Priests who were the diocese exorcist. He has removed personal property from his priests.
  • He is the Bishop who said that each Parish must request, from him, to be allowed to Offer Latin Masses. He never speaks out about any evils in the
  • Church unless he is absolutely forced to. My Pastor does not speak against abortion or homosexuality and in fact goes out of his way to tell us that God loves men and women, rich or poor, sinful or non-sinful, homosexual or lesbian.  I am sick of all of this heresy and I want every single, solitary homosexual priest and lesbian nun to be eliminated from their positions in the Catholic Church.  Those who are consenting to evil homosexual acts must leave.  They are destroying the Catholic Church and the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  They should be defrocked, get jobs and pay back the Parish Churches for all of the money that was spent to pay for their homosexual, perverted, ugly, mortally sinful acts.
  • He is too quiet on his position. I refuse to give 5 stars to any bishop who doesn’t BOLDLY profess the gospel, who doesn’t BOLDLY profess SIN, etc.
  • He removes priests who celebrate the extraordinary form and demands people not kneel to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.
  • Heterodox, abusive, ambitious, duplicitous, manipulative, narcissistic, pederast, queer
  • How can anyone trust a bishop that had an assistant who was an author of teenage “porno”??
  • How can I trust a Bishop who has “fake news” on his website?
  • Malloy went after a Monsignor, a conservative and orthodox priest, due to a situation that has already been resolved, yet continues to shield Fr Lavan of Holy Angels AURORA, IL who fondled kids!!
  • My only complaint is that he won’t allow any priest to celebrate Mass ad orientum because it ‘lacks unity’. The people would appreciate the option.
  • Never hear much about him. Mostly he tends to seem silenced by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich.
  • No consultation, did not want to come here, destroys priests removing many unjustly, is basically invisible and seen only at ceremonial events, has led Diocese to lose nearly 20% of mass goers
  • Our Diocese had 2 exorcism priests. He gets in & takes them out. He got rid of Marian Central High School’s priest who was WONDERFUL! If you don’t play the game…U R OUT!
  • Revoked SEAS Ad Orientem Mass (was held on Friday am), all the BS with the board at Marian Central. As a Catholic school parent, I feel he is undermining the Catholic school education system
  • Unsure of any bishop in the area of immigration. USCCB has received up to 71% of their budget from the Federal government, but doesn’t support prolife. Immigration will make USA globalist/communist.
  • Very disappointed in the Bishop regarding Monsignor Brodeski.

Bishop David O’Connell

  • Bishop O’Connell has been a good Bishop, and gives me no reason to distrust him.
  • Bishop O’Connell has been nothing but a gift for my diocese. He has expanded the Latin Mass in the diocese of Trenton and the he has even allowed it in his cathedral.
  • Dirty
  • Has more gay priests than lay people in his Diocese
  • He is all about himself & has no clue on parish life. His ego is too big for the Church.
  • He is friendly towards the TLM, which is encouraging, but he’s also not made any public statement condemning homosexuality as the root of the crisis.
  • He is unjust, he covers up, he is sick
  • He knows how to say a pontifical mass. And allows TLM parishes to exist.
  • He’s a paper pusher, and a school administrator, he should’ve never become a bishop.
  • He’s mostly an “educator” and has been part of the dismantling of Catholicism within the US so-called Catholic Universities and Colleges. You cannot both conform to modern society and witness Christ.
  • I believe him to be a good man but I wish he would speak out like Bishop Strickland.
  • I have no faith in the Bishop of Trenton NJ
  • I’ve never met him, but he has made moves to bring traditional Latin mass back into the parishes.
  • Lies
  • Overall I like our bishop; he supports our parish allowing us to celebrate the TLM. My concern is that true and absolute church teachings and true and absolute reverence is not enforced at ANY masses.
  • While Bishop O’Connell gives Orthodox homilies, he covers up for his priests, allows gay meet up groups, and does not do anything about gay priests.

Bishop David Ricken

  • At no point in his letter to the faithful regarding this latest scandal did he ever mention the word “homosexual”. He refuses to name the evil infesting the Church today.
  • I trust Bishop Ricken, but the clergy issue is more than just pedophilia. He doesn’t address clergy homosexuality that impacts the Orthodoxy.
  • Overall he seems to be a more conservative bishop, but he promotes Alpha and goes along with whatever the USCCB wants. Lousy responses to my letters
  • Some of his Priests defend Fr James Martin, even during their homily.

Bishop David Walkowiak

  • Bishop David Walkoviak because he is a liar. I reported a priest for sexually assaulting me in 5/18. In Feb. of 2018, he came out with the video on YouTube. It was propaganda to protect him.
  • Bishop Walkowiak seems to have a genuine care and compassion for the people of the diocese. He is rather reserved but very friendly.
  • I like him.
  • Exceptional, loving, pure, devoted and fatherly in the best way possible. Kind and gentle hearted. Grand Rapids is blessed!
  • For the MOST part of what I’ve actually seen from him is good. However there are some parishes in Grand Rapids that need disbanding. More Protestant than Catholic. My parish is orthodox.
  • He certainly isn’t transparent.
  • I know nothing of his views on anything.
  • This alone makes me suspect.
  • He seems Orthodox but naive about the crisis and not outspoken.
  • Hosted some sort of ecumenical service at the cathedral a few years back. Was also against Vigano before he was for him.  Keeps gay priests active.
  • I do trust my bishop, but
  • I unequivocally do not trust or have faith in the hierarchy coming out of the Vatican.
  • I have seen no evidence that Bishop Walkowiak is or has been complicit in covering up any of the sexual abuse in his diocese. I find his teachings to be in complete agreement with Catholic teaching.
  • Soft spoken but has done well to promote some orthodoxy in our diocese
  • Sometimes he makes comments that seems to support gay marriage , like at the baseball game with the umpire who is in a same sex relationship,

Bishop David Zubik

  • He is a trustee on The Papal Foundation which is not a transparent entity.Also sat on his hands during the Baltimore gathering of Bishops
  • All our Family contributions are finished, since the Church Alive and the thousands we donated, only to have more churches closed etc. etc.
  • Diocese has a long history.
  • He actively discourages tradition throughout the diocese. Tridentine mass should be available weekly in every parish grouping. He especially despises our young traditional priests
  • He has been in the center of the filth mongers since 1980 and yet knows nothing. Check his assignments.  He has done nothing but be Wuerl’s boy, an authoritarian steeped in clericalism.
  • He has been so highly regarded and moved up the ladder in the clergy quickly. To watch him hold meetings and lack real action and ownership of his role
  • He has been using Parish funds as hush money and is closing Parishes! He is LYING!
  • He is orthodox but silent
  • He needs to Resign immediately
  • I am a conservative Catholic. The most horrendous belief of the liberal left is their unwavering belief in abortion, which is murder.
  • I am truly devastated by the inaction of prior Bishops, including Archbishop Wuerl, and several others targeting and grooming young boys.
  • I believe he has hidden or covered up abuse to climb. The church and please Cardinal Wuerl.
  • I feel his timing is completely off…we were healing from the scandal of the Catholic Church when he moved our beloved priest Father Thom…his insensitivity is very Unchristian like.
  • Liberal
  • Obviously Bishop Zubik was left with Cardinal, then Bishop, Weurl’s complacency in the abuse scandal, but it seems like he would intend on cleaning it up. His lawsuit against contraception leans trad
  • Poor communicator and leader. Talks down to people in letters to parishes and won’t state the obvious. Doesn’t seem to care that we have 0 NFP only OBs. Handles investigations of clergy abuse badly
  • Still struggling with what Bishop Zubik knew or didn’t know about the sexual abuse scandal in Pittsburgh. However, he appears to be proactive in attempting to correct the wrongs.
  • The bishop refused, when asked, to comment on remarks of a professed Catholic who is pro-choice because he is “running for Congress not Cardinal”.
  • The silence is deafening from these supposed leaders. The lack of leadership of our faith has caused betrayal, mistrust, open disregard for the Catholic teachings & it drives me crazy!   I am ashamed
  • we need a new bishop
  • We are going from 157 parishes now to 50 some now he’s changing his mind and having 45 parishes. Priests are miserable unless you are one of his favorites.
  • What could you possibly teach about when you have behaved so badly yourself?
  • While Bishop Zubik seems sincere in his teachings and listening to victims currently, there is a gray area between him and Cardinal Wuerl.
  • Zubik does not lead
  • Zubik told a parent, when he was a rector for a high school, that we don’t believe transubstantiation any more.
  • Zubik, 80-87–v. principle Quigley HS; 87-91 secretary to Bevilacqua; 91-96 Dir Clergy; 96 Vicar General; 97 Aux Bishop. He seemingly knew and/or knows nothing.    The same garbage as Wuerl.

Bishop Dennis Sullivan

  • Good holy priests suffer while progressives appear to run the show. The bishop needs to clean house. He needs to remember that if we don’t get to Heaven he won’t! Prayers for him daily
  • He’s a moderate. Doesn’t seem to be into the LBGT thing, although he has said he has many good friends in the “gay” community. He allows the TLM.  He’s against abortion. But, he’s pro-illegal alien.
  • His statements do not inspire confidence.
  • It’s the illegal population infiltrating our Catholic schools and then wants us to pick up the tab. It’s taking our hard earned money to build up our churches/schools only to close them. Bring back BV
  • Not impressed.
  • Personal friend of Cardinal Dolan and selected by same for our diocese.
  • shows up to Mater Ecclesia but doubtful what he really feels about the TLM, having moved a pastor over an hour away from his long time flock

Bishop Donald Hying

  • He just designated a new Traditional Latin mass parish.
  • Joseph’s in Hammond Indiana.
  • I’ve been told that he did not go to the Mundelein retreat in January 2019.
  • We are very blessed to have Bishop Hying. He is prudent, analytical, steadfast, and full of love for our faith and beautiful traditions. He is the best thing to ever happen to the Diocese of Gary!

Bishop Donald Kettler

  • I want REAL action with cleaning up the church. Many priests, bishops, and even Cardinals need to be removed. More orthodoxy as well.

Bishop Earl Boyea

  • Allows for alpha program. Doesn’t address scandals. Instead gives us a made for happiness conference. It’s time for sackcloth n ashes!
  • Has allowed TLM and even hosts a TLM community at Cathedral. At the same time, there are still diocesan staff and parishes in the diocese that are downright hostile to traditional Catholic practice.
  • He doesn’t speak out in public about issues. He’s a politician bishop.
  • He lied about protection a pervert priest. If he lies about that than what else does he lie about? He seems like a nice guy and I was at a Mass he said a couple weeks ago he was good then
  • He supports the Tridentine mass. That’s good.   But he also allows horrible protestantized liturgy throughout the diocese as well.  That’s bad.  Still, could be much worse.   I’m not complaining.
  • Hiding from responsibility is not good leadership. I thought our dioceses was immune from major scandal. I am very disappointed and heart sick. Continue to pray for all priest good or bad.
  • I believe Bishop Boyea is doing a great job! He has been very cooperative & forthcoming with information about the problems the Church is facing.
  • I feel fortunate to be in the Lansing Michigan Dioceses. The Bishop Earl has dealt with sexual and financial issues swiftly and fairly.
  • I think that he leans more on the administrative side than pastoral side.
  • I think that he takes Eastern Catholics that are geographically located within his Diocese and support Roman Catholic Schools for granted.
  • I was glad of Bishop Boyea’s actions in Baltimore, and he seems to be proactive in routing out abuse in our diocese.
  • It’s all about the money…
  • It’s great that Bishop Boyea supports the Traditional Latin Mass, and I’m grateful for it. However, his attitude in a conversation with a victim of clergy sexual abuse was abhorrent to say the least.
  • I would love to see Priests facing the Alter during Consecration, I’d love to see kneelers for the reception of the Body and Blood of Christ (for those physically able)
  • My distrust stems from his complete failure to address the current errors in the Church out of an apparent fear of rocking the boat. He has stated that he is incapable of fixing his diocese.
  • Non responsiveness to serious concerns is remarkable.
  • Not standing up for the unborn
  • Not standing against homosexuality
  • Not standing against so-called Fr James Martin
  • Using our money to pay off law suits from homosexuality issues, priests
  • And on and on
  • Sometimes I think he’s on the right path, and other times, I have no idea what he’s doing. I don’t feel necessarily safe in the guidance of a good shepherd, but I think he generally has the right idea
  • Tends to be snippy and sarcastic. Don’t trust him
  • Withholds the graces of confirmation until 8th grade.

Bishop Edgar da Cunha

  • He needs to recognize that law matters. Supporting illegal immigrants is breaking the law.  Rather help find ways to allow amnesty to go to the real
  • His social justice needs to put LIFE ahead of everything. He doesn’t demand his priests speak the TRUTH about the controversial issues.
  • My Bishop has lied time and time again and makes no apologies for it
  • The Bishop has no spiritual core and is a modernist who was trained by Bishop Myers in Newark -fundraising is his priority
  • One of Uncle Teddy’s boys through and through. Covered up for homosexual priest Fr Mark Hession until people threatened to go to the media on it. All he cares about is $$$$
  • Said evangelization was not a priority
  • Would not allow altar rail to be put back in a church (pastor requested)
  • Was not empathetic or reasonable concerning church closures
  • Treats staff awful
  • There is a very large prolife effort in the Diocese of Fall River. Unfortunately there are very few TLM celebrations, but the diocesan clergy is well-instructed under Bishop de Cunha.

Bishop Edward Braxton

  • I believe the bishops who have served in my diocese run a tight ship. However one parish Priest routinely mixes religion with politics during election time and I’d like to see a stop to that.
  • He stays almost away from the diocese and he allows progressive priests to continue to minister. He promotes social justice.
  • I have no idea what he believes, social justice is his first emphasis, he puts it before abortion. Every speech he gives is on racial disparity.  Oversees progressive diocese, many churches closed.
  • Too much time on the environment, racism and other social justice causes, not enough about the salvation of souls and the beauty of our faith.

Bishop Edward Burns

  • ‘+Burns lost my trust when he knows his priest is in the wrong but won’t come forward with the truth to make it right for Fr. Richard Kirkham.
  • Bishop Edward Burns is not standing up and fighting loudly against the bishops’ gay mafia, corruption, heresy, & abuse of teens, adults & orthodox / traditional Catholics.
  • Don’t really know
  • Don’t know him that well. Seems okay – but never speaks out about the crisis so you don’t really know where he stands!  Seems to just not want to rock the boat!
  • He had started that his plan is to run the Diocese according to the CCC. I am not yet convinced what catechism. The Church’s or a man’s, PF.
  • He is a friendly person and very smart so he is able to hide behind a persona of loving Father when he is simply a cover up artist.
  • He was at the March for life in Dallas – I’m not sure what he thinks about the gay priest – because I’m not sure what is taught in the seminary schools – I wish I knew how would I find out?
  • He’s not as awful as his predecessor, but I still don’t trust him.
  • Here is another Bishop that is more interested in politics than Jesus Christ!
  • I don’t trust +Burns bc he is hiding the truth about Iverson.
  • I have met him on a couple of occasions!
  • I wouldn’t believe him if his tongue came notarized!
  • I’m new to Dallas area but have seen several videos that Bishop Burns has made to be shown to the parishes in the diocese. Silence and denial. No prayers of faithful for purification of The Church.
  • I’m trying to find out exactly where he stands on the sex abuse scandal.
  • Insofar as he is not a material or formal heretic, to my knowledge, Bishop Burns barely scoots over the insanely low bar that has been set by his colleagues in determining what is or is not a bishop.
  • Lack of preserving tradition. Use of profane methods such as guitar masses for Confirmation. No interest in restoring worship.
  • Maybe I distrust Bishop Burns because I compare him to our neighbor to the East, Bishop Strickland. Or because of his ties to McCarrick. I wish he was more vocal on Church teaching.
  • More TLM friendly than Cdl. Farrell. According to Mater Dei Latin Mass Parish, attended Cdl. Burke’s closing Mass at the Catholic Action Summit.
  • Not taking care of matters as he should =no trust. See frkadvocates.com
  • These days, and Times, who really knows . . . . . .

Bishop Edward Malesic

  • Considering the history of my diocese, we always have had a lot to be desired. This man is absent and oblivious.
  • Never made it to our church to have an opportunity to talk about the problem

Bishop Edward Rice

  • Bishop Rice had originally voted neutral on churchtransparency.com but now it shows he supports investigation. I’m not sure about trust
  • He’s a great man and he has been very cooperative with the state AG on investigations in my diocese. He’s been answering questions that the lay faithful have, and has thumbs up from me.
  • I don’t think he’s a bad Bishop, but he doesn’t surround himself with the right people. He allows the same old thoughts (control, control, control) to influence him too much. Bring back the Latin Mass
  • Seems to be a can of mixed nuts. All over the place with things and rarely in the forefront in defending the faith.
  • Seems to rely too much on the influence of others regarding decision-making. Likes to have his picture taken.
  • When I can’t get a sense of who a person genuinely is, I tend to step back.

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger

  • He’s a major improvement over our last Bishop (Hubbard), and he has spoken out publicly in defense of the unborn, but he’s still an unknown.
  • https://evangelist.org/Content/Default/Homepage-Rotator/Article/Bishop-writes-open-letter-to-Gov-Cuomo-/-3/141/27245
  • I’ve spoken with him personally he acknowledges the communist infiltration of the church and the schools but he hasn’t done anything about it. He won’t ban Governor Cuomo from communion.

Bishop Edward Weisenburger

  • After his proclaiming that opponents of illegal immigrants ought to be denied Holy Eucharist, he’s kept his head down. I haven’t discerned much zeal for saving souls in his leadership.
  • He dislikes law enforcement especially those of us that work on the border. Says that we need canonical charges on us and should not receive communion
  • He has been bishop for 1.5 yrs. The big comment he made was….. Maybe he should refuse Border Patrol Holy Communion.  Meanwhile no mention of any pro abort politicians in the diocese.
  • He’s new to our diocese; he has spoken on a few issues but not all.
  • Spoke privately to him before a service and saw his diocesan web site comments!
  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson has gone on record as in favor of withholding sacraments for those who oppose illegal immigration, but kept quiet about real mortal sins.
  • Very rude when I contacted him.

Bishop Felipe Estevez

  • Years ago I reported a case of prima facie heresy to Bishop Estevez. He said he found nothing objectionable. His decision was indicative of his fear of confrontation.
  • A puppet of the USCCB; focus is more on multicultural diversity and being welcoming than orthodoxy. Administratively incompetent.
  • Bishop Estevez does not speak out against heresy or corruption. He seems to be a wimp of a man.  We need a Bishop that can be a real man and stand up for Truth no matter the cost.
  • Haven’t been in Diocese long enough to have a strong opinion.
  • His past as Priest in Miami has several issues.
  • It is Consistent
  • Very Modernist Parishes. No TLM inland, only on the coast.
  • We are very blessed here in the diocese of St. Augustine with a Shepherd who takes beautiful care of his flock!

Bishop Frank Caggiano

  • Although the Bishop allows the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, which I am very grateful for, he has appointed a lay woman as administrator of one of our diocesan parishes. Hard to trust catering.
  • Bishop Mansour of Maronite church in Brooklyn NY. Is fairly devout. Pro-life homilies on a regular basis from the pulpit. Po life declarations at election time for his parishes he is in charge of.
  • Cagey politician looking for a red hat
  • His Excellence leaves my Latin Mass parish alone, which is my chief concern. He supports independent Catholic education. He’s a faithful shepherd.
  • I had hoped that Bishop Caggiano would’ve spoken out at the recent submit, by telling his brother Bishops they need to work together to expel all priests with homosexual tendencies.
  • Is more liberal minded but presents as ambiguous/duplicitous. Has clearly supported liberal (Fr. Martin speaking/woman parish adm) & tradition (TLM).
  • Proven ‘company’ man, not a shepherd.
  • Still big questions as to where all the money came from to pay settlements. Why is he trying to raise 75 Million for his appeal when we are closing Churches

Bishop Frank Dewane

  • Bishop Dewane doesn’t live in the City of Venice where Epiphany Cathedral is located. Rather he lives in Sarasota 20 miles away.  The last I heard he was living at Bishop Mooney High School.
  • Bishop Dewane is a good orthodox leader, however he employees people who are anti-family and target working parents. Ellen stein paints a bleak picture of Dewane. Are those his views of hers?
  • Bishop Dewane is a spokesman for USCCB Social Justice causes.
  • He has allowed the FSSP to have their own dedicated to Latin Mass chapel in Sarasota. It is called Christ the King.
  • Had complete trust until he removed a priest who stated he was innocent and had an accusation from a woman 45 years ago. Based on her statements with no evidence he removed a good Orthodox priest
  • He knows and believes what the church teaches. But is willing to sell out for political reasons and personal gain.
  • I trust his orthodoxy, but not his people/organizational skills. Our diocese is woefully mismanaged by those whom have been given authority to run day to day business matters by him.
  • Modernist!
  • My Bishop hasn’t said anything about the current problems in the Church and I feel lost. It’s not that my Bishop has said anything to make me doubt him; he hasn’t said anything at all.
  • My parish priest, who is very close to the bishop, uses the bishop as a threat. If half of what the priest in Ave Maria says is true, then the bishop and the parish priest have a strange relationship
  • Notorious for clericalism
  • Orthodox, heavy business minded, pleasant, could place more trust in his younger clergy, needs things to go smoothly, fatherly when times get hard, honest, will say it like it is.
  • Please be fast and transparent with dealing with the molestation problem and its tentacles
  • Really don’t think about him much. Love our Priest Trust him completely!

Bishop Frederick Campbell

  • My experiences with Bishop Campbell have been limited, but have been positive and uplifting.
  • My shepherd is very silent. Nothing much is ever said one way or the other, out here in the rural part of the diocese.   I don’t know what he thinks.

Bishop George Murry

  • Bishop George Murry can’t bring himself to use the word “Homosexual”, when it comes to clergy sexual abuse. He tolerates the Heresy of Modernism all over the Diocese of Youngstown.
  • He doesn’t really do much. To be fair, he is recovering from Leukemia, but long before then, he never really did much as bishop that I know of other than speak at conventions regarding social justice.
  • He is a social justice warrior from what I have heard of his homilies. No substance
  • He is inconsistent and is destroying the faith community in the Diocese of Youngstown. He does not minister to his priests and he’s a sound board for a liberal agenda. Our churches and schools close.
  • He seems to maintain political correctness on most topics. Immigration over abortion. Priestly abusers are mostly dead. McCarrick ordained him bishop.
  • He’s your typical Social Justice guy, no substance.
  • Not really interested in liturgical practice. Has misused VERTUS training to clean up dissidents while making it look like he’s proactive about sexual abuse.
  • Wonderfully nice man. Actually have spoken w/him at times regularly. Seems genuine love of flock. VERY protective against predator-priests. So much so, no missionary priests. Losing parishes now.

Bishop George Thomas

  • He has not responded to many concerns of laity concerning illicit behavior and practices of priests in this diocese. He is unreachable behind the 10 secretaries he has at the chancery.
  • I wrote to him with my concerns about the current problems in the church. I also sent an email.  He didn’t even have the courtesy to reply.  Same with my local priest.

Bishop Gerald Barbarito

  • Appears to be a straight shooter
  • Has hired Fr. Thomas Rosica more than once, to guide local seminarians on a retreat. This happened just last year.
  • I think he has a past, but I also think he is now chaste, and both honest and protective of his flock.

Bishop Gerald Barnes

  • Appears not to be interested in moral issues.
  • A tool of the Left
  • Bishop Barnes hates Catholic Tradition!
  • Bishop Barnes provides a spineless response to critical questions posed re: the current crisis.
  • He is incredibly creepy with a disdain for anything orthodox or traditional. He keeps young, handsome seminarians around him & is known to host pool parties for them in the summer. Take it as you will
  • He is so compassionate and the policies helping the ministers had been improved in order to respect their dignity.
  • He just talks about money and more female participation for the Mass. Also judges Catholic Tradition.
  • I don’t know much of Bishop Barnes but haven’t heard anything g bad of him either. So therefore I trust him and perceive him well
  • I pray that our bishop will speak out against the scandal that is tearing the church apart. If he will not do this, who has something on him?
  • I think he goes along with the California culture, social justice issues important. I think in the Diocese, he’s done decent job overall.
  • I was told by a parish employee, that the Bishop said that we need to receive the Eucharist in the hand. I don’t like this.
  • It is very disheartening that he has confined tradition and has shown facial expressions of annoyance with use of Latin. Bring back tradition & reverence, then you’ll have vocations.
  • I’ve asked him to speak clearly, as Jesus did, in proclaiming the Gospels as it is his duty and promise he made as a bishop.
  • My children were abused under his watch and nothing has changed.
  • Need I say more
  • Our bishop is a total social justice warrior. At every opportunity he got he pushed Obama Care, illegal immigration aid, and would hire the most radical speakers to give talks to the faithful.
  • Our diocese is mired with social justice warriors, parish councils running amok, hired effete men assisting priests, women dressed as deacons. The faith is utterly watered down.
  • The ‘all our welcome’ bishop that continues to normalize sin by what he calls outreach groups
  • The whole Diocese is rampant with Modernism.
  • This bishop seems to be center-of-the-line on orthodoxy. He has supported our parish in remaining traditional.
  • To focused on immigration. Although, I am satisfied that he has brought in priest from Nigeria and Mexico that tend to hold orthodox teachings. I hope the FS order will be invited in to our diocese.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas

  • Pluses: passed over for president of USCCB; cleaned up Tucson Diocese.
  • Minuses: tends to support “peace” and “social justice” issues.
  • Bishop Gerald Vincke
  • Grateful for Bishop Vincke. We are fortunate to have him, and I appreciate his transparency and authenticity.  I would have chosen “completely trust”, but I only completely trust Jesus Christ.
  • Too much talk of mercy. Mercy without repentance is cruel to the sinner and in the case of lodging Theodore McCarrick in Victoria, KS, it is cruel to the town that had no choice in the matter.
  • Bishop Gerald Wilkerson
  • He is new to the diocese so I have no understanding of his background but if he was complicit during his earlier appointments, it will come out.
  • The Bishop of Monterey in California is NOT Gerald Wilkerson. It’s Danny Garcia.

Bishop Glen Provost

  • Bishop Glen Provist of the diocese of Lake Charles has done so much to promote the traditions of the church. We are so blessed to have him.
  • Bishop Provost is orthodox, traditional and one of the best preachers around. He is one of the top 5 bishops in the country, no question
  • Love my Bishop, he is a good, kind, honest, Orthodox man who understands he is our spiritual father.
  • Very orthodox. Not a big voice for leadership against bad bishops though

Bishop Gregory Hartmayer

  • Hard to say regarding orthodoxy. The whole Church seems inconsistent  with its own teachings. Very poor shepherding by the shepherds who seem to care only  about  being politically
  • Has not allowed the FSSP to come into the diocese even though they offered.
  • He is a Liberal. He is a friend of Fr. Martin to the point he invites him to our diocese for his rainbow lectures. I am just so upset with his lack of love for the laity.
  • He is mostly silent on current issues, which makes him part of the problem. And our diocesan newspaper is usually full of liberal “news”.
  • I do not know Bishop Hartmeyer well enough to form an opinion of his orthodoxy. His diocesan paper tracks USCCB talking points. He also put out a positive statement about liberal Abp. Wilton Gregory.
  • No friend of the TLM. Would not even talk to FSSP when they were offering two priests for the diocese. Franciscan from Ellicott City. MD says a lot.
  • Produced a statement in the Diocesan Newspaper referencing abuse of children. Nothing mentioned about the homosexual culture in the clergy.
  • Throws faithful Catholics under the bus. No friend of tradition or the Traditional Latin Mass. FSSP was to send 2 priests to the diocese, he refused

Bishop Gregory Parkes

  • All bishops should be willing to resign and go through a thorough investigation by lay women and men and clergy to reinstate the bishops that qualify
  • Bishop Parkes is fairly new to our Diocese. Except for the “party line” I know very little about him.  I’d love to see  him “break ranks”.
  • Bishop Parkes is still rather new to our diocese which is why I chose ‘mostly’ . I just don’t know him well as yet.
  • New to FL but haven’t heard any negative comments re: orthodoxy’s
  • Trust him way more than former Bishop Robert Lynch

Bishop J. Deshotel

  • Can’t trust them at all he ignored a serious matter with me in the mission.
  • I think he’s a very good shepherd.
  • Will not release list of credibly accused clergy

Bishop J. Spalding

  • A group of parishioners have been trying for a year to get an appointment with the Bishop about our parish pastor and his views and what he is teaching about homosexuality in the Church. Fr Steve Wolf
  • Aside from backing a priest who punished a deacon who called for independent vetting of a list of predator priests that the diocese released, Bp. Spalding has remained a blank slate.
  • Spalding is aware of grave liturgical abuse at St. Stephen parish, yet has failed to correct the problem; likewise, he’s done nothing about the scandalously homosexual Fr. Wolf in Clarksville.
  • Does not take his responsibility for ensuring proper catechesis seriously, and allows priests to teach contrary to the Catholic teachings and doctrine. Appears he is using his position to get ahead.
  • He has been completely unresponsive (in person when I met him and through his office) in response to the situation with openly heretical priest Father Steve Wolf in Clarksville TN. Fr Kibby complicit
  • He has not displayed that he is concerned with some priests under his care that have openly taught error in regards to sexuality (Homosexualist) and liturgy (laity giving the homily)
  • He is in my daily prayer
  • He is new and seems to be in line,  lock step, with the USCCB. He gets the benefit of the doubt and respect of his office; but the pack mentality of the USCCB is diabolical – imho. Limited trust
  • He is supporting a ‘no opting out’ Sex Ed class at our local high school. The Sex Ed class is a Planned Parenthood look alike class. It’s awful!
  • He is too much on liberal political activities. Need to stop sending Diocese employee to emigration support activity.  We are not paying for that!
  • He personally is pretty NO but I went to his parish when he was a pastor in Louisville and there was never anything against church teachings. He has been friendly to the TLM in Louisville &Nashville
  • He seems ambitious as if Nashville is his stepping stone
  • He was against the abortion bill in the Tennessee Congress, and he stands by homosexual priests.
  • He’s quiet, middle of the road, doesn’t make waves, and tows the line, milquetoast….
  • I am trying to trust because of the fact that he is our Bishop. However I do not feel strongly about it because of the issues parishioners are having trying to get in contact with him about problems.
  • Relatively new Bishop, so far, all is good.  I am a conser. old timer Cath. but liberalism by tentative adm. was being implemented.  Watching!!!!!

Bishop Jaime Soto

  • He is an apostate. Informed parishioners are aware of his cover-ups, and persecution of righteous priests.
  • He seems primarily focused on fundraising and issues surrounding social justice, such as open borders. There is a vacuum from his episcopacy as far as offering guidance and instruction for Catholics.
  • His treatment of Father Leatherby is shameful!
  • His goal appears to be to empty the Church.
  • The last time he preached on “the four last things” was probably when he was in the 7th grade.
  • I believe Bishop Soto cares deeply about the people he presides over. My concern is with his upper Administration of the Schools.
  • I believe my bishop is complicit in funneling money to illegal aliens in our country. He is pro-illegal immigrant and eliminated and discouraged  whites from working in pastoral offices.
  • immigration seems to be the most important issue four our diocese, spiritual matters not so much
  • It is more important to him to be liked by sinners than to be faithful to Christ.
  • I’ve written to Bishop Soto three times about the homosexual problem in the Sacramento diocese. I only received a very weak reply from his female chancellor. He absolutely is not an apostle successor.
  • Large focus on immigration and ‘ecumenism’
  • My understanding is that unlike other dioceses, he has a 0 tolerance for abuse and that the two seminaries for the training of our priests for this diocese are extremely prudent in whom they take in.
  • Seems too money centric. He treated our elderly parish priest shabbily at the end of his life. His actions alienated long time faithful parishioners.
  • Very pro-immigrant and pro-labor union. On the good side, he seems to be pro-life.

Bishop James Checchio

  • Bishop – New-Seems Orthodox but afraid to speak out about Homosexual subculture in the diocese. and the hard moral truth of our Faith
  • Bishop Checcio has allowed Father James Martin to present at the diocese of Metuchen.
  • Even though the abuse is mostly sodomite predation, he wouldn’t admit this. He has ignored questions concerning Bootkoski paying off one of McCarrick’s victims with $100,000 of diocesan donations.
  • Gay friendly diocese. No objections to James Martin speaking at Sacred Heart Church which is also host to a dissident gay group ‘In God’s Image.
  • He knew about McCarrick and did nothing about his past settlements! He kept McCarrick at the North American Seminary knowing about his sex abuse cases! I wrote him and never received a response back.
  • I believe my bishop was the rector at the seminary in Rome where McCarrick had his room.
  • Creepy!
  • He also bullet proofed and sound proofed his home.
  • I observed him first- hand behaving differently at two different churches, obviously playing to his audience. True Catholics wouldn’t be fooled though. Looked like a  company man toeing the line. So sad
  • my parish/several neighboring ones have been caught in scandal including our past bishop having affair with priest at my church/later made pastor
  • Not fond of Bootkoski, Checchio has proven to be no different. He welcomes Fr. Martin time & time again. Charismatic, he puts up a good front, learning well from his predecessors. A schmoozer for sure
  • Still hasn’t admitted the sodomite predation problem.
  • Doesn’t answer calls, emails, and letters.
  • Hasn’t publicly mentioned the big payoff from Bootkoski .
  • Unlike nearby Cardinal Tobin, I haven’t heard blatant heresy from Bishop Checchio. On the other hand, I haven’t heard a bold defense of the Faith either, like we saw from the dubia cardinals.
  • Won’t address homosexual clergy issue. Political and won’t touch hot button issues
  • Lacks courage
  • Doesn’t want investigation
  • Weak

Bishop James Conley

  • Allows alpha program in diocese. Cathedral looks like a Protestant church. I am new to the diocese but my impressions are that Orthodoxy is kept hidden
  • I see him as two faced, dishonest with the people, only doing something when things come to light otherwise.

Bishop James Johnston

  • Bishop Johnston is an amazing shepherd who puts his flock first.   He is a role model and someone to look up to. We are fortunate to be in his diocese.
  • Father Johnston served as chancellor in Knoxville he covered for predatory bishop who ordained him. https://www.ncronline.org/news/new-kc-stjoe-bishop-knows-grim-realities-abuse-scandal
  • He is non committal, pretty much about everything. He says very little for publication.  He is extremely handsome physically and I’m sure a tremendous attraction to the homos.  I hope he is straight.
  • His silence and lack of transparency, his campaign for donations to Catholic Relief Services, allowing laicized priest to hold a concert at a local Catholic Church.
  • I believe our Bishop is basically honest but I do not think he gives all issues the attention they deserve.
  • e. abortion. most specifically the NY abortion law.
  • He delegated that to another Bishop.
  • I spoke to him about Viganò, McCarrick, demonic influence in the church, my faith shaken. He agreed, and said we need to reveal everything and ‘throw up’  to get better.  He agreed it could be demonic
  • In an email response to my concerns he was adamant that he was very strict with ‘vetting ‘ seminary candidates.
  • When the scandal broke last summer I emailed my bishop to get a response from him – got nothing

Bishop James Powers

  • Entirely Bergoglian
  • Not too sure yet, but seems pretty liberal.

Bishop James Tamayo

  • Disallows the TLM in Laredo. Claims that he postponed it – but has been doing so for months. Clear violation of SP.
  • He does nothing to curb liturgical abuse. He stopped the EF, while he lets the Neocats and Charismatics have free reign. He is vandalizing the Cathedral by removing the altar rail.
  • He quashed the EF, ordered a devout priest not to celebrate Ad Orientem, fails to address liturgical abuse and does not proclaim Truth.
  • Our local diocese Bishop is one of those anti-traditionalist, lying, deceitful, greedy, hypocritical, homosexual, Freemason disgraceful cowards who couldn’t care less about the faithful, a true snake

Bishop James Wall

  • I have written to my bishop on 3 occasions. Two dealt with the clergy sex abuse crisis and he wouldn’t/didn’t answer either letter.  Prior to these, I wrote once, sending a $500 donation check to
  • I have written to this bishop on 3 occasions.  The one he responded to was my donation of $500 to assist with seminary formation.  The other two times dealt with the sex abuse crisis.  No answer!

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton

  • Completely fake with people. Pretends things are going well, even though scandals loom. Acts in the extremes: either does too little, or way too much. He needs to balance his duty with personalism.
  • I want to see bishop montforton continue to prepare the diocese of Steubenville for rough waters by continuing to reform the schools, encourage orthodoxy and evangelism.
  • Seems only to communicate when it comes to scandals and money. No one really knows where he is the rest of the time. Some say Steubenville at the office, but many say he goes to Michigan a lot.
  • Voted ‘neutral’ on USCCB issue to release McCarrick’s dossier. Likes to spend more time outside the Diocese than inside it. Former Cardinal’s secretary with next to no pastoral experience.

Bishop Joe Vasquez

  • All he is concerned about is illegal immigration and collecting money. He heads the USCCB Committee on Immigration.  Does he ask his priests to preach about moral issues at Sunday Mass? No, from what priests tell me.  He is running 2 huge money grabbing campaigns, the annual appeal and a capital campaign.  Does he act like a father to his priests. NO!  He also doesn’t bother to follow canon law and will suspend a priest’s faculties without due process. He appears to be a shallow man and won’t stand up and tell us the truth about what’s been happening in the Church.  He avoids confrontation and was neutral about asking the Vatican to release all documents on McCarrick.  There are a LOT of homosexual priests in this diocese but he promotes them.  He just doesn’t want them to call attention to themselves by soliciting parishioners for gratification.  I feel like a sheep without a shepherd.
  • Bishop Vasquez’s policies do not protect the sovereignty of our Country, nor does he encourage parishioners to acclimate to America. He’s the problem
  • He is social justice and immigration orientated. He is a wall flower.
  • He nationally opposed Trump’s wall as if it were a sin, alienating Republican Catholics.
  • He told that Jesus was crucified on Palm Sunday, and then also on Good Friday. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt since the Gospel of the Crucifixion is read both days, but…
  • He won’t allow the FSSP into the diocese because he doesn’t want any priests that don’t do the Novus ordo. It is a diocese of guitar masses and liberals.
  • His whole focus is on supporting illegal immigration.
  • I trusted him fully until recent investigation of priest that was moved around for sexual misconduct. Appears he covered for him, but I am hoping that was just one bad decision.
  • My main recent for distrust is the social justice stance and the absolute silence regarding the current crisis. I would very much appreciate a Bishop Strickland approach to our current challenges
  • The Bishop is not very courageous at confronting problems. His standard is liturgical mediocrity throughout the diocese, but tolerates a certain degree of traditionalism at the Cathedral.

Bishop John Barres

  • A humble, gentle shepherd who truly loves his flock! We are so very blessed with Bishop Barres!
  • Came from Allentown Diocese . Refused to believe sexual accusations deemed credible by law enforcement. Named in Grand Jury. Never removed bad predator priest. Has PR machine here to cover for him.
  • Closes Catholic schools with reckless abandon. He hasn’t been 100 transparent with abuse in his former parish.
  • He and his predecessor both covered up years of predator priest crap.
  • I love God and trust only Him.
  • I go to mass to receive Him.
  • No priests, no Eucharist, so we must trudge on cleaning out the evil
  • He came out of the coal mines of PA. So he’s got some dirt on him. Let’s wait 5 yrs. & see if he survives the vetting!
  • OBTW, I’m a practicing RC.
  • He came to us with an apparently solid reputation but for two years now he seems best at photo ops. I hope it’s just a matter of getting used to his new locale.
  • He ought to redesign!
  • His blatant disregard to priest sex abuse victims is disgraceful. He should step down from his position and should never step foot around children.
  • I no longer attend the local Roman Catholic Church. I won’t until the pederasts are removed and seminaries are returned to the pre-Vatican II  TRUE Catholic Faith.  In attendance at the Eastern rite.
  • I still don’t know enough about him. I’m a little bit skeptical because he was appointed by Francis and that means (sadly) he can’t be too orthodox.
  • Not a fan of Amoris laetitia – he is and a great priest told me how its vailed in agreeing w JP2 and then confirming people but refuting what JP2 is saying but citing his words cra cra
  • Started out very promisingly, but has done little to inspire trust and confidence in his position regarding the current scandals in the Church.
  • still waiting to hear some news in his sexual abuse involvement before he came to Rockville Centre
  • Very phony and disingenuous in person. Shady PA past that no one discusses, keeps anti-orthodoxy staff close to him at the diocese.
  • Honestly though, he could be SO much worse.

Bishop John Botean

  • I do not believe the real ISSUES within the Church are being addressed. Godly Priests are silenced while dissidents are allowed to go free.

Bishop John Brungardt

  • I feel that he is more concerned with the Hispanics than the church
  • Santa Rosa Diocese has had a series of “bad” bishops.. the worst being Bishop Zeiman. While Vasa is not as bad, he is an example of the worst form of clericalism.

Bishop John Doerfler

  • Bishop was deposed. Led not by the Holy Spirit but rather an attorney shouting objection and  a very poor memory.  Could not admit that priests sent for therapy could become repeat offenders.
  • He destroyed records when he was in Green Bay, WI.

Bishop John Folda

  • He leads Eucharistic processions to the only abortion clinic in the state frequently. He’s quiet, thoughtful. Haven’t heard anything except authentic Catholic teaching from him.
  • I believe He is a good bishop who inherited a few, not so egregious, blemishes from the past that may not have been full disclosed to the laity. Otherwise I support his work.
  • I don’t see adequate condemnation of sexual abuse the former Bishop was well known to have been a sexual abuser he was not prosecuted due to senility.
  • Wasn’t very forthcoming about the Msgr. Kaylin scandal out of Lincoln when he was seminary rector. I am cordial towards him but is a very cold presider. It’s like there’s zero empathy.

Bishop John LeVoir

  • Bishop LeVoir is a quite living saint

Bishop John Noonan

  • The way things are run in my parish it is hard to trust any Bishop. Regarding the Bishop appeal if the parish does not come up the amount he just takes it away from the weekly
  • A bit ‘watered down’ theology….too ‘touchy feely’
  • Bishop Noonan allows certain things that are not good from my perspective. He banned Priests for Life from churches here.  Music allowed is horrible. Religious education is abysmal. Ugh!
  • Bishop Noonan is not orthodox. In a recent meeting, diocese employees were told it was okay to baptize the children of gay couples.
  • Bishop Noonan remains silent about the crisis in the church.
  • Do not see him making any comments about correcting clergy homosexual problem in his Diocese….and we do have them! Appears to be protective of homosexual priests.
  • Don’t like that he banned Fr Pavone ( priests for life) from parishes in our diocese .
  • He allows ‘sisters’ to post political signs in the yard of their convent
  • Hard to trust a registered Democrat as a Bishop…
  • He is a mess. Bans Priests For Life from the entire Diocese and does nothing about a gay friendly parish.
  • He is a registered Democrat and is completely against Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life. He is also in favor of homosexuals.
  • He should resign because of his complete silence regarding the McCarrick affair, the Viganò accusations against Pope Francis, and his repeated refusal to deal with gay affirming movements.
  • I’m praying he will invite a Traditional order, like the Fraternal Society of St. Peter or the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest to the Space Coast.
  • Pastoral and loving. Best bishop I’ve ever experienced.
  • Supports the presence on Diocesan property of “Audire”, an anti-Christian “spiritual advisor” course for laymen full of new age pagan terminology….while banning Priests for Life.
  • there is support of a lgbtq priest and Muslim imams are allowed on our sanctuaries and Muslim services are being promoted and held at our churches

Bishop John Quinn

  • He never really says anything. I don’t get it.
  • Very involved in the seminary.
  • Many ties to Detroit- which makes me distrust him due to the unorthodoxy and corruption there. This also makes me nervous for our Winona seminarians.
  • When I read the courier (diocesan newspaper), it seems focused on worldly issues such as immigration and climate change, not the salvation of souls. Our bishop was also the rector of Detroit’s seminary
  • Bishop John Stowe
  • Bishop John Stowe throws his support behind Fr. James Martin and the homosexual agenda, yet Bishop Stowe was happy to denounce the Pro Life Catholic youth from Covington, KY.
  • Blindly adherent to left-leaning political talking points. Very quick to virtue signal but very disingenuous when he receives criticism. Has a small cult following but most parishioners not fooled.
  • Completely out of touch and even as of just yesterday, insults and marginalizes conservative parishioners. I have no doubt he has been at least tacitly complicit over the years.
  • Confirming homosexuality.
  • He is a joke, does not follow the teaching of the church.
  • I don’t think he agrees with the Church teaching on sexuality.
  • One star is actually being generous.
  • Serious doubts coming from the Diocese of Lexington.
  • Thinks he is a politician not a bishop!! When talked with him last we talked about a future schism in the church, his reply was “that’s not on him”

Bishop Joseph Bambera

  • Bishop Bambera has demonstrated an overwhelming contempt for the pro-life community and a preference for liberal and homosexual influences.
  • Efforts to keep ‘our children safe’ focus on programs for the parish/laity. Does not address real problem of homosexual priests at all. Disgusting.
  • He invited Fr Martin to speak in his diocese 4 times. He accepted a transgender into the RCIA program and  a disgrace at the Easter Vigil.
  • He should resign. Too many sacrileges to list here
  • He’s just a good all-around guy who when you meet him seems like a good friend. He is honest and reasonably fair.
  • I came to my decision because of the many, many actions of my Bishop which are against the teachings of the Church.
  • I have contacted Bishop Bambera each and every time there has been a deviation from church teaching. My requests for a response have gone unanswered.
  • Part of the cover-up. Very liberal, although he tries to hide it. Has a thug hatchet man as his second-in-charge. Tolerates a gay mafia.
  • Refuses to put Our Lord in the center of the sanctuary, and has supported he heretic James Martin in the past.
  • The current Bishop of Scranton is a democrat and very pro-democrat. Casey and Cartwright meet with his approval as does James Martin who is no father to me or any other faithful Catholics!  0 stars!!
  • Very wishy washy. Will not enforce teachings on anything. Wont censure known homosexual priests nor the Progressive Catholic church in Scranton . Which is homo- friendly

Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt

  • Was clear over the summer about abuse and the need to fight for good clergy. No real statement since then. Clearly and beautifully pro-life, but does have a certain disregard for rural living.

Bishop Joseph Kopacz

  • Kopacz has refrained from addressing issues at hand and those in his past. Not only that but he has invited known homosexual priest to honorary events with in the church. He’s also too political.
  • He came to us from Pennsylvania and was named in the Attorney General’s report as the Vicar who moved queer priests around. He’s alienated one parish by not revealing what he knew about a gay priest.
  • He is a weak leader of his flock. Surrounded by incompetent advisors and staff. He needs to be investigated and removed.
  • Joseph’s church in Starkville, a former priest Lenin had gotten arrested for scamming the parishioners. The bishop knew & even tried to cover it up

Bishop Joseph Siegel

  • He has only been here for 1 year. We have had such a horrid history with dissident bishops that it is hard to trust.  Not really sure how much power he truly has due to old clergy and wealthy families
  • He is very new and have little to go on. We have an entrenched heterodox old guard among clergy and lay.  He does actively support the Sunday noon Latin Mass.

Bishop Joseph Strickland

  • Strickland has a priest in diocese who is on bishop accountability.org (Fr. Flynn) who filled in at parishes in recent yrs. & @ chancery on boards.
  • Bishop Strickland is a rock star! I love him and pray for him every day. He is brave, courageous, orthodox, and an example of holiness to the world, and especially, I hope, to his brother Bishops.
  • Bishop Strickland is one of the very few who have publicly opposed Fr. James Martin. He has also publicly supported Archbishop Vigano, as well as meeting with protestors in Maryland in the fall.
  • Covered up and moved priest who illegally removed and disposed of asbestos from a Longview church w/o telling parishioners about potential exposure.
  • Even the Straight Bishops could use a few Healthy Doses of Testosterone!
  • He speaks the truth about the Church’s teachings. Talks the talk, BUT the Lavender Mafia is running the diocese.  Cover ups, etc. He needs come clean
  • Little transparency
  • True man of God. Stands up to James Martin and his Heresies.

Bishop Joseph Tyson

  • Bishop Tyson gives the impression of being a bureaucrat. Not a bad man, but one who is on the career ladder.
  • Keep things quietly chugging along and avoid anything that will upset anyone.
  • He has only one agenda. Immigration! He doesn’t listen to anything that you have to say. He’s full of himself.
  • He is all “social justice” seamless garment with immigrants as his main concern. No care for TLM families.

Bishop Kevin Rhoades

  • A great blessing.
  • removed a devout orthodox devoted holy priest due to what we perceive to be a PC incident & offered the Cupich remedy psych ward while advancing priests who violate Canon Law
  • Complicit in the heretical activities at the University of Notre Dame. Timid leadership on addressing the sexual abuse crisis.
  • He is a failure as a bishop, priest, even as a man of God. He is a liar, mean & unjust.  He makes me sick.  He makes me sad.  I want the Church out of the clutches of evil bishops like him.
  • He is a wolf in Shepard’s clothing. He surrounds himself with ‘yes’ men and is dishonest and arrogant.  He would rather see himself on every page of Today’s Catholic than tell how to avoid damnation.
  • He seems to have a desire to move up the ranks at the USCCB. Would rather he was more concerned about what was going on with his diocese.
  • He’s been very quiet about the McCarrick scandal. It took him a long time to address it at all and he has said very little about it since then. He dismissed a good priest from our diocese. Why?
  • He’s gone overboard with his support of the USCCB. He does consistently defend life in the womb. Overall, he’s a good Bishop. But I think he’s a little too concerned with getting a red hat someday.
  • I think Bishop Rhoades works hard to follow Christ’s teachings & love His people. He seems upstanding and morally driven.
  • Persecuting the holy as a cover up for his own filth.
  • Who was working at the Seminary while he was rector? McCarrick.
  • Who came to his installation mass in FWSB? McCarrick.
  • Relationship with peer? Died of aids?
  • Persecuted good TLM proponent, holy m

Bishop Kevin Vann

  • He hosts the Low Angeles Religious Ed every year in Anaheim. The talks include many LGBTQ speakers.  Fr Martin and Fr Massingale.  I wrote but zero r
  • He wouldn’t even shake my hand when I introduced myself to him at a Jan 22, 2016(?) event honoring Ruth Rosek for her work counseling pregnant unmarried girls. He never read any letter I wrote him.
  • The Catholic diocesan position on same-sex couples enrolling their children in Catholic schools is that it is not only okay, but encouraged. I thought I was getting my kids away from that.
  • This bishop has brought Fr. Greg Boyle in for a speaking engagement to the Diocesan Ministries Celebration and he allows the heretical speakers in the LA REC to speak in HIS diocese
  • While Bishop Vann appears to be a middle-of-the-road type, he allows much freedom to Pastors who lean far left.

Bishop Kurt Burnette

  • I’m Byzantine, so we don’t have the Major Problems with orthodoxy and liturgy that most Roman Catholic bishops do. But this rot has infected all the members of the Body.

Bishop Larry Silva

  • Consistent across the board. Needs to layoff on SJ. He’s not afraid to speak out on issues, i.e., abortion, assisted suicide, same sex “marriage”, masculinity. His brethren bishops should support.

Bishop Lawrence Persico

  • Bishop Persico came from Greensburg Diocese. Greensburg & Erie traded bishops. Brandt came from Erie.  Trautman (retired) has great influence & is a dissenter.  You may not publish my contact info.
  • Ignored Fr. James Faluzack. Also quoted Fr. James Martin in one of his homilies. I wish he would TEACH his flock. He has not written one apostolic letter since he took over.
  • No leadership, a liberal loving bishop, won’t call out Catholic politicians. He and some local clergy are why I refuse to go to church and give any money to the church
  • Pro: He was one of the first bishops to sue the US govt for the HHS mandate and release predator priest names.
  • Con: Hasn’t undone some “spirit of V2” tropes his predecessors initiated; seems anti-TLM
  • This bishop and his predecessor covered for a known homosexual who abused male altar boys and then made them confess to the sin in the sacrament of reconciliation. (My parish)
  • What did he know about what was going on in Buffalo?

Bishop Liam Cary

  • As long as I’ve known of him, 20 plus years, he’s been one, if not the, most Orthodox priest on Oregon!!
  • Out of 42 active priests in our diocese, maybe 25% of them are American! We have an exorbitant amount of priests from India & Africa.  Makes me wonder?  This is causing a big decline in the pews!
  • Thank you for keeping Fr. Eduardo sage from the heterodox. His sermons and faithfulness to Church teaching is what we need. Yes, even for us young people.
  • Transparency about the pay outs to abuse victims is needed. The Diocese of Baker was a dumping ground for pedophile priests.  Clergy homosexuality is/was also an issue.

Bishop Luis Zarama

  • A good man, talks a lot about love, avoids the harder teachings, trying to please everybody except traditional Catholics.
  • Bishop Zarama has said in a letter that homosexuality is NOT the problem. He also seems very liberal in his views.
  • Didn’t mention anything about abortion, only the life in the Eucharist during the Pro-Life Mass homily.
  • Sound system in Cathedral not good however.
  • Doesn’t impress us!
  • Don’t know about his Orthodoxy. Time will tell.
  • Hard to read. Not very friendly when a group of us met with him. Doesn’t appear to approve of the TLM.
  • Has allowed & personally welcomed Fr. James Martin to teleconference @ parishes. Appointed a priest from gay friendly parish to Director Liturgy
  • He appears singular in his mission – the Hispanic community, to the detriment of all else. Every homily has been the same preaching love and mercy, and neglecting justice. Has not appeared Orthodox
  • He is rather new and so far has done nothing to make me think he is a traditional priest.
  • I’ll give him more time to prove himself
  • I am military. The Archdiocese of Raleigh does not like the military post here on Seymour Johnson. They are loath to assign us priests and do not help us when we are in between priests.
  • Just went down to a seminary in Honduras- need I say more?
  • Kind of weak and invisible. Appears to be letting some pastors promote the whole gay agenda
  • Mainly, he is very quiet in his leadership, so it is hard to get a read on him. But certainly he has not done anything worthy of distrust from my point of view.
  • Nothing good to report….the two latest priests are not American. Many priests are difficult to understand, which, to be honest, might be a good thing when they try to deliver a sermon.
  • Orthodox
  • Really do not know much…  I was very disappointed with his lack of forceful indignation during abuse crisis.  Just forwarded letter from metropolitan…
  • Relatively new in our Diocese. He was groomed by Bishop Gregory out of Atlanta.  So far so good; however, I did not participate in the baa pledges this year.
  • The Bishop is new, he seems very kind. But we’ve heard enough about mercy, community, and love.  We want him to reassure us that he believes what the church has always taught, and help us stay holy.
  • Unknown Orthodoxy, not privy to THAT info – but our diocese newspaper is 100% SJW! We have pretty welcome the immigrant brochures everywhere!
  • Was under Gregory. Say no more. From Columbia. More than half of our seminarians are Hispanic – why?  Continues to go to Columbia  – why?  Our diocese magazine NEVER has his schedule listed – why?
  • Well, he’s allowed Fr. Martin to Skype with two of our Parishes since his arrival here just a bit over a year ago. To me, that speaks volumes.

Bishop Mark Bartchak

  • Bishop Mark was quick to sell the million dollar residence his predecessors had used, moving into the Cathedral rectory which had plenty of space.
  • He ignores problems in the district.
  • I want our Bishop to take a stance against homosexuality and the priesthood. I want him to take a stance on the vows of chastity!  Please speak out!
  • Our Bishop is like many of our Bishops – silent – on too many issues. Where is the outcry on ex-Cardinal McCarrick? Please address the issues!
  • Our bishop was complicit with the cover-ups. Our children remain in danger as long as He remains Bishop.
  • They all are worthless assholes!!! Liars, cheaters, idiots, do not do what good would want! God sees everything and that cult will go to hell. They will pay dearly. Should be ashamed of themselves!

Bishop Mark Seitz

  • Does not stand strongly against Abortion. El Paso is a mostly democratic town and he does not stand and tell them to vote for abortion has no excuse.
  • He seemed sincere when I asked him about the transparency of the Diocese of El Paso in regards to the priest sexual abuse crises.

Bishop Michael Barber

  • Genuine & holy. Traditional & with 1 man 1 woman homilies.   Highly Pro-life.  He is a good man.
  • Major disadvantage-the people who surround him at the offices. I see the need to help replace them
  • Good on abortion. Need TLM masses, no preaching on hell, sex, NOTHING about anything but love. No preaching on the hard truths. 1970s music with loud drums and bass guitars, shouting clapping.
  • I’ve always had good interactions with Bishop Barber, and have never found him involved in unsavory things.
  • The list he provided….most of them are dead as in D-E-A-D.
  • Waiting to see Him speak up and do something about bad bishops and priests.
  • While sometimes Bishop Baber says he will ‘clean house’, he still seems to be following a similar stance as our Church itself; perhaps just stalling.

Bishop Michael Burbidge

  • He follows the lead of the USCCB about current “issues”. His current issue is racism.  He’s also all in favor of the illegal immigrants.
  • Bishop did not answer my 8/18 email asking for a response to scandals in the diocese. 2) Diocesan newspaper withholds truth about criminal priests.
  • Big Frances fan.
  • Politician with a miter.
  • See for yourself: https://www.catholicherald.com/Faith/Bishop_Burbidge/
  • Bishop Burbage came to talk about the church’s scandal. It was very much appreciated.
  • Bishop Burbidge does not like controversy and confrontation so he tends to stay out of the spotlight. Does who know him better do think that he is one of the good bishops.
  • Bishop Burbidge has empowered abusers and covered up abuse. He does not treat people with dignity and respect. His goal is to protect the catholic institution. Protect their money at all cost.
  • Bishop Burbidge is new to us, so the jury is out. Will give the benefit of the doubt with caution, until and unless proven wrong.
  • His predecessor, Bishop Loverde, was orthodox, and actively pro-life.
  • Bishop Burbidge keeps us well informed and is very hands on within our diocese. I love his podcasts and I feel he has our best interests at heart.
  • Bishop Burbidge strikes me as trying to be politically correct.
  • Compared to his predecessor, I tend to trust him much more. There is a very orthodox priest who knew the bishop while in seminary and had good things to say about him. That helps.
  • Covered up abuse at St Joseph Church that occurred in 2018. He is a disgrace.
  • Distrust his involvement with Papal Foundation.
  • Distrust his handling of Fr. Escalante.
  • Has been forthcoming and transparent.
  • He didn’t speak out against what happened at the USCCB conference in regards to the abuse in the church. His response needs to be stronger
  • He does not understand his role. He thinks he is supposed to be changing the  secular order and thereby neglects his flock.  Money and little else speaks to him .
  • He has completely failed in response to St Francis de Sales and what’s gone on with our parish and pastor. Things are an absolute mess there, and no one is even attempting to fix it or bring healing.
  • He is a figurehead, a manager, a CEO. Seems to be a ‘nice guy’,  but in reality is a gutless coward.
  • He is apparently fan of alter rails so I assume has some orthodoxy. But he is silent on social topics such as abortion bills and lgbts topics. He is not available to meet his flock about Fr Escalante.
  • He is definitely more interested in power and greed. A very bad example Jesus and His teachings.
  • He is more concerned about Muslim refugees (?) than Catholic families; he has not taken action to help a good priest, persecuted by his predecessor.
  • He is more concerned with bringing in migrants than teaching doctrine. He would be sound on doctrine if he developed a Backbone.
  • He needs to speak out more against the pro-abort ‘Catholic’ politicians who live and work minutes from his office.
  • He put restrictions on a holy young priest in Raleigh NC took him out of parish work cannot hear confessions cannot preach all for refusing to live w homo priests and for his Trad orthodoxy
  • He’s too new to provide an opinion. Frankly speaking, it’s time for the Church to change the rules and include women in the hierarchy. Time to end the ‘all boys’ club.  Priests should be married.
  • His political and social policies are totally supportive of the Democrat Party. He frets about climate change, racism, and Trump’s effort to protect the country.
  • I am most suspicious because he surrounds himself with people who are overly and needlessly protective of him. It makes me wonder what they are hiding. Transparency is needed.
  • I believe Bishop Burbidge is significantly better than most. I’m disappointed, however, that he still encourages giving to the Campaign for Human Development and other far-Left causes.
  • I can sum up my experience with Bishop Burbidge with the following statement. He comes off that’s a very nice guy, but, he is a gutless coward.
  • I guess I would say I tend to trust. He makes sure he posts and communicates well in media and even on LifeSite but failed to address pointed question letter I sent as a follow up to abuse sit.
  • I have faith in Bishop Burbidge and believe his statement that there is not currently serving in active ministry a priest who has been credibly accused of sexual abuse.
  • I haven’t heard him speak out against politicians and other “Catholics” who support abortion…it would be refreshing.
  • I wrote 2x asking the clergy to address the issue of abortifacient birth control products.
  • He wrote, “It is very grave. I will pray for your family.”
  • But he signed the climate change document!
  • Knowing the liturgical disaster in his previous diocese, our bishop is either a coward who won’t correct his dissenting priests or he is in favor of what they do.
  • Lack of initiative in abuse cases during his time as auxiliary bishop in PA. Want to know his vote on McCarrick resolution at USCCB meeting this fall
  • More concerned with a variety of prudential judgement issues than the manifest evil of abortion and the Democratic officeholders that promote it.
  • My kindergartner understands the Catholic Faith better than this shepherd. God help us all.
  • Needs to hold the Pope accountable for his attacks on orthodoxy and tolerance of heresy
  • Never answered my letter asking whether he is still paying the pension of a priest convicted of possession of child pornography, Robert Brooks, formerly of Saint John’s in Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Seems to be personally orthodox but he could do more to clarify the ambiguities coming from Pope Francis.
  • SJW
  • Traditional Latin Masses are very few. Hasn’t done enough for Pro-Life. Doesn’t speak out against politicians or excommunicate any of them or deny them communion. Worries more about illegal immigration
  • Two years ago he inherited our excellent diocese, leaves orthodox priests alone. Unfortunately parrots the USCCB political line on all counts.
  • Upset at Burbidge’s stonewalling evidence Fr Ron Eacalante’s case of alleged boundary violations, also ignoring proof of 800% increase in unauthorized copying costs by St Francis de Sales former DRE.
  • Voted wrong in November in Baltimore on unsealing the file on McCarrick per Rome’s request. Still not happy about Burbridge’s vote!
  • Was at a youth event. Heard him drop the MSM line about illegals “living in the shadows.” He’s probably orthodox, but I don’t trust anyone who uses MSM-speak unironically.
  • We have an excellent bishop in Arlington, VA.
  • With all that’s coming to light and the growing trials throughout the Church, I don’t trust a bishop who stays silent. Average is now subpar: we need heroic prelates, not polite fence-sitters.

Bishop Michael Cote

  • Bishop Cote is “pastoral”. Seems infected with the disease of Nice. Has a hard time using words like “persecution”, “martyr”, “evil”, etc. Gave wrong answer to question on incarnation at public event.
  • Has removed and transferred priests who speak truth.
  • Loves to appear in his annual appeal movie.
  • Leadership has led to the closing of almost all Catholic schools in northern part of diocese.
  • He lies.

Bishop Michael Duca

  • Does not allow altar rails or communion while kneeling. Posts irreverent photos of himself dressed as a leprechaun on social media.
  • He hasn’t made any strong statements or courageous statements that testify to the unique and dominant role that the Catholic Church and Her teachings have, but he hasn’t spouted heresy.
  • He is new and just started so I don’t have much knowledge of him .

Bishop Michael Hoeppner

  • #1 Has credibly accused priest still serving despite a so called zero tolerance policy.
  • #2 Failed to list guilty predators after a judge ordered it.
  • Bishop Hoeppner watches over his flock with the Holy Spirit and his Love for all of us makes my cup overflow. All of us are so very Blessed. I’m grateful to call him my Bishop. Amen. Amen.
  • Covered up a priest who abused a (then) 16 year old boy. His often quoted saying, “it’s good to be Bishop.”
  • See entire Ron Vasek scandal

Bishop Michael Mulvey

  • He is not addressing the issue, and pretends like there are no problems. I pray that he will take his oath seriously and defend the faith and the faithful.   Protect our seminarians!
  • He’s money hungry and completely tone deaf
  • I honestly don’t know him very well which is why I answered the questions the way I did. I have heard any negative comments about him and am going based on what I’ve seen.
  • This Bishop knows Fr. John Corapi is innocent, this Bishop allowed the homosexual ring to silence Corapi.

Bishop Michael Olson

  • Only been in his presence 3 times. Angry, vindictive, lies, Arrogant, self-serving, this is what I saw. Not my kind of Shepard. I only gave him one star because that’s the lowest I can do
  • 100 % faithful to the magisterium of the church. Objective truth doesn’t change and Bishop Olson makes the necessary calls to defend the Truth.
  • A bully. What he did to the pro-life movement in Texas is disgusting. The Fort Worth diocese is getting big money from the business of illegals.
  • Bishop Olson has lost my complete trust and makes me question my future with the Catholic Church. He shows no empathy towards his flock.
  • Bishop Olson has proven himself to be egotistical and untrustworthy, after a pattern of proven lies to laity.
  • Bishop Olson is a disgrace for the Catholic Church. Totally on a power trip & possibly an alcoholic due to his constant red nose.
  • Bishop Olson is a very mean bishop who is covering up his homosexuality.
  • Bishop Olson is on record as touting the “hell is empty” phony heterodox garbage that Bishop Barron teaches. Church Militant has featured this man in their reports. He is against Texas Right to Life.
  • Bishop Olson reminds me of a politician; dishonest, lies to parishioners, mean spirited, false persona and I personally see no love of the Lord.
  • Bishop Olson says some good things but his actions betray him. We liked him at first, but he is hard-handed and manipulative, especially regarding priests and prominent lay people in the diocese.
  • Olson has done several things that cause my wife and me to distrust him. He never responded to us about a priest yelling at my wife and punishing us by banning us from any volunteer ministry.
  • Bully! Uses profanity, Bi-Polar, mean!  Have his favorites!  Ruining our diocese!  Losing our best priests.  Hates our nuns calling them aging lesbians!  Olson’s got to go and all those on his side.
  • Caught in lies or stretched truths several times.
  • Does not follow canon law and no compassion for priests AND parishioners. Not the shepherd we need!
  • Harsh to his staff
  • Has run off too many good priests.
  • Have lost over 50% of our priest in only 5 years. Church attendance/financial support diminished. Just hanging on to a few of the faithful. Has NEVER been a parish priest. Is an emotional cripple.
  • He cares nothing for those that are hurting. Completely distrust him and the words that come out of his mouth.
  • He deserves zero stars, but that was not an option. There is nothing nice I can say about Bishop Olson
  • He doesn’t have any consideration about the priests or the community and He lairs too much on everything
  • He has an uncontrollable temper and has used it to abuse parishioners. He is vindictive and  threatening & uses his position against his own clergy.
  • He has lied to his flock as he calls them on numerous times, and then goes on to condemn those very things that he himself continues to do
  • He has lost all credibility with me. It was asked of him to share why he dismissed Fr. Kirkham and he said he could not do that.  He did though release the info to the press.   That is just 1 thing.
  • He has violated Canon law multiple times and removed priests with abandon. He spearheaded the movement to kick Texas Right to Life out of all of the churches.
  • He inherited a lot of problems and a quite a number of problem children. I trust he is doing the best he can to clean things up.
  • He is a lying piece of the devil’s excrement. He does NOT tell the whole truth. He closed San Mateo and in doing so destroyed the heart and soul of a Hispanic community.  Sell San Mateo and pocket $
  • He is an awful leader. Wish he would resign!
  • He is an awful. He looks like he is up to no good. He shouldn’t be in charge of others. He doesn’t live by the church’s teachings. Not a good catholic
  • He is definitely a ‘spirit of Vatican 2’ Bishop, and some of the people I know in the diocese have made comments on their difficulty in dealing with h
  • He is not being honest with his people. He is not the example we expect from our leader of the church.
  • He is not very Christ-like. He is vindictive, egotistical and unforgiving. He does not follow canon law, in fact he thinks he is above the law. He does not care for his priests, or his parishioners.
  • He is too full of his own importance and doesn’t follow can law. He only wants those priests around him who will follow him blindly.  He loses his temper and shouts at parishioners.
  • He is very He does not practice what he preaches. He is not humble or caring to his people. He does not listen to his people.
  • He keeps alienating the priests.
  • To the point that many priests and seminarians are resigning.
  • He will not answer questions about this subject.
  • He lies and changes his story. He treats his sheep by being rude, disrespectful and threatening them.  He is not a good shepherd and needs to be gone
  • He makes me ashamed to be a Catholic. He has acted as a man, not God’s representative.
  • He seems like a petty jealous man who drives people from the Faith rather than bring them to the Faith. The number of priests leaving the priesthood under his watch is staggering.
  • He tells lies, creates division within the flock, & threatens those who have committed to serving God with ramifications should they say anything.
  • He tells you one thing and does another
  • He tends to tell the media one thing and to the opposite. He recently removed a priest who was a whistle blower.
  • He wrongly removed Father Richard Kirkham from St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Prosper, Texas.
  • He’s a bully
  • He’s a dictator! Controls others by fear and is a horrible church leader.  He lies and raises his voice and is a big bully!  I will keep my children and grandchildren far away from him!
  • He’s a tyrant! His questionable actions have pushed people away from the church. Several loved priests and deacons have resigned since he became Bishop. I question his leadership and motives.
  • He’s more Vatican II then with the Tradition of the Church if you know what I’m saying…
  • His method & inappropriate was he speaks to staff, seminarians & priests are resulting in the loss of faithful people. We have a priest shortage so don’t need to lose the good ones.
  • I believe our bishop to be a micromanager and overbearing in his wants and directives. I believe him to be less of a shepherd and more of an authoritarian.
  • I believe there needs to be a change and that there could be much improvement within the Fort Worth Diocese under different leadership. I believe the roles and responsibilities should be passed on.
  • I feel that he is not fair that he will not listen to the congregation your feelings and concerns. I also feel that he changes the truth.
  • I have left the church until he is gone. Fort Worth Diocese
  • I was taught that if you had nothing good to say, say nothing.
  • I’m so thankful I can trust him to protect the flock. God bless Bishop Olson!
  • In a tantrum over a disagreement with one of his Pastors, he removed him from his position, tried to evict him from the rectory, and stop his pay as well as stripping him of his priestly duties.
  • It is known that he regularly lies to parishioners, threatens his priests, and acts in a vindictive manner toward those to disagree with him.
  • Main issue I have is that he abuses power, not what you want in a shepherd. He throws out priests that speak out against wrongs, keeps those who do the wrongdoing.
  • Many priests in our Diocese have left because of Bishop Olson’s doing. Something is not right in this Diocese.
  • NO STARS! Completely inconsistent based on his actions. Souls are going to be lost because of him. Completely ineffective, unfit to serve, vindictive, conceited. acts like a tyrant – not a bishop,
  • Not another dime to this diocese until this bishop is gone. No capital campaigns, no nothing. All interested in is money- I’m done
  • Not fighting for pro-life causes as he should as in hospital’s decision on end of life matters rather than patient and family members.
  • Not honest with the parish and has forced good priests to resign.
  • Not one bit. He Hs no humility.
  • Note if has personal dislike for certain individuals and priests he uses position to have removed from ministry even unjustified or investigated
  • Olson is a con man, gay and hides it. He doesn’t report sin. He is not fit to be a Catholic bishop and should be removed.
  • One star only because you wouldn’t accept none
  • Our Bishop is very harsh, punitive & acts like a dictator. At the Masses I have seen him serve, he was seething with anger- which was disturbing!
  • Our diocese is suffering under the leadership of Bishop Michael Olson. He has made several decisions hurting the laity and priests in his care.
  • Poor transparency, poor leadership, All priesthood deserves the right to speak on their own behalf, to be heard by their superiors.
  • Rude direct abrasive several interactions with him. I’m concerned for the church and not sure I will continue to take my family to the Ft Worth Diocese let alone another diocese
  • Scandals
  • Several under him lack tack. One is told it is what the bishop says and don’t dare ask questions.  Mission churches are step children.
  • Since he has started as Bishop of Fort Worth there have been numerous reports of problems throughout the Diocese. Just take a minute to Google and see all of the controversial articles that come up.
  • The few times I ever saw him he was cold and not very friendly at all very cold not what I would saw is a true Bishop!
  • Too many controversies here for this cradle catholic, many pointing back to the Bishop. My family has decided to take a break from Catholicism bc of it & exploring other religions has been refreshing
  • Total disrespect, disregard empathy for the flock he is supposed to be leading.
  • Total disappointment
  • Totally ruined our diocese and our only Catholic high school. Like I have said many times- not a dime of my money anymore till he’s gone and things change around here.!
  • Tyrant
  • Untrustworthy, does not speak the truth, acts like he knows nothing, but is destroying our diocese.
  • Very poor leadership and don’t have any consideration with the priests and the community and He liars too much
  • vulgar bully
  • We are losing parishioners especially our young people due to his inadequate leadership and lack of moral compass. I believe he is a jealous small minded man who is also a misogynist.
  • We have an awesome Bishop who watches over and tends to his flock.
  • What he did to Fr. Richard Kirkham is unfair. His loss of priests & seminarians is at a high. Just READ the comments on the petition. FRKADVOCATES.COM
  • Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Bishop Michael Sheridan

  • Bishop Michael J. Sheridan is always in line with church teaching and is on the side of Christ.
  • Had an issue with a DRE and priest at a local parish re: catholic homeschool, Bishop Sheridan replied back but basically did nothing about it.
  • Has chosen to sit on the sidelines. Have had several e-mail interactions with him, will not speak out publicly against fellow bishops
  • Has supported some unorthodox teachings and programs within our Diocese, such as the Alpha program and charismatic healing ministries
  • He is orthodox except still wedded to Vatican II which colors his faith and actions.  Supportive of Traditional  Latin Mass parish run by Priestly Fraternity of St Peter.  Very humble; approachable.
  • I am praying for Bishop Sheridan- for boldness in the proclamation of the truth, orthodoxy, and the upholding of tradition.
  • I was emailing Bishop Sheridan but after they had their Chicago get together, I had written him and stated enough of praying it was time for the Bishop’s to take action regardless of what Rome says.
  • Turn your alter around- bring the tabernacle back to the front, instead of off to the side.

Bishop Michael Sis

  • His leadership is very weak. Priests are hung out to dry, while others are free to preach against the Church. The diocese is run by the lawyers; sadly
  • Need a stronger response to address the crisis. Look to Bishop Strickland of Tyler as an example.
  • Seems transparent and orthodox but not in a bold way. No traditional liturgies in the most populous draperies , only at cathedral. When he comes he offers Spanish liturgies. Too p.c. for me.

Bishop Michael Warfel

  • A prayerful man, but not a good administrator. Had to figure out the hard way that most of his chancery staff and 80% of his priests were actively working against him.
  • Applaud he supports priests who do TLM. Is member of USCCB social justice groups. Dislike way he disciplined priests who went to Trump rally. Don’t believe he would stand up to USCCB on crisis.
  • He’s a very devout man. He has empathy and sympathy for all the victims. He is a model of what it means to be a servant of God.
  • Unattached and dismissive

Bishop Mitchell Rozanski

  • At the church I attend, ST. Marks, in Pittsfield Ma the homilies never address abortion, homosexual marriage or Church corruption. Weak sermons and business as usual. I stopped donating!
  • EF-hostile, poor pastoral leadership (a tradition in this diocese), does not teach the faith but insists on “dialogue,” usually with non-Catholics.
  • Has surrounded himself with clergy and religious who do not follow Orthodox Church teaching. He is condemning of any “conservative” or “traditional” views. He is a blatant careerist.
  • He mostly never says anything, so how can I tell how much “orthodoxy” he has. He blew it in my mind when he allowed a beautiful immigrant-built Church to be torn down, DAYS before Christmas!
  • Not one of them from Springfield has ever said anything about the lbgt parade and flag raisings that go on ALL over the place in their diocese.
  • Rozanski is dismissive of victims. He has a Pro-abort assistant Sr. Paula Robillard. He side-lines good deacons (w/out assignments) who speak truth to him like men. Many active homosexual priests.
  • With respect, I find him lacking in authentic fatherhood. He is vocationally abusive of some of his younger priests, and seems too interested in his career. A broken, toxic, dying diocese.

Bishop Myron Cotta

  • He is a new Bishop. I have no idea if he is orthodox.
  • He will likely be one of the bishops going to jail if California passes that stupid confessional law.
  • Our Bishop is new and thinks he may not have the courage to help guide us. He has consecrated our Diocese to Our Lady. Asked us to pray the St. Michael prayer after Mass, pray rosary, chaplet.
  • Was mentioned in case of Msgr Craig Harrison. Have heard no comment from him.

Bishop Nelson Perez

  • Bishop Perez is still pretty new and I tend to be distrustful until I see real attempts at reconciliation and public penance from the USCCB.
  • Bishop Perez lies. He uses quotes taken out of context to “prove” he has authority to prohibit kneeling. But his response to the worst crisis the Church has ever faced: Sacrilegious Silence.
  • Careerist public relations goon looking for a promotion to an archdiocese.
  • Feel there is only one agenda with our bishop and that is immigration and it’s with tunnel vision. Don’t see much transparency regarding abuse
  • Going Byzantine soon, then he won’t be my Bishop anymore.
  • Has been duped by the diocesan liturgists into implementing a policy that prohibits the faithful from kneeling at the Agnus Dei and during communion.
  • Has been here only a short time, but seems more worried about Bishop’s Pilla’s options for kneeling than cleaning out the heretics, apostates, perverts, and liturgical abusers. Closing schools now.
  • He has avoided speaking about major issues directly.  On the rare occasions he has to address an issue, he employs the language of a psychologist or social worker, instead of a Fatherly shepherd.
  • He has mandated standing from the Agnus Dei until after Holy Communion at the Novus Ordo to show unity. Not a word about Our Lord in the letter that was released.
  • He is slowly eroding our Catholic Tradition. The biggest example is standing during communion. He never takes a stand like other bishops to preserve our faith.
  • His public image is ‘nice’ but there is nothing that he has specifically done to demonstrate apostolic fervor. He has not released names of credibly accused.
  • I approached the Bishop via correspondence asking his help (The Church’s help) regarding my marriage. His response letter was disheartening. The times I’ve heard he reminds me of Dolan of New York.
  • I Know nothing about him, but believe he is a Novus Ordo priest…thus he is in heresy.
  • If Bishop Perez is not homosexual, he could win an Oscar for portraying one in his mannerisms, speech, and actions.
  • Money-grubbing heretic interested in photo ops, not the Faith. Due to legacy of former diocesan liturgist pedophile J-Glenn Murray SJ, it’s still impossible to find a by-the-book Mass in Cleve Diocese
  • Nelson Perez does not teach, defend, nor promotes core doctrinal teachings of the church, and rejects traditional catholic worship. He is an open socialist protecting illegal immigrants in Cleveland.
  • Our diocese has suffered under the last two bishops. We are a flock without a shepherd.
  • pro-gay programs
  • Sits on the fence
  • Wrote to my bishop outlining MANY concerns and ideas;  the two least important were responded to…things I already researched.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

  • He seems pretty ineffective. I believe he is retiring. Bishop DiMarzio in Brooklyn/Queens area.
  • He’s never said anything contrary to the Church teaching. However, he surely doesn’t fight for it & he has converted catholic schools into charter schools that spread the gay agenda. He’s passive.
  • I have no reason to Not Trust Him.
  • NO STARS! The whole Catholic Church is corrupt. They are guilty of covering up my rape and abuse and that hundreds of others suffered at the hands of pedophile priests.
  • thechildvictimsact.com
  • Too non-committal on many serious issues. Strongly pro-life, but too permissive to pastors welcoming LGBTQ platforms.
  • Totally consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Where do I begin? Silent on abortion (or complicit with it). Silent on the GAY priest predation crisis (or complicit with it). Silent on ACTUAL CHURCH TEACHING.
  • I’d give zero (or less) stars

Bishop Oscar Solis

  • He is not strong, forthwith and unequivocal regarding his position about the homosexual crisis engulfing the Church. The catechism is poorly taught.
  • He’s not fired Jean Hill yet.
  • https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/new-utah-cchd-head-supported-gay-marriage-promoting-contraception-in-school
  • I don’t agree with his immigration policies.
  • Not transparent enough can’t rate because he does not make himself visible in So. UT
  • Totes the “party line”. One could play B. S. Bingo with his continual references to the  Bergoglian Mantras.

Bishop Patrick McGrath

  • Bishop McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose, CA refuses to allow the Courage apostolate any mention on the Diocese of San Jose website unlike the neighboring San Francisco and Oakland dioceses.
  • McElroy is part of the problem, and must go now.
  • Diocese of San Jose, Ca. Doesn’t promote vocations….was sexually harassed by a priest from the IVE (Incarnate Word) who use to house McCarrick
  • Too much liberal

Bishop Patrick Zurek

  • He’s turning this diocese Baptist.
  • Spends money on things I don’t agree with

Bishop Paul Bradley

  • Bishop Bradley speaks in church speak. He allowed discredited Archbishop John Nienstedt to serve in a parish in our diocese resulting in a firestorm.
  • Bishop Bradley tends to cover up homosexual priest issues within the Kalamazoo Diocese, engaging in the priest/diocese shuffle. He and the diocese are definitely not transparent about the problem.
  • Good man, been very open about the crisis. Orthodox
  • He punishes good priests for teaching doctrine and is friends with McCarrick and Wuerl.
  • Not letting our priests lead by example or teach true doctrine.
  • Possibly not my bishop specifically, but that the MCC released pro vax propaganda for vax despite aborted fetal cells in several makes me wary.
  • This bishop is from PA, was friends with McCarrick and was positioned under Weurl. Most importantly, he is silencing the good shepherds.
  • Voted against doing anything about the sex crisis at US bishop’s meeting.

Bishop Paul Swain

  • Bishop Paul Swain has submitted his resignation when he turned 75 several months ago. We are praying for another faithful and orthodox Bishop.
  • Can’t make a decision. Move on.
  • Has refused to be available to answer questions regarding the sexual abuse in the church. Defends Cardinal Cupich.!!!!!
  • He covered for (Fr.) Justin Wachs and won’t acknowledge his errors or apologize. Wachs is the bottom one on this page: https://bit.ly/2CxVulG

Bishop Peter Christensen

  • He avoids taking a position. Our Diocese under him has handled  the public cases properly.  I haven’t heard him speak out against his fellow Bishops.
  • I don’t know a lot about him. He is shown signs of being trustworthy.  He doesn’t speak out on any issues, that’s my problem.  He seems to have handles any abuse issues properly.
  • Not sure what he teaches, see very little of him.
  • Only hear from him for the yearly diocesan financial appeal. Wrote him a letter on the sexual abuse situation & asked for a reply.  Never got a reply
  • Our Bishop is silent. I’m not certain of his orthodoxy, so I find it difficult to rate him.

Bishop Peter Jugis

  • Bishop Jugis is holy, orthodox and hard working. To the best of my knowledge, he is a good steward of the gifts and responsibilities of his office.
  • Bishop Jugis seems to do a really good job in shepherding the flock of the diocese. In the last several years, he set up St. Joseph Seminary for the diocese and has good men in formation.
  • Bishop Jugis started St. Joseph College Seminary three years ago. The orthodoxy throughout the Diocese has led to an increase in priestly vocations (almost 40 next school year).
  • Good Bishop in a good diocese but he has not been vocal enough against the homosexual crisis in the Church hierarchy.
  • I have heard nothing negative about bishop Jugis so far, and I believe he is working to keep the faith alive and well, amongst as many people as he can.
  • I think it’s a battle for him because we get so many transplanted northerners who are saturated in liberal NO teaching and he can be criticized.
  • I trust him but he does not speak out against what is happening in the church with homosexuality. I think he needs to talk to his flock more about this. I would like to see him speak out against this.
  • The fruits of his episcopacy are all the proof necessary!

Bishop Peter Libasci

  • All bishops should be willing to resign and go through an investigation by lay women, men and clergy. If they pass, they get reinstated
  • During the past few months I have realized just how blessed we are to have Bishop Libasci.
  • Orthodox, wise, engaged with the people. I’m thankful.
  • He has been too silent. We are yet to hear anything in parish homilies. You would think there was no scandal.
  • No Bishop or anyone in the clergy can be trusted from what has happened over the past 60 years.
  • Our bishop is halfhearted in communicating the horror of the clergy abuse. Matter of his takeover of Slaves of Immaculate Heart is a problem.
  • Sent someone, his “gatekeeper” out with the usual “social justice” mantra. Promoting the abortion loving Clinton, during the past election.  Just one

Bishop R. Conlon

  • A perfect Protestant.
  • Bishop Conlon does not respond to questions via his public email, which is monitored by two women in communications.
  • Bishop Conlon has never addressed the homosexual predation of clergy despite being highly informed as chairman of sexual abuse bishop’s council!! He is Joliet diocese bishop – not crest hill!!
  • Bishop Conlon has totally neglected his faithful diocese by ignoring the homosexual abuse and culture within the Church!! His comment- Jesus did not institute the Catholic Church is inexcusable!!
  • Daniel Conlon of Joliet is known to be corrupt and heterodox.
  • Get on the Church Hierarchy site and ‘connect the dots!’ Go to Bishops – North America. Check Consecrators & Co-consecrators.
  • Begin with the premise; there are no secrets.
  • AMDG
  • Have mixed feelings
  • He gave a public speech at a college where he questioned whether Christ intended to establish a church. Even my teen kids knew that was wrong.
  • He is implementing the Alpha Program, is pro-immigration, anti-Trump, and doesn’t think that Jesus meant to establish any particular church. Also he does not participate in Confirmation’s
  • I have been emailing to The office of the Bishop for 6-9 month; 1-3/week. Who knows what BC thinks about Commandment 5,6 & 9. BC not likely to sign Cardinal Burke’s document.
  • Must come clean about all pedophile priests who were ever in the diocese. Must be totally transparent and publish online ALL pedophile priest files. Must investigate rumors about priest Anthony DeFil
  • Overall, seems to be a good Bishop. But he makes several missteps. He called to apologize after he supported restricting conscience rights. And he has questioned if Jesus started a church
  • Was praying at an abortion clinic in Downers Grove IL at 530am and Bishop Conlon showed to pray with us. While quiet I believe him to love the faith
  • Weak world pleaser.

Bishop R. Nickless

  • Feel he lied about Fr. Coyle so why should we believe anything he says or does.
  • Goes along to get along, does the ‘right thing’. Refuses to allow Michael Voris to have a conference in his diocese thinks he causes division and dissension in the church although we know who has.
  • He’s a solid priest/bishop. I wish he would take a more vocal stand against the insanity that has entered the Church.

Bishop Randolph Calvo

  • If he was not a modernist he would have spoken out regarding the abuse and homosexuality in the church!! He has no courage like Jesus!
  • I’m not sure about him. He doesn’t go out and about that much and the only time we hear from him is when he wants money or is celebrating a mass somewhere and that’s about it.

Bishop Richard Malone

  • Bishop Malone covers up abuse spends too much money on his own lavish lifestyle and has lied to Buffalo many times about transparency. He enables abuse
  • Defrock and excommunicate Malone!!
  • He is a proven liar. He has kept abusive priests in ministry despite overwhelming of their crimes. He talks about reconciliation but does nothing about it.
  • He’s shielding pedophile priests and won’t bring them to justice!
  • It has been a rough year in the Buffalo area churches… from the abuse scandal to the bleeding host situation.
  • Lacks integrity, good judgement and true compassion for others.
  • This bishop is completely disrespectful of the laity. And regarding the sexual abuse response, it is all lip service.

Bishop Richard Pates

  • Bishop Pates is retiring. He leaves a legacy of welcoming African refugees, of welcoming Spanish speaking immigrants, and a drastic increase in seminarians. He is a faithful
  • He’s more concerned with illegal aliens and climate change than he is the souls of Catholics in his diocese.
  • His Excellency is most interested in earth environmentalism and speaking Spanish. The real issues are off the radar in Des Moines.
  • If you aren’t Spanish, you don’t count to Pates. He’s lies about abuse and is homosexual, I think.  God forgive if I’m wrong.
  • Is more interested in his bilingual ministries than his whole flock
  • Only counts child sex abuse cases and sweeps cases between priests and an adult under the rug. Promotes immigration issues incessantly and neglects orthodoxy.
  • Our bishop, told our parish priest we could not use kneelers for communion. They were inconvenient and “we don’t kneel in this diocese.
  • Your support of Obama and Hillary Clinton says it all. Catholicism is completely incompatible with gay marriage and abortion. Please leave soon.

Bishop Richard Stika

  • Bishop Stika stated abuse problem is NOT a homo problem. He then blocked anyone who disagreed w/him on social med. He’s also very anti Trump.
  • Continually denies the link between homosexuals in the Priesthood and the abuse crisis, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.
  • He makes Social Justice style tweets and targets the very orthodox with ugly sneers and slights — a very familiar tactic, but he’s just imitating behavior modeled in Rome, sadly.
  • I think Bishop Stika has proven to be a very good Bishop.
  • My Bishop allows a gay priest to hold a class on the James Martin Book in one of the parishes near me. He rants all the time on social media so badly that even non-Catholics ask me what is wrong.
  • Pro-invaders.
  • Silka has been an advocate for lay sex abuse review boards for years, but has not released a public record of allegations

Bishop Robert Baker

  • About to retire.
  • Allows the Latin Mass to be offered despite many priests in the diocese opposing it. Isn’t outspoken for orthodoxy, but has also never made a heretical public statement. No one says he’s Lavender.
  • Bishop Baker has been allowing more and more use of the Latin Mass (particularly at the Cathedral in Birmingham) and many babies are being baptized in the Extraordinary Form in the diocese.
  • I believe Bishop Baker is a faithful shepherd.
  • You know he is retiring.

Bishop Robert Coerver

  • I was dismissed from Deacon formation in my 4th year due to upholding traditional marriage, and denouncing homosexual priests promoting their agendas.
  • Stated he “chagrins” when one kneels to receive Eucharist, Refused pray rosary on pilgrimage, Invited Sr. Helen Prejean, Promos Fr. James Martin books

Bishop Robert Cunningham

  • Bishop Cunningham doesn’t seem to want to get his hands dirty. I’ve written letters to him about things going on in a specific church in the diocese and have gotten no response. Disappointing.
  • He was part of the Buffalo cover-up before coming here.
  • I do believe that he is a sincere man of prayer and discernment. However,  his early actions appeared duplicitous as he deferred to the NY bishops conference for direction.

Bishop Robert Deeley

  • All of them,…disgusting and self-serving..no piety or holiness there…
  • Worked at a St Vincent soup kitchen , never saw a priest stop in, worse, Cathedral
  • Charged rent for use of their auditorium.
  • Another Boston leftover. There are many priest-leaders in Maine, and elsewhere to have drawn from. Maine gets another liberal bishop who takes no stand on attacks against Church teaching.
  • As part of the USCCB, I’m concerned that are just a shill for the democrat party.
  • Can’t really give a solid answer because I really don’t know
  • Completely silent on all angles of the homosexual crisis in the Church.
  • Joins the majority of scumbag prelates.
  • Does not promote Pro-Life activities on Diocesan web site, does not comment on homosexual crisis.
  • He actually replied to my letter about the sex scandal – good. He recommended reading Amoris Laetitia – bad.  The diocesan mag even had a series on it, ignoring ch. 8 footnotes
  • He could be more outspoken on the scourge of homosexuality and the sacredness of traditional marriage.
  • His responses regarding reception of the Holy Eucharist, and his distrust of the Lepanto Institute.
  • Just another scumbag who is either a homosexual himself or lacks the courage to call it out.
  • A weakling and a scumbag.
  • Management of the Diocese is a disgrace – hospital Chaplaincy is nonexistent, handling of immigrants is chaotic, communication with the Diocese is practically non-existent and no support for Pro-Life.
  • My bishop dislikes being called Your Excellency, and pulls out his hand if one tries to kiss his ring — two signs that seem to indicate modernism.
  • Repeating the same mistakes in 2002. Not forthcoming with the Homosexual Predation. A Protect the Children Public relationship with the Media
  • This silence says a lot and he encourages priest to announce before the election in Maine to vote for immigration. Our pro-life candidates lost.
  • Why did he have disgraced Archbishop Nienstedt co-consecrate him?

Bishop Robert Gruss

  • Bishop Gruss is a cypher. He seems to be a sincere, spiritual man, but he insulates himself from the general opinions of the flock by surrounding himself with “professional Catholics”. He is all USCCB
  • He hasn’t done anything bad, but he hasn’t really done anything awesome either. There is still a vocal pro-Cupich group of folks in our diocese and I don’t think Bp. Gruss wants to tick them off.
  • He worries more about what the world thinks instead of what Christ and the Church teach. Like most Bishops now he thinks his opinion out ranks Christ’s.
  • No strength , the meek are not leaders. Let’s his priest go so far to the left you wonder if you’re at a feminist rally instead of Mass.

Bishop Robert Guglielmone

  • Aloof and above the flock. Does not respond to messages.
  • At our most recent confirmation Bishop Guglielmone left the altar for his homily and talked to the confirmands about the horrors of gun violence and manmade global warming. His crosier? Bernadine’s!
  • At the confirmation Mass for my son he had the audacity to brag about using Cardinal Berandin’s crozier to get new men. He said it was a great honor to use Bernadine’s crozier!!!! I almost left.
  • His policy on sexual abuse is commendable. He skirted around questions of homosexuality, doesn’t believe Vigano, and brushes off  concerns over pope and cardinals.
  • Not sure… I’ve just had it with the lack of leadership in the Catholic Church. Everywhere one turns (diocese level, schools, parishes, etc etc) there is corruption.
  • Wish we had more tlm on Sundays.
  • Wonderful bishop and fully aware of what’s going on and fully committed to the teachings of the church.

Bishop Robert McElroy

  • He appears to be against abortion; he is  pro-gay.  His listening sessions were  designed to limit input.  He said chastity is not as  imp as love!!
  • shown his true colors by his support of liberal Jesuit James Martin
  • His listening Sessions –complete obfuscation and disgusting–booed in El
  • Cajon
  • 100% distrust. Proof of homosexual support/cover-up prelates. He should be GONE! NOW!! We no longer donate $$
  • A Homosexualist more concerned about illegal immigration and social justice than teaching the true faith.
  • Actions speak louder than words! Bishop McElroy and Aux Bishop Dolan are totally pro-homosexuality.  They have lost all concept of Catholic morality.
  • Bishop MacElroy consistently misrepresents Catholic teaching. He promotes homosexual meet-up groups in parishes and homosexual “mass” abominations.
  • Bishop McElroy dismissed a good priest, Fr. Richard Perozich from Immaculate Conception Church in San Diego, Ca in 2016-2017 for speaking the truth about voting for a pro-abortion politician and more.
  • Bishop McElroy is a disgrace in every way. His “listening sessions” were a farce designed to silence anyone critical of the homosexual clergy. So much more.
  • Bishop McElroy is a politician dressed as a Bishop. He has dismantled the diocese into a social justice organization that seeks good without Christ. A worldly man who persecutes faithful Catholics!
  • Bishop McElroy is complicit in supporting LGBTQ community and enforcing this by lending a parish in the diocese based in Hillcrest. He appointed a priest for his assistant bishop very much aligned.
  • Bishop McElroy,
  • We totally disagree with your view and actions with regard to the rampant homosexuality in the priesthood. You agree with Cupich.
  • Bishop McElroy came to San Diego from a very pro-homosexual diocese of San Francisco. I believe that he came to spread this homosexuality focus to SoCa
  • Cannot stand McElroy. He is ruining our Diocese with his pro-sodomy, pro-Islam, and pro-illegal immigration stances. Wish we could kick him out.
  • Can’t even give him a star, had to check one to submit.
  • Caters to special interests; a politician more than a father.
  • Completely liberal. Endorsed book by James Martin. Told me homosexual sins are no different than any other. Told me a certain parish was the gay parish. Bishop Dolan is just like him. Not shepherds!
  • Cupich writ small.
  • Does not support the church teaching concerning who can receive communion, and believes that sinners do not have to change.
  • Doing nothing but P.R. for the sex scandal, ignoring high density of homosexual predators, done 0 to stop the drag show@USD, persecuting good priests!
  • Don’t trust San Diego bishop at all.
  • During the Bishops town hall meetings in 2018, I personally witnessed him lie. He is associated with McCarrick per Richard Sipes (Jul-2016).
  • First, he was handpicked by Francis/McCarrick. Secondly, he started this diocese down the primrose path toward heresy by allowing married/divorced couples to Communion. Thirdly, his affinity for
  • Has allowed Courage International, and appointed a good chaplain for it.
  • Has allowed a Parish to be strictly Extraordinary Form. Otherwise,
  • He does not exercise the leadership needed to rout out the homosexual presence in the diocese and oppose the homosexualist agenda, in fact he promotes
  • He does not teach the faith.
  • Never mentions the salvation of souls.
  • Caters to the homosexual cabal here in San Diego, he may be one himself.
  • He doesn’t seem very Catholic. Doesn’t seem very honest. The recent listening sessions were a sham. Bad moral character. Very PC. Concerned mainly with leftist politics and job preservation.
  • He is a social justice warrior. We need a teacher!!  Isn’t that the definition of a bishop’s role??
  • He is anti-American, pro open borders, pro homosexual, pro Islam, waffles on women’s reproductive rights, anti TLM, pro socialism, pro social justice to the max. He is angry,  hard to see personally.
  • He is more of a politically correct wannabe than a shepherd.
  • He is not a Shepard. He is another mouth piece for the old boys club.
  • Regarding the molestation crisis in the Church, his meetings were a joke.
  • He is pro-Muslim, supports homosexuality, marches on the southern border in support of illegal immigration, and is anti-Trump and the Rule of Law.
  • He knew about McCarrick years ago, did nothing, when the scandal broke excused himself for doing nothing and praised the Church for its pastoral care.
  • He was supposed to go to DC but that ship sailed when he protected the gay seminarians from exposure. Now, we are stuck with him.
  • He’s despicable and incompetent.
  • His “listening” sessions turned out to be more of him talking and only allowing certain people to speak.
  • I attended one of Bp. McElroy’s listening sessions in October; a complete sham. It is he who is intolerant, intolerant of devout Catholics.
  • I believe that both McElroy and his auxiliary, Dolan are either homosexuals or homosexualists.
  • I have doubts about his knowledge and judgement with the scandals. Plus the event for families of SSA people was more like a pride event.
  • I so distrust Bishop McElroy and am so disgusted with him that I do not want him to touch my daughter when she gets confirmed.
  • I think Bishop Mc Elroy is a Heretic.
  • I think he is part of the underground homosexual group in our Church trying to undermine Catholic Orthodoxy from the inside.
  • I tried to give zero stars , but couldn’t .
  • I was there at his town hall meeting at Our Lady of Grace. I saw his performance when a lady mentioned the same sex marriage person.  He (The Bishop) went ballistic.  No I do not trust him.
  • I was there for a Tuesday town hall meeting. Very disappointed.
  • I wish zero stars was available
  • It was very difficult to give Bishop McElroy even 1 star. I’m not sure that he’s Catholic/believes in the teachings of the Catholic Church. ) :
  • McElroy is a heretic and a sodomite.
  • McElroy smokes Virginia Slims and dresses in drag.
  • Most liberal bishop in the USCCB. A Francis appointment. Denies Catholic teaching, while promoting liberal agenda
  • McElroy needs to get back to the authentic teachings of Jesus or GO! I’m not quite sure which bible he reads, but it’s not the same as mine.
  • Muslim religion supporter.
  • Supports LBGTQ
  • Speaks a lot about the immigration issues.
  • Not transparent when asked about sexual scandals in the church.
  • My bishop is one of those ‘clericalism is the problem’ types. Pretty much a jerk.
  • On the wrong side of so many positions of faith and morals.
  • Please pray for our bishop. His character and actions have been questioned in both +Viganò’s testimony and Richard Sipes’ documents.
  • Pope Benedict remains the sole true pope due to an invalid resignation
  • McElroy , like most bishops, knows this but continues to support the formally heretical usurper antipope Francis.
  • Robert McElroy is an apostate.
  • Scolded an Old Town priest for expressing his views against voting for pro-abortion democrat politicians. Defended an employee of a parish who was in a same-sex marriage.
  • The only reason Catholic clergy prey on boys/men is they are numerically more available (McElroy in San Diego Union). Any intrinsic wrong? Guess not!
  • This guy is modern day Judas who is part of the Lavender Mafia and the Globalist led by George Soros.
  • To reject one dogma of the faith is to reject the whole. This man is full of contradiction.
  • very disappointed
  • Very gay-friendly and anti-orthodox theologically.
  • When he dilutes Doctrine, it’s pitifully devoid of intellectual substance. His pallid heterodoxy is appalling to us, the youth, for we seek idealism.

Bishop Robert McManus

  • Worcester Massachusetts  Bishop McManus is a great man who preaches against abortion .
  • He has surrounded himself with homosexuals, and they are removing orthodox priests and replacing them with homosexual priests from Colombia.
  • He tries but not consistent or strong.
  • Wrote a letter to Bishop McManus and several other parishes in my diocese that I belonged to or am currently attending asking for donation or prayers toward my Catholic mission trip. No response.

Bishop Robert Vasa

  • He is a solid bishop
  • He rescued me
  • We live in Eureka, an isolated area. A few of us requested the Latin Mass and he sent us first year priest who says the Latin Mass. We are in heaven.

Bishop Roger Foys

  • Bishop Foys has always been supportive of our traditional priests and upholds Catholic teaching like a true shepherd___30.
  • Bishop Foys is an excellent bishop, despite what the professional Catholics say. Of course he is human and makes errors, but he eventually ‘rights the ship’. Fully supports Traditional in diocese!
  • Zero stars. Seriously, with his treatment of the boys from Covington Catholic? I wouldn’t trust this man with a Snickers bar.

Bishop Ronald Gainer

  • Bishop Gainer came out with a list of priests who were abusers only after the state attorney general was going to put the names out there.
  • Bishop Gainer is trying to be transparent with abuse issues in our diocese. I’d like to see him be more vocal with how the Vatican is handling it.
  • Gainer is a sound and straightforward leader. I would trust him with my life.
  • He has encouraged 4 men to begin a Carmelite hermitage and ordaining 2 of them in the Latin Mater Dei church this summer. And we have 2 Latin Carmelite Monasteries in our Diocese. & 1 Hermit priest.
  • He us not trustworthy. He moved pedophile priests around while he was a bishop in Kentucky, before coming to Harrisburg.
  • He’s been silent on the gay problem among the clergy and has delivered only talking points but no action regarding the sex abuse crisis. Removing the names of abusers from buildings is not enough.
  • I would be happy to see him leading the whole church.
  • Keeping the information about Kevin Kayda was horrifying. Making everyone find out through the newspaper made it even worse.
  • Purge purge purge. Excommunicate excommunicate excommunicate. Jail jail jail.
  • We think he is a sincere person, but must get back to saving souls, routing out homosexuality in the clergy, and promoting teachings of the church.
  • Would like him to speak out against his fellow bishops and cardinals.
  • Grateful for his support and participation in TLM.

Bishop Salvatore Matano

  • Amazing Bishop. Sad he is having to pick up the pieces from previous administration.  Bishop Matthew Clark, Fr. Kevin McKenna, Fr. Hart… Evil was alive and well in the Diocese of Rochester!
  • Bp Matano is a solid, orthodox bishop who desires nothing more than saving the souls of his flock. We are truly blessed to have him. May God continue to bless him.
  • He knows theology but still quotes Pope Francis-a red flag. Diocese still overrun with homosexual priests. I think he’s afraid of Rome, won’t do the right thing. Huge ego, won’t tolerate being questioned
  • The Bishop’s handling of the Father Valenti case has created a lot of distrust in my household and church. There’s no transparency. And seems they just want to make the abuse scandal go away

Bishop Shelton Fabre

  • Actually put 1 star, but really its 0 stars for His Orthodoxy…but required… I believe this bishop is a homosexual, but do not have definitive proof, so much insinuation by so many people folks..!
  • Bishop is willing to allow Seminarians to study and take the extraordinary form tract but he allows some of the liberal stuff to go on. His vicar general Jay Baker I distrust more.

Bishop Stephen Berg

  • Bishop Berg is a gentle soul with holy courage. In these days of broken trust, someone should shine a “spotlight” on the way he has led the Diocese of Pueblo.
  • He’s fairly new; an older vocation. Removed a priest known to support homosexuality (priest wrote a book in support several years ago). Described by our priest as ‘a stickler for following the rules.
  • I’m new to the diocese but I’m not seeing him being a strong leader in any particular area. There’s been bad catechesis for years under previous bishops. I’m not seeing much change in that regard.

Bishop Steven Biegler

  • Against the Traditional Latin Mass and promotes the Hispanic culture to the detriment of others. Pushes a liberal pro-pope Francis mentality on a lot of social issues with regards to immigration.
  • Bishop Biegler is a Cardinal Cupich clone and you will find all of the same heterodoxy in him.
  • He has done a lot in our diocese regarding the scandals but he is very much against Latin Mass.
  • His stated support of Cardinal Cupich and agreement with Cardinal Ouellette’s statement on Bishop Vigano shows he supports the homosexual cabal .
  • I have written many times to Bishop Steven. One can see from the sermons posted at his blog that he tends toward Modernism.  He did re-investigate the allegations of Bishop Emeritus Hart. That’s good
  • Super anti-tradition. Oppresses orthodoxy.

Bishop Steven Lopes

  • Already Has Willingly States Publicly Regarding McCarrick: Everyone Knew!
  • He is not perfect but in his letter “A Pledged Troth” (https://ordinariate.net/letters-and-statements) he indicates that he interprets Amoris Laetitia according to previous magisterium.
  • His removal of Father Treco due to preaching on Vatican II, his treatment of Father Phillips, and his sending seminarians to terrible seminaries causes me to be very concerned.
  • Not sure he’s as traditional as he lets people believe he is, or whether he’s playing both sides.
  • Sent me to a heretical sodomite seminary and when they found out I am not a coward they threw me out. I thought BP. Lopes would back me up but he just piled on with more lies and now trans. Deacon inde
  • We in the Ordinariate are truly blessed and grateful to be led by a fine shepherd. I thank God for his faithfulness and his wisdom.

Bishop Steven Raica

  • Bishop Raica has a proven history of recently allowing a known sexual abuser priest and Bishop Lynch operates in our diocese. See Gaylord Diocesan Watch for details.
  • Bishop Raica has promoted and covered up homosexual sex abusers in the diocese. He has also suspended a priest who made a verifiable complaint. Please see: Gaylord Diocesan Watch.
  • Bishop Raica pretends to care about priest abuse, doing “everything he can” regarding children. Recently it has come to light that he is ignoring any sexual advances of a Sr priest on a young priest.
  • Placed Fr. Cowan on administrative leave WITHOUT even talking to him. Left alleged abuser, Fr. Stilwell in place during two investigations. He is a name -caller and wall-builder.
  • See gaylordfaithfulnews.org

Bishop Thomas Daly

  • A blessed change from previous bishop. I believe he’s doing the best he can under the circumstances, and lives a life true to his vows. We are very lucky to have him leading our diocese.
  • Excellent ! We are very blessed!
  • He seems devout and forthright. I’ve got an ok feeling overall about him mostly. But he is too passive and parrots the party line.
  • He seems to far right to be a bishop for our entire community. He seems to be fomenting intolerance and exclusion of the poor and misguided, rather than preaching love and decidedly too judgmental.
  • I am a survivor of Bishops Hunthausen, Wuerl and Murphy in Seattle and in Spokane, Bishops Skylstad and Cupich. Bishop Daly is breath of fresh air for the Spokane Diocese.  He is wonderful!
  • Maria
  • Not a full trad, so that’s why I didn’t give him full positive ratings.
  • The problem with Bishop Daly is he is very non-vocal about his position so it’s difficult to really know where he stands on really anything.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted

  • My Bishop is a good and holy man as well as orthodox in his practice. He does many good things. However, I do not trust any of them. The whole lot of them are corrupt. Where do I start?
  • Very pro-life. But has failed to discipline several people and situations.  Not sure what he did with the situation with the former bishop Obrien that was part of at least 3 scandals.
  • Bishop Olmstead wrote Into The Breach. Enough said
  • Bishop Olmsted is a good man. He has done great things to sort out the Diocese of Phoenix, which was very heterodox before his arrival. He has been very generous to the FSSP, also.
  • Bishop Olmsted is bold when it is safe to do so. The USCCB may cause him to hold back from going full throttle.
  • Bishop Olmsted is so wonderful! I have seen the way he shepherds his flock and it just warms my heart. Amid the suffering in the church right now, I absolutely trust Bishop Olmsted to shepherd us.
  • Bishop Olmsted loves the Lord. We are blessed to have him as our shepherd.
  • Completely orthodox. Not sure why he hasn’t spoken up though
  • Favors illegals and Native Americans with diocesan money and resources.
  • God help us if something happens to him (Olmstead), and he is replaced with someone else of our current Pope’s choosing. That would be disastrous.
  • Good and Holy man! Conservative and a great shepherd to his flock.
  • He is a wonderful man of God. Lives and preaches the Word of God! Bishop Olmsted is a Good Shepherd. I feel very thankful to live in this Diocese.
  • He is kind, thoughtful, modest in action and humble sweet man. Brought about confirmation and FHC for younger kids! Only complaint is I would love to have access to TLM across the valley.
  • He is very traditional and a good man, as far as I know. He has been very supportive of our parish after our Church burnt down on May 1st of this year.
  • His Cathedral gives a model for offering mass, he makes confession readily available, he gives regular unambiguous affirmations of Church teaching.
  • I believe that he is still hiding issues that he doesn’t want to be reviled, such as sexual complaints to the diocese.
  • I don’t really know him, either personally or as a bishop, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  • I think he is orthodox but he is quiet about it.
  • I trust my Bishop and thinks he stands with the Magisterium teaching. Our current Pope.  He seems to write many gray areas or misquoted.
  • I wish he would be more vocal and be like Nathan the prophet confronting King David. Unfortunately the orthodox Bishops are vastly outnumbered.
  • Religion poison everything
  • Silent about important issues. Not in control of diocesan staff
  • The Diocese of Phoenix could not be more blessed than to have Bishop Olmstead for a shepherd. What a godly, wise man!  Thank you Bishop Olmstead!
  • Though I am very wary of many US Bishops, I believe my Bishop Thomas Olmstead to be an exemplary orthodox servant of the Lord and His Catholic Church.
  • We are lucky. He’s a great bishop, and he publicly supports Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.
  • While I could wish that he would encourage ad orientum and foster more FSSP parishes and make more noise about the evil among the bishops, he seems OK
  • While I would like to see much more, I have no reason to doubt his orthodoxy. He is a man of integrity and holiness.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki

  • Bishop Paprocki has been an outspoken and courageous supporter of life. He has barred pro-abortion Politicians, who claim to be Catholic, from receiving Holy Communion in the Diocese of Springfield
  • Bishop Thomas John Paprocki is a faithful and orthodox Bishop. Some criticism him for being ‘insensitive’ and cold.  That’s because he’s a real man!  Many priests are pussies and he’s not!
  • His theology is beyond question and he is not afraid to speak publicly on sensitive issues. He will not backpedal when confronted by the PC crowd.
  • I wish he would be more outspoken!
  • In a Catholic Times column, Bishop Paprocki openly supported Archbishop Vigano. This gives me hope for our diocese.
  • Our Bishop blames the problems in the church on the laity while making excuses for the clergy and only admitted guilt of clergy when forced to do so. Absolutely no respect for him

Bishop Thomas Tobin

  • Bishop Tobin has courageously defended the faith here in Rhode Island. The reason I checked ‘tend to trust’ is I was left to feel uncertain after hearing his answers about his role in Pittsburgh.
  • He is very ORTHODOX & addresses the issues of Right to Life for the unborn, SSA, assisted suicide, poverty, homelessness, etc. Records of past cases of sexual abuse by priests are available.
  • I wish he would release the names, photos, assignments and dates of priests disciplined. The archbishop of Philadelphia has done that.

Bishop Thomas Zinkula

  • Zinkula traveled 7,200 miles to give Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award to the Dalai Lama in March, 2019. He had 10 minutes with the D.L.; doubt he had time to share the Catholic faith.
  • Was “red pilled” in 2005 because of what was being taught in Catholic schools. I’ve had my eyes open since then, but have seen no course correction.

Bishop Timothy Doherty

  • A seemingly nice man but with no Apostolic zeal and little appetite for Sacred Tradition. He terms false religions ‘other faith communities’ and seldom speaks the whole truth.
  • He works to deny us the TLM he is a modernist
  • he’s a politician
  • I don’t see him as a leader. Like so many, he talks a good game but there is a distinct lack of follow through.  He uses all the buzz words the bishops learned from their lawyers.
  • I have heard that he has made some questionable statements regarding celebrating Mass Ad Orientem and supporting various questionable charities.
  • I see no signs of courage or willingness to speak out against the abuses taking place in our church. Abuses regarding children, young men, liturgy, catechism, marriage, etc.
  • My Bishop supports a homosexual priest, Fr. Patrick Baikauskas at Purdue. He has also promoted and recommended reading James Martin’s book. He says he follows the pope when asked for clarity on AL.
  • Ordained in the 1970s. He rarely if ever teaches his flock. He not as Orthodox as I wish he should be.
  • We have to answer the call to holiness for all of us and purify the hierarchy (many resignations needed) with younger untainted bishops.
  • God bless

Bishop W. Malooly

  • Birds of a feather; all poison fruit at this point.
  • He has been completely silent on everything. His silence is complicity.
  • He’s been silent about everything. The only reason he ever speaks out is asking for money. Not a whisper about the homo-heresy. Plus I know of him from previous situations the Baltimore Archdiocese.

Bishop W. McKnight

  • Being a new bishop of less than a year he has stood up at the bishops meeting and spoke of the horrible act of some of the clergy and bishops. He said he just couldn’t sit back and observe any longer
  • Don’t really know where he stands on most issues.
  • He is still getting adjusted to his role as bishop. Heavy into bureaucracy.
  • It’s concerning that our Diocese has made no effort to provide the faithful with a dedicated traditional Latin Mass. Seems a great shame that we can’t reclaim one of our abandoned churches for this.
  • Only bishop I know that upon entering the diocese, had personnel files scoured and intended to release everything and would have done so without PA AG report of McCarrick fiasco happening.
  • Too focused on abuse of power and lack of transparency than on the evident immediate cause of homosexuality.

Bishop Walter Hurley

  • He will be gone soon
  • Hurley has history of involvement in cover-up of sexual abuse by clergy, and of relocating abusive priests. More recently, he has imposed ‘disciplinary’ action against faithful/orthodox priest.
  • I have no reason to trust most of our Catholic bishops and clergy, especially Pope Francis!
  • I trust this interim bishop no more than I trusted the last one.
  • It seems to me since Bishop Hurley removed a Priest who was trying to reverse the Steep. Decline in Church attendance by the limited use of Sacred Tradition because a handful of complainers.
  • Trust must be earned through transparency, communication, and demonstrated on-the-ground commitment to orthodoxy.
  • Why has he removed Fr Dwyer for a more traditional NO?

Bishop William Callahan

  • He hides in the weeds!!
  • He voted not to prosecute or investigate the rotting cancerous members of the Churches’ Mystical Body. The clerics who gravely sin must be brought out of any leadership role and made examples of.
  • He’s an incredible Bishop. He can present Church teaching in a compelling way that is completely orthodox. I wish there were more people like him in the world.
  • I’m angry that we can’t opt out of the CCHD in our diocese because a donation is made by the diocese itself. He is too quiet re the homosexual abuse crisis with bishops, priests, and seminarians.
  • Seems to be generally spineless. Does not promote TLM.

Bishop William Medley

  • 300+ families signed a letter of concern re: Marian University and a visit by Fr. Daniel Horan. Bishop Medley dismissed the concerns flippantly and chided all who questioned him.
  • Bishop deflected concerns re: homosexual advocacy @ Marian Univ & invited speaker Fr. Daniel Horan.
  • Doesn’t listen to the laity about their valid concerns. Only gives non-answers that indicate a lack of shepherding and respect for his people. Questionable motives.
  • He is allowing a priest known for his uncatholic stand on marriage and abortion to come and “teach” our priests.
  • He just wants everything smooth like a lake. Nothing rocking the boat.
  • He promotes speakers who do not teach according to magisterium. He accused concerned people who express their concerns if education our seminarians receive as ‘gossipers’. His way or no way
  • I do not get a strong impression that he has a supernatural faith. Does he believe anything I believe? His words and actions don’t support it.
  • Liberal, silent on important matters, scorns the TLM, allows, if not actually encourages liturgical abuses.
  • My bishop has yet to provide a statement on the main issues. When asked via letter about his stance there is no response. Concerns of over 300 signed members of the diocese were disregarded.
  • Won’t share the names of the accused priests.

Bishop William Wack

  • He is a brand new Bishop who has been out of this world nice and down to Earth. Very humble and genuinely concerned.
  • He is a Jesuit and from Notre Dame.
  • His silence on major issues is deafening, as is his support for CRS. The place where he was educated is very homosexual friendly, also.

Cardinal Blase Cupich

  • A man who seems to have had his faith withdrawn from him if he ever had it in the first place.
  • A modernist who believes and supports a pope who is a heretic.
  • A poor example of a bishop. A total phony.
  • Bishop Cupich has threatened a priest who is now disappeared because he called attention to a flag of homosexuals placed upon the cross at the altar….Blasé Cupich protects homosexuality and should go
  • Blasé Cupich – need I say more?
  • Cardinal Blasé Cupich has no respect for the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church!
  • Cardinal Cupich is 100% complicit in all that is wrong with the Catholic Church hierarchy and he should be demoted and defrocked. I do not trust him.
  • Cardinal Cupich needs to step down!
  • Complete HYPOCRITE. Money grubbing, liar.
  • Concerns regarding our bishop are many, and are well documented.
  • ..need I say more. Wouldn’t have given him 1 star but was required to select something.
  • God loves him, may Cupich repent. Our diocese is a growing cesspool with him at the helm.
  • Having followed his actions for the past five years I find this poor excuse for a cardinal a total failure and shameful segment of our compromised church leaders. Any cardinal who gives James Martin.
  • He does not seem to support all teachings of the Catholic Church, especially those concerned with pro-life issues like abortion. Additionally, he seems to support & defend homosexuals in the Church.
  • He doesn’t deserve any stars.
  • He has all of his priests reading two heterodox books on the new church called Divine Renovation and Rebuilt. He is planning on closing 100 parishes.  He completely supports the gay agenda.  He had .
  • He is a believer in situation ethics, allows practices such as communion for the remarried, and homosexual and cohabiting couples. Twists scripture
  • He is an abomination and has done irreparable damage to the souls in his care! He has chased out holy men of God and welcomes the cohorts of Satan.
  • He is Francis’ man carrying out the agenda of changing the Church (even more than it has already been changed).
  • He is not Catholic. He is evil. He works to destroy the Truth.
  • He is of the homo heresy! He has covered for pedophile priests. He is a bonafide liar! He’s an agent for the devil!
  • He is one of the “Biggest Bonfires” spewing “The Smoke of Satan” that has infiltrated the Holy Catholic Church. The repercussions of his disgusting presence are far and wide! Save souls, oust him!
  • He is part of the McCarrick gang and should be laicized for teaching heresy.
  • He isn’t a trustworthy leader and failed to respond when he is called upon to act.
  • He needs to become Catholic or resign and be laicized.
  • He should resign immediately
  • He teaches heresy and he is not honest.
  • He undermines the faith in every way possible. Horrible shepherd.
  • Heretical, pederast, acolyte Of Baphomet
  • He’s a lying piece of shit who protects predators and persecutes the faithful.
  • How could anyone trust a bishop who invited the Jesuit Martin to speak.
  • I can’t even justify giving Cardinal Cupich a star at all. Where to even begin with his anti Catholicism….the list is endless.
  • I remember crdl. Soup-Bitch barred my church from having eadter vigil mass in Latin and had the dioceses lock up the church with metal bars.
  • He’s a homosexual. He’s never said the Latin mass.
  • I should be allowed to leave the stars at zero. One star is far too many to express my personal opinion of Cupich’s lack of orthodoxy.
  • I think Blase Cupich is complicit in several cover-ups for high ranking Church officials. He also seems to hate orthodoxy, as in solid catholic teaching. He quiets dissenters and is an ideological bully
  • I would prefer to give him no stars
  • I’m afraid of the leniency shown concerning those actively living in mortal sin situations, especially in their receiving of the Holy Eucharist.
  • In his latest letter to Chicago parishes, he came out strongly against child abuse by priests, but said little about the homosexual problem with and among priests, laymen, and seminary students.
  • Is there an option for no stars ?
  • It’s way beyond the point of simple distrust. I sincerely believe that Card. Cupich is an evil man, an enemy of Christ and His Church.
  • I’ve stopped my donations based on his heresy.
  • Lies lies lies coming out of his mouth. He should be stripped of his priesthood. No respect at all for him.
  • Money grubbing, McCarrick supporter. False prophet.
  • More Josef Stalin than Joseph Bernardin
  • Needs to resign
  • Bears false witness
  • Threatens priests lives
  • No dogma no dollars.
  • No sense of fervor for the FAITH from Cdl Cupich…perhaps only for administrative efficiency: comments are dry on abortion; irrelevant on the clerical crisis; ridiculous handling of Fr. Kahlchick.
  • No stars, if it were permitted.
  • No witness, no Catechesis…just opinions…
  • One of the worst . A clone of Francis. Heterodox. Homosexualist. Dishonest. Vindictive. Anti-life. Money-grubber. Arrogant. Effeminate. Wrecker.
  • One of the worst criminals among our Bishops.
  • One star only because it won’t accept 0 stars
  • Personally, I think he should resign.
  • Puppet of Francis the Confuser.
  • So disappointing.
  • Sometimes, I wonder why Cupich is a member of the clergy at all. He does not uphold the teachings of the Church and does not work to draw people to the True, the Good and the Beautiful.
  • Tends to climb the ladder. Totally liberal in his actions n seems to not like any orthodoxy or Latin rite
  • The leader of the cover-up of systematic rape and sex trafficking in the U.S., hand-picked for that purpose by Francis himself.
  • This Bishop came out of nowhere to take the helm of one of the largest and most diverse archdioceses in the country? And we’re not to believe it was not because of the undue influence of McCarrick?
  • Too liberal n modernist. Favors gays too much.  Doesn’t seem to care for his conservative flock
  • We in the diocese of Chicago need prayers as does Blase Cupich need our prayers…
  • What pushed me to question Card. Cupich was the way he and his office handled and spun the removal of our long time pastor, Fr. Frank Phillips, from St. John Cantius. Also the removal of Fr. Kalchik.
  • When speaking, this Cardinal never even mentions Our Lord, sacraments, devotions, Church teaching- nothing distinctly Catholic or even Christian!

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

  • A lot of talk & NO action, esp. from the Pope- sad!
  • Catholic Church fails her mission completely. I’ve converted for 10 years but never heard 10 commandments once. Catholics behave worse than nonbelievers
  • He and his other bishop in Houston are restricting a lot of evangelization methods to a traditional catholic order, they are not allowing to have public masses, no peregrination with the Virgin Mary.
  • He is complicit with the bad actors that have ravaged the American Church. He is a country club type that hates the smell of sheep. He accommodates/tolerates/fears the LBGTQ(etc) community. Disgusting
  • He needs to man up. That’s what I think of him.
  • He once called the 40 days for life ministry grand standers because we pray in front of abortion facilities.
  • He only takes a stand with things that are popular. It is hard to know his position on anything. He is not very accessible except for photo ops.
  • He’s a liar!!!!
  • https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/truth%20tithe.pdf?token=AWy1_ztOlYICCTIr5q2siRxmgW-sszErI6ltx9S0ti3sbF31Db6GjbD42oonkZoNf7gqpcg_fSc66wozhmrNeudld2u02
  • Never seen him support/participate in any prolife activity. First meeting with his deacons, he said that if you want to know his thoughts on a subject, look in the catechism.  Actions don’t support.
  • Not enough transparency since 2 priests are still active even if formerly accused of abuse.
  • The talk is good, just missing the action behind it. Is that formal or material cooperation with evil? Many priests and bishops are in trouble.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl

  • A shameless liar. He cannot show his face in DC any longer. He needs to get out    He has completely ruined his reputation.
  • As with all hierarchy, more concerned with protection of the magisterium rather than truth and the flock.
  • Cardinal Wuerl has never enforced Canon 915 against the politicians who hold themselves out as Catholics and still support abortion.
  • Cardinal Wuerl should be thrown in jail. He is a first class narcissist. He should be forced to resign as a Cardinal, laicized and thrown in jail.
  • He is a heretic.
  • He is a homosexualist apologist who bargains with the Faith for his personal enrichment. He embezzles funds for causes that have nothing to do with The Church or her mission. He’s a compulsive liar.
  • He is not an orthodox Catholic. Never protested against abortion or homosexual “marriage”. Is complicit in the abuse by the clergy and prelates.
  • He lied to us, he did not forget about Ciolek from 2004-2018—- he later remembered in 2006 when he became archbishop of dc
  • He’s a friend of the enemies of the Church and an enemy of Her friends.
  • He’s an opportunist.
  • Horrified!
  • I couldn’t rate him with 0 stars…
  • He’s not our de jure bishop, but he most certainly is de facto.
  • I never never trusted Wuerl – ever. He messed up Pgh and then he came to DC and did more dirt.  He has driven the morale of the good priests into the basement and elevated the bad priests.
  • It’s only getting worse with his replacement. Another Chicago guy with ties to all the bad guys.
  • Need replacement
  • Pope Francis must remove ++Wuerl ASAP!
  • Probably, thinks he is doing what is best but cares more about feelings than truth.
  • Stop lying.
  • This is outdated since now our archbishop is Wilton Gregory. His history is questionable and he has not responded to the Georgetown Visitation scandal.
  • Why is he still here?
  • You list Broglio as a bishop in DC? I don’t think so.

Cardinal Joseph Tobin

  • Cardinal James Tobin of the Archdiocese of Newark, through his public statements, reveals an overall poor formation as a priest and Catholic. He is notoriously heterodox with respect
  • He is a cross to bear for all good and faithful Catholics
  • He is a deviant.
  • He is very vocal about immigration issues but not about the sexual abuse scandals. He is not protecting his priests and his seminarians
  • I gave him 2 stars because it’s Lent and I’m trying to be charitable.
  • I no longer attend mass in the archdiocese of Newark, I travel to an orthodox parish in Rockland County, but Dolan is not really better.
  • If I could give no stars, I would. He allowed a “gay” Mass at the Cathedral where the people who attended sat on folding chairs in the sanctuary instead of in the pews, all in the name of “welcoming.”
  • Kept Italian model in his rectory.
  • My Cardinal continually goes against Church teaching and promotes the homosexual agenda in the Church
  • Seems like a nice guy, but He is a leftist.
  • Seems to be very approachable. Leans to the left but does so with charity.
  • Sweet dreams baby
  • Through his words and actions Tobin shows his disregard for Church teachings as he reaches out to sodomites. He should be trying to save their souls.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley

  • All bishops should be willing to resign and go through an investigation by lay women, men and clergy. If they pass they can be reinstated
  • Cardinal O’Malley habitually undermines the Faith in ways consistent with adoption of Modernism and rejection of orthodoxy and tradition.
  • Gutless Good Guy!
  • He is secretive, dishonest, and not a man of God.  Certainly, they are not celibate.   They cannot even monitor the gay sex orgies at the seminary.
  • He cares more about pleasing politicians than his flock.
  • He is completely in the bag for Bergoglio. He surrounds himself with communists and sodomites. There is not very much to like.
  • He is one of the inner circle of the “so called” bishop of Rome. He has proven himself to be dishonest and not worthy of belief as he often lies.
  • He’s a modernist, therefore no Catholic. He brought the Neocatechumenal Way to form a seminary here. They rape men. If those men resist, they are killed. Both Cdl. & cops know. Return to tradition!!!
  • My questions relate to 1) no true outsider w/ orthodox credentials in charge of seminary investigations 2) need to hear homosexuality as root cause
  • Needs to speak out about Archbishop Vigano’s testimony. Does not speak out enough about what is going on with corrupt bishops.
  • O’Malley, Mconnell, Uglietto, are all covering up the free-for-all priest state they have made MA into. Priests on manhunt and going to gay retreats!
  • Part of McCarrick coverup!!! Did not support Vigano’s call for investigation of McCarrick!
  • Too much overlooked abuse at St John’s Seminary ( until recently)
  • He is a politically aligned appointee
  • Prayerful but one of Francis’s Group of 9 or is it down to 6 now.
  • When he took over from Bernie Law, he should have cleaned house. The “chancery” (a suburban office building) is populated by modernists, and the word is that all of the auxiliaries are gay.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan

  • He allowed LGBT participation in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, he supported the fashion show of celebrities by lending vestments used irreverently…
  • Needs to get rid of the mansion in Sloatsburg (Rockland County), NY and reduce his flying everywhere first class/business class on the backs of the hardworking people in the pews! Stop living high!
  • Attendance at blasphemous affair at Metropolitan museum and allowing Andrew Cuomo to receive Holy Communion is an abomination.
  • Cardinal Dolan is a disgusting fat clown. His groveling antics intended to get the approval of the MSM are pathetic.
  • Cardinal Dolan is the best of the best. We need more men like him.
  • Cardinal Dolan says all the right things and seems pretty orthodox, but it’s obvious others are running things. Ex.: is the pro-gay presence at St. Francis of Assisi and “Out at St. Paul’s”.
  • Cardinal Dolan: was very disheartened in his very lukewarm response to Gov Cuomo & his disgusting signing of partial birth abortion. He’s a politician bp.
  • Cardinal Dolan’s posse of millions in NYC put Cuomo in office and keep him there – the devil incarnate.
  • School after school after school closings – no effort to sustain, expand spiritually.
  • Gays marching in St Pat’s Parade, allowing desecration of vestments and sacramentals at the Met, refuses to give straight answers, or release Sheen, acts like a movie star, irreverent in church, etc.
  • Has done nothing of which we’re aware to break up the homosexual mafia which still appears to hold sway in the highest levels of the archdiocese.
  • He allowed sacred vestments and objects to be used for a modeling event is beyond belief. He should also try losing weight.
  • He has had every chance to safeguard Church teaching by excommunicating A. Cuomo but he instead plays politics.
  • He is a coward and a liar.
  • He is a gay political operative.
  • He is a politician more than a shepherd. Loves the limelight.  Only cares about money.
  • Don’t think he believes the Catholic Faith. Has covered up
  • He is afraid to offend people or groups, hence the fullness of the gospel is not proclaimed, a weak shepherd.
  • He is an absolute disaster! Not a moral leader. Money hungry, publicity loving snake. Hard for a priest to say about his bishop but it’s true.
  • He is complicit in covering up for homosexual predators.
  • He is first and foremost a politician. Always looking for more money. He has no interest in churches north of NYC.
  • He permitted openly gay homosexuals to march in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade!  Shame!
  • He strives to curry favor with temporal powers. From the Met Gala debacle to the abortion laws in NY State he is weak against the fallen world. He desperately wants to fit in with fallen ones. Shame!
  • He was grand Marshal for the gay St Patrick’s Day parade and he ooebky and unabashedly attended the Met Gala which mocked the Church.
  • Heretic
  • Heretic at its finest. Heathen scum. We’re coming for you. Clean house. Scrub a dub dub!
  • How can we get rid of him? There are so many priests who WILL NOT admit, nor acknowledge the abuse in the church AND do nothing.  One priest refused me when I wanted to offer masses for the victims w
  • I distrust his persona which it seems he uses to disarm people and dominate them.
  • I think Cardinal Dolan has a difficult Job, and tries his best. I don’t always agree with his decisions, but I trust him.
  • The political left is so powerful in NYC and so corrupt.
  • My archbishop, I believe, will say what he thinks needs to be said in order to produce the result he would like among the members of any given group.
  • Not on board with his attitude on LGBTQ. I think he needs to disallow meeting of any of these groups in church’s or rectory.  We need to be charitable toward but need to follow church law.
  • Not transparent at all with regard to clerical abuse, missing diocesan funds, secret lives among his priests and pastors.
  • NY Archdiocese is a juggernaut. $175,000,000 to rebuild St. Patrick’s Cathedral, parishes and schools closing. “Too big to fail” attitude. Siphons $$$$.
  • Pompous! Egotistical. Narcissist!
  • They have a long way to go. Clean up the culture immediately. Inside, within the culture of the Vatican, dioceses, seminaries. Eliminate staging of abuse by nuns and “sr” laity as well.
  • Tido needs to stop playing chuckles the clown, and get serious about the faith, and liturgy. Restore the reverence of the mass.(old rite)
  • Very disappointed in his very bland handling of Gov. Cuomo ‘s passing of the partial birth abortion bill, his allowing such supporter and anti Catholic politician to march in the St. Patrick’s parade
  • Was Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade when gays were marching in it – covered up sex abuse.
  • Your actions and statements are not consistent with traditional church teachings or scripture. Case in point, explain Fr. Martin

Monsignor James Bartylla

  • I reported a priest for abuse. They dragged me thru the mud. Since then they’ve learned I was telling the truth. They chose to pretend nothing happened than deal with the harm they’ve caused.
  • I’m a Canadian and just picked Madison so I could do this survey – I’m having a hard time trusting any of them. Will take a lot to regain it

Monsignor Kevin O’Neill

  • Does not care for confession.
  • Monsignor Kevin O’Neill is the administrator of the diocese of Helena at this time. It would be good if he were appointed as Bishop.