Catholic Couple Starts ‘The Angry Catholic’ Podcast After Grand Jury Report into Clergy Sex Abuse

Paul and Kristen Ciaccia remember the news that sparked their anger.

In 2013, they learned their sons had served as altar boys with a priest who had just been arrested on charges that he had oral sex with a minor.

“That was the first `What?’ moment. My kids were with this priest for a couple years. And I thought `Thank God it didn’t happen to any of my kids,’ but as that thought went through my head, I thought `Wait a minute, what about these other kids this happened to? Somebody’s got to do something,“’ Paul Ciaccia said. “The only way I could think of to make a change, to correct things in the church, was to talk about it in public.”

Another moment came with the August 2018 release of the attorney general’s grand jury report into sexual abuse of children in six Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses.

They followed the Catholic Church’s response to sexual abuse scandals that came to light in 2002, but the issue was suddenly back in the news.

The couple decided to take their complaints to a public forum. Earlier this year, they started a podcast. They named it “The Angry Catholic.”

The Ciaccias have discussed all sorts of issues related to the Catholic Church on their show.

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