The Persecution of Faithful Priests

Have you noticed that it seems the only priests who are being silenced by their bishops are those who have the courage to speak the truth?  The most recent example is the story of Fr. Vaugh Treco which has been reported by One Peter Five:

Fr. Vaughn Treco spoke out against the status quo, and so he has been silenced. For this “crime,” he was been removed as parochial administrator, functionally pastor, of my parish. He had his faculties for hearing confessions withdrawn. He was forbidden to preach or offer any reflections or anything of the sort. Nor was the bishop content merely to silence him. Despite the fact that Fr. Treco reaffirmed the Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity as requested by Bishop Lopes, he has been threatened with excommunication under a charge of schism. What sort of schism he is alleged to be guilty of I cannot say, but he will not take back the true words he spoke in his homily about what has gone so horribly wrong in the Church.

Fr. Treco’s crime was preaching the following homily on the Feast of Christ the King last November.

While the bishops of New York refuse to excommunicate Catholic politicians who support infanticide, here we have a story of a bishop threatening his priest with excommunication for preaching a truthful homily.

Here are some other recent examples, all occurring in the past 6 months:

  • Fr. Edwin Dwyer from the Diocese of Saginaw who was removed by Bishop Walter Hurley for causing division in his parish after introducing elements to the celebration of the liturgy — elements approved by the Church — considered “traditional”;
  • Fr. Mark Goring from the Archdioceses of Galvaston/Houston who was silenced by Archbishop DiNardo for recording videos that encouraged lay Catholics to take action in combating the sexual abuse scandal;
  • Fr. Paul Kalchik from the Archdiocese of Chicago who was forced into hiding after Cardinal Blase Cupich had him removed from his parish and threaten him with arrest for burning a LGBT flag that was found in his parish.

TAKE ACTION: Contact The Bishops of These Priests

Faithful lay Catholics need to start defending true soldiers of the faith from unjust persecution by their bishops.  Here’s contact information for each of the bishops of the priests mentioned in this story.

  • Fr. Vaughn Treco: Bishop Stephen Lopes, 346.247.2201
  • Fr. Edwin Dwyer: Bishop Walter Hurley, 989.799.7910
  • Fr. Mark Goring: Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, 713.659.5461
  • Fr. Paul Kalchik: Cardinal Blase Cupich, 312.751.8200