Bishop Daly Bars Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians From Receiving Communion

In response to the heinous abortion law recently enacted in the state of New York, Bishop Thomas Daly of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington today issued a pastoral letter in which he instructed all unrepentant pro-abortion politicians in his diocese to refrain from receiving holy communion. In the letter, Bishop Daly states:

Politicians who reside in the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, and who obstinately persevere in their public support for abortion, should not receive Communion without first being reconciled to Christ and the Church (cf. Canon 915; “Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion. General Principles.” Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 2004).

The Church’s commitment to the life of every human person from conception until death is firm. God alone is the author of life and for the civil government to sanction the willful murder of children is unacceptable. For a Catholic political leader to do so is scandalous. I encourage the faithful to turn to our Lord in prayer for our political leaders, entrusting them especially to the intercession of St. Thomas More, a public servant who preferred to die at the hands of civil authorities rather than abandon Christ and the Church. Let us also keep the unborn, as well as all pregnant mothers, in our prayers.

Bishop Daly’s action will hopefully act as a catalyst to encourage the Bishops of New York to follow his lead.  You can read Bishop Daly’s entire letter here.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Daly and Thank Him for Taking a Courageous Stand for Life