Vatican in Suspense before Publication of Book that Uncovers the Gay Network in the Hierarchy

On April 1 a book entitled “Sodom” by French sociologist Frédéric Martel will be published revealing with names and specific data the scope of the homosexual network within the Vatican, immediately after the February episcopal meeting to address the issue of abuse that part ignoring of entrance this ‘pink elephant’ in the living room.

We have repeated it ad nauseam: if in more than 80% of the cases of sexual abuse by priests and prelates the victims are male, it is more than amazing that no one in the Catholic hierarchy finds this obvious relationship so significant. The proportion of homosexuals in almost any society round, according to the most reliable studies, 3%, so the inescapable conclusion is that, or homosexuals have a much greater tendency to abuse -what virtually no one would be willing to defend-, or the presence of homosexuals in the priesthood leaves the graphs. There is no third option.

NOTE: The book will be available in the US on February 21 and you can pre-order a copy at Amazon.

That is why, after the outbreak of scandals this past summer, none of those responsible for the Curia or the hierarchy have put their finger on this wound, have even cited this striking fact but, in any case, to deny vehemence that there is any relationship. Even the Pope, in his famous letter to the people of God, omits absolutely the data – and even the same word – and attributes it all to a vague ‘clericalism’, which is the same for a sweep as for a sewn. Lastly, appointing as coordinator of the episcopal meeting that will deal next month with the abuses of Cardinal Cupich, McCarrick’s ward and one of the most ‘gay friendly’ bishops of the Church, already indicates that the relationship will not be mentioned at all.

And it is a problem, because it is planned for April 1 the appearance of a book that promises to be an atomic bomb: ‘Sodom’, by the French sociologist Frédéric Martel. Based on five years of research, the work includes extensive interviews with the highest offices of the Vatican, which he describes as “the largest closet in the city”, and it uncovers a gay clique in the Holy See that goes back to the papacy of Paul VI.

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