Pope Francis’ Pauline Conversion on the Road to Orthodoxy?

On November 15, Pope Francis reinstated an infamous homosexualist (and female ordinationist), Father Ansgar Wucherpfennig, as rector of the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt, Germany. Then days later, on December 3, Pope Francis released an interview in which he stated that homosexuals should not be allowed in the priesthood.

Moral whiplash. Can a tiger change his stripes in a fortnight? Typically not. But instant conversions are not unknown phenomena. Could it be that this Pope has experienced a sudden, Pauline conversion on the road to Orthodoxy? That is possible. But not probable So, what do we make of all this? In order to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of this very confused mind, one must take the time to consider the history of his actions over years, not weeks, and, one must consider the ever-increasing probability that his statements and actions are intentional, not accidental.

  1. Pope Francis: “Who am I to judge (homosexuals)?” (2013)
  2. Pope Francis: “The Church should consider the benefits of gay civil unions.” (2014)
  3. Pope Francis concelebrated mass and kissed the hand of an infamous homosexualist priest known for his campaign to change the Church’s treatment of homosexual acts. (2014)
  4. Pope Francis personally appointed Cardinal Godfried Daneels to the Synods on the Family in 2014 and 2015. Cardinal Daneels’ resume at the time included the wearing of rainbow liturgical vestments and his statement, in 2013, that “I think that gay marriage is a positive development, that states are free to open up civil marriage for gays if they want.” (Synods 2014, 2015)
  5. Pope Francis appointed (and still retains) infamous homosexualist and gay rights advocate, Fr. James Martin, to high Vatican office. (2017)
  6. In a book-length interview, Pope Francis signaled support for legal recognition of same-sex unions. (2017)
  7. Pope Francis: “God made you this way (homosexual).” (2018)
  8. Pope Francis consecrated as bishop a Portuguese homosexualist priest, and placed him in charge of the “Vatican Secret Archives” which contains much of the history documenting Pope Francis’ complicity in the McCarrick child sex abuse crimes. (2018)

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