NBC to the Rescue of the USCCB

LifeSite NewsChurch Militant and The Lepanto Institute are arguably on the front lines of the debate about homosexuality in the priesthood. Apparently, NBC News and the USCCB have had enough of it. NBC News has gone on the assault, implying that groups like Church Militant are prone to violence or otherwise inspire violence. The USCCB tells NBC News that such groups participate in “digital stoning.” Digital stoning? Really?

What this ultimately means is that groups like LifeSite, Church Militant and the Lepanto Institute are not “polite.”

Websites like Church Militant, LifeSite News and the Lepanto Institute are ratcheting up the rhetoric while replacing polite and prayerful discourse with personal attacks on supporters of gay Catholics, they say.

Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

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