THIS IS WAR! Wherein Fr. Z Calls on Bishops and Priests to FIGHT BACK as Priests and Bishops!

For the last two nights, I have had nightmares.  Last night was as bad as anything I have ever had and it was incredibly real.  As I wrote this post, I had the dreaded BSOD.   Hasn’t happened for long time and I was freshly rebooted.  Coincidence?

Under another post, about Akita, Communion in the hand, and homosexuality, I mentioned that certain vile sins – I’ll spare you – invite demons to attach themselves to the people who commit them and to the places where they are committed.

When I travel, one of the first things I do is bless the hotel room or place I am staying with Holy Water blessed with the older, traditional form.

Given that The Present Crisis is grounded in homosexual sins and cover ups by those who perpetrate them, we must also consider the other, dire spiritually corrosive effects of the demonic which of necessity infiltrates when sodomy is committed.  Also, the effects of sodomy will be graver because they also involve sacrilege.   When a priest, a consecrated person, commits sodomy, he also commits the sin of sacrilege, because he is a consecrated person.

Let’s call it…


I suggest that demons revel in that opportunity and tenaciously latch onto any place where sacrilegious sodomy is committed.

If I were a diocesan bishop, I would quietly give all my priests the permission to use Chapter 3 of the traditional Roman Ritual‘s rites of exorcism. 

Chapter 3 covers exorcism of places.  I would give the priests permission to use it and then tell them that they should use it

  • in their rectories
  • in the convent if there is one
  • in the offices of the parish
  • on the grounds of the parish
  • in the school if there is one
  • in the sacristy
  • in the church

Si vis pacem para bellum!

Some time ago, I recorded the Latin of Chapter 3 and said that I would make it available to priestswho request it.

The Devil hates Latin.  The Devil is also quite legalistic.  It is best to use good, clear Latin at all times when dealing with Hell.

NEVER FORGET:  Just as sacramental effects are not less real just because we can’t see, touch, hear, taste or smell them, so to other supernatural realities, such as the infestation or oppression of the demonic.

Priests are ordained to deal in these insensible supernatural realities more than they are ordained to deal with the administration of material goods, etc.   Anyone can do those things, but only priests and bishops and tackle the supernatural realm.  That’s what priests are really for.

Something important about the priest’s true identity has been obscured by the busyness of his daily life stretched out over years and years and years.   Couple that with the enervating long-term effect of celebration of weakened worship, with its deficient explication of priestly identity, and we have a real problem.

Priests and bishops and lay people alike need to wake up to who the priest is.

Fathers, let’s get some strong cups of traditionalCatholic identity coffee and wake up.


It’s time to dust off and employ all our armor and weapons.  We have to get into the fight as priests who fight back as priests.  We aren’t just anyone.


And, Fathers, Excellencies…


That’s a preliminary to everything we do.

The rites of the Rituale Romanum are sacramentals.  Confession is a sacrament.  Sacraments are far more effective than sacramentals.

If you know that something really bad happened in a place, it might be a good idea not just to bless it and use Chapter 3.  You might say Mass there.    (Having an altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice would be handy!)

Si vis pacem para bellum!

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.