McCarrick Was Key Figure in Treasonous Agreement with Communist Chinese Government

NOTE: The following is a Google translation from the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine and thus may not be grammatically correct.

These days leaked out that the long-prepared agreement between the Vatican and the Communist leadership in Beijing on the joint appointment of bishops should be signed in September. In view of the many abuse scandals that would be a welcome success message for the universal Church. One of the main contacts between the Vatican and Beijing has been Cardinal McCarrick over the years. Several times he traveled to Beijing on behalf of Francis.

In his recent visit in February 2016, McCarrick said that the similarities between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Francis could become a “special gift to the world”: “Much of what drives China is also driving the pope: caring for the poor, for the elderly and for children, for our civilization and especially for ecology. Many doors can open, many things can move because President Xi and his government are worried about things that Pope Francis cares about. “

Critics of an agreement, first of all the emeritus bishop of Hong Kong, Joseph Cardinal Zen, accuse the pope of being naive in the dealings with China and in fact making a downfall. The Vatican hopes to overcome the existing division of the approximately twelve million Chinese Catholics into the regimental “Catholic patriots” and the papal “underground church”. Western human rights organizations are warning of the signal effect of a prestigious agreement with the Vatican that is prestigious for Beijing, especially at a time when repression against all faiths continues to increase.

Washington Cardinals McCarrick and Wuerl had already done significant diplomatic mediation in the rapprochement between President Barack Obama and the Communist regime in Cuba. Without Francis and the cardinals of his confidence in Washington, there would have been little resumption of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana. The Pope from Argentina is proud of that. The agreement with Beijing would be another diplomatic achievement for Francis. The Pope owes much to his “Elder Statesman” McCarrick.

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