Australia’s Daily Telegraph: Pope Must Answer Viganò’s Claims or ‘Resign’

Australia’s Daily Telegraphhas published an op-ed in which it is declared that Pope Francis must answer Archbishop Viganò’s allegations that the Pope covered-up for and promoted an abuser or he must resign.

“We need an honest explanation from the Pope or his resignation,” wrote Miranda Devine in her Sept. 1 column.

Devine said that it was “hard enough” to be a faithful Catholic defending one’s faith from “daily vitriolic complaints” without the Pope creating a new scandal by his silence.

“And this is why, when terrible crimes are uncovered in every part of the global Church–from the US to Chile, Honduras and Australia–and the Pope refuses to answer [allegations he promoted sex abuser Cardinal McCarrick],  his flock loses faith in his ability to lead us out of the darkness,” Devine stated.

The journalist compared a humble admission of wrongdoing from the Australian Bishops Conference in response to the nation’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse to the pontiff’s reaction to revelations made by the former papal nuncio to the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

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