Wuerl’s Latest Strategy: Run Away!

Late Saturday night, not long after Viganò’s letter was made public by LifeSiteNews, the Archdiocese of Washington’s secretary for communications, Edward McFadden, said: “In spite of what Archbishop Viganò’s memo indicates, Cardinal Wuerl did not receive any documentation or information during his time in Washington, regarding any actions taken against Archbishop McCarrick.”

But by Sunday morning, less than 12 hours later, journalist George Neumayr reported:

Through shoe-leather reporting and good sources, I found out that Wuerl was saying Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral at 8:30 this morning. So I showed up, sat in the front row (despite great harassment from his private security guard who threatened to break my camera if I used it), then approached Wuerl after Mass for an interview. He declined and beat a hasty retreat into the sacristy while his guard tried to push and intimidate me out of his presence.. Ten minutes or so later, I ran into his press secretary Chieko Noguchi. Here is what happened.

Neumayr’s video of his one-sided exchange with Noguchi can be seen here:

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