The Pope’s Response: What He Said and What He, Maybe, Really Said

On the airplane returning to Rome from Ireland, the Pope responded with a non-response to a question from the press about the Testimony issued by Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

What he said… watch the body language with the words.

Read the statement carefully yourselves and make your own judgment.

I am not going to say a word about this. (And yet here we are.)

I believe that the statement speaks for itself, and you all have sufficient journalistic ability to draw conclusions.

It is an act of trust. When a little time goes by, and you have drawn conclusions, perhaps I will speak about it, but I would like your professional maturity to do this work. It will do you all good, really.


In my cynicism – please forgive me for being a little cynical right now? – what the Pope said is along the lines of:

You, the press, have been on my side till now. If you think about it for a while, you should still be on my side. If you weigh the alternatives you will remember that I am your guy.

This is not a happy man. But that’s not much of a conclusion. Listen to, however, what he is trying to say.

Here is what I think he said, without saying it: The Pope is calling on the press to do the necessary work to make this go away.

I dunno. Have I read that wrong? Sincerely… do you get something else from that?

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