Catholic Relief Services’ McCarrick Problem

Since the scandalous revelations of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s sexual dalliances flooded the news and social media, faithful Catholics have been demanding answers, especially ‘Who Knew?’ Most eyes are on other bishops and cardinals closest to McCarrick, but there is another connection being grossly overlooked.

For over 18 years, McCarrick served as a member of Catholic Relief Service’s Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, a position whose term limits are normally limited to 6 years. In a 2009 interview with the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, McCarrick explained that CRS’ bylaws limiting terms to 6 years was changed just to accommodate him. But McCarrick didn’t only sit on CRS’ board of directors, he was actually the chairman of CRS’ Foundation board, a position he held from the time the position was created in 2006 (see page 3 of this linked document) up until his disgraceful activities were made public. The mission of the Foundation Board states the following:

The Catholic Relief Services Foundation Board helps advance CRS’s mission by advising the agency on key strategic initiatives, providing support and inspiring others to join us.

Throughout his 18 years as a member of CRS’s board, McCarrick traveled frequently to impoverished areas of the world, many of which were dealing with serious problems regarding sex tourism and the sexual trafficking of minors. Bp. Berry Knestout, new bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, served six months as McCarrick’s secretary, and issued a statement confirming McCarrick’s frequent travel for CRS…

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