Texas Bishop: Hold McCarrick and His Enablers Accountable

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s alleged crimes might merit removing him from the clergy entirely—and they require accountability for all Church leaders who knew of his alleged misconduct and did nothing, Bishop Michael F. Olson of Fort Worth, Texas has said in a letter to the faithful of his diocese.

“The Church needs to do more than have a serious conversation about these issues, it needs to discern in light of the Truth and to act intentionally,” Olson told CNA July 28. “If conversation does not lead to decision, it quickly devolves into chatter.”

“An important ministry for us as bishops is to ‘see, judge, and act.’ It’s not enough to see. Yet, seeing clearly leads to sound judgment that requires fortitude for us to act,” he added. “If we don’t do that as pastors we sell our vocation as shepherds in exchange for a career as hirelings.”

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