About Us

Weeping statue of Mary in New Mexico

In late July 2018, a small group of Catholic laymen gathered to discuss the Theodore McCarrick sex scandal. A mix of emotions was in the room that day: sorrow, frustration, anger, disappointment and disgust. How was it that Theodore McCarrick had been allowed to abuse so many young men over multiple decades?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s 2002 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People was a failure, possibly by design. The bishops had consciously removed themselves from the scope of the “zero tolerance” policy. Since then, they have allowed the moral rot in the hierarchy to fester. It was clear to us that the Catholic bishops could no longer be trusted to police themselves. We became convinced that a laity-led initiative was required to cleanse the Church and establish a culture of accountability.

This website is our first contribution towards working to cleanse the Church. Its objective is to identify bishops who knew (or should have known) about sexual abuse and to demand that they resign or be removed from office.

Because of our vocations and responsibilities, we have decided to keep identity anonymous at this time. We are planning additional initiatives to be rolled-out over time. We entrust our efforts to the patron saint of the United States, Mary our Mother. Mary, Queen of the Church, please pray for us.